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EnTRancE TO WEllnESS cEnTRE (inclusive of towel and slippers)

€ 10,00

WEEKlY SUBScRiPTiOn 5 entrances (inclusive of towel and slippers)

€ 45,00


€ 5,00

EnTRancE FOR WHiRlPOOl OnlY WiTH ESSEncE inclusive of essence of choice: camomile Eucaliptus citrus in blossom Flowers of passion

€ 6,00 1 coin

From 14,00 to 16,00 “SElF” Treatment with Scrubs from the newera line in the turkish bath for a smooth and purified skin

€ 8,00

BODY TREaTmEnTS EmOTiOnal innovative method of floating, which allows a complete relaxation of body and mind. it transmits a kind of emotional trip back to the womb. The sensation of weightlessness makes you relax muscles and outstretch the spinal column.

ScRUB WiTH maSK in THE cRaDlE OF RElaXaTiOn maSSagE WiTH Oil/cREam

90 min | â‚Ź 90,00

milK anD HOnEY: sensations of being cleopatra. Hydrating, calming, nourishing WHiTE mUSK: aphrodisiac, development of mental and spiritual energies. Relaxing, softening, elasticizing almOnD anD manDaRin: refreshed and free body and mind. Relaxing draining and nourishing gRaPE: spritz of youth. antioxidant and remineralizing SPicES: balance between body and spirit. Warming and toning cHOcOlaTE: Happiness. Warm and comforting

BODY TREaTmEnTS BODYSEnSacTiOn action on Body blemishes




Body Basic personalized

€ 65,00

Draining Full body treatment to improve the micro circulation, draining and remineralizing action on the skin tissue with marine salts, brown alghae and bitter orange effective on infiltrated cellulite

€ 75,00

Slimming partial body treatment (tummy, buttocks and thighs) to contrast cellulite, fat and fluid retention with red alghae, yellow poppy and coffee

€ 65,00

Shaping Full body treatment for effective firming action with hematite, centella stem cells and medlar

€ 75,00

Facial Treatments Face cleanse mini

30 min. € 30,00

Face cleanse with personalized treatment

60 min. € 65,00

Primulance Exfordiance cosmetic peeling, paraben free contrasting aging skin and pigmentation marks

60 min. € 75,00

Reveillance global antioxidant againts = against all free radicals

75 min. € 70,00

Supreme lift filler Q10 multidirectional lifting effect with filling diffusion

70 min. € 80,00

Details of beauty treatment for the finer details of the face - eyes & lips

30 min. € 30,00

Jatò man vitalizing and antiaging for him

50 min. € 50,00

Massage Inclusive of cosmetic product Partial body Face & Shoulders 30 min. Cervical muscles and full back

Partial 60 min.

€ 30,00 € 35,00


€ 35,00


€ 30,00


€ 50,00

TRaDiTiOnal BEaUTY Depilation with warm wax Total (legs and groin)

€ 30,00

Partial (half legs)

€ 18,00


€ 15,00


€ 7,00

Face (mustaches/eyebrows)

€ 5,00

manicure anicure

€ 15,00

Pedicure edicure

€ 25,00

Solarium sun bed (total)

20 min. € 13,00



From 10.00 - 13.00 after 20.00 Towel, bathrobe, slippers inclusive of cosmetic product Fresh fruit and herbal infusion From 2/4 persons € 25,00 Every person added € 8,00 cad.

NEW LOOK Manicure Pedicure Supreme lift Q10 face Treatment with Lifting effect and filler diffusion Free gift Entrance to wellness area inclusive of towel, bathrobe and slippers

For 1 Person € 120,00 For 2 persons € 240,00 free gift: bathing in whirlpool with essence



Exfoliating scrub treatment in Turkish bath Bathing in whirlpool with essence of choice Emotion treatment in “Cradle” of relaxation based on your instinct Personalized total body massage with aromatic oil

Entrance to wellness area inclusive of towel, bathrobe and slippers Jatòman face treatment with vitalizing and antiaging action Personalized total body massage

FREE GIFT 1 solarium (20 min)

Free Gift Bathing in whirlpool with essence of choice, 1 Solarium

For 1 person € 95,00 For 2 persons € 190,00 free gift: 1 solarium and 1 manicure

For 1 person € 110,00

EDEn Entrance to wellness area inclusive of towel, bathrobe and slippers Exfoliating scrub treatment in Turkish bath Emotion treatment body mask of choice in “cradle” of relaxation Reveillance face treatment with antioxidant, vitalizing and restructuring action

FREE giFT Bathing in whirlpool with essence of choice 1 Solarium

For 1 person € 160,00 For 2 persons € 230,00 Face treatment may vary if one wishes Free gift: 1 manicure and 2 solarium

Residence Hotel Eden Family & Wellness Resort ***S - Via Paganella 25/A 38010 Andalo (Tn) Italy tel +39 0461 585848 | fax +39 0461 589270 | e-mail |

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Listino wellness eden inglese