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Lucia Mlynčeková date of birth

26. 05. 1991


Považská 85, 91101 Trenčín, Slovakia



00421902 791 110

study from 2010 Academy of Fine Arts and Design,

/Bratislava, Slovakia

from 2006 Secondary school of art, Promotional Graphics

/Trenčín, Slovakia

exhibition and workshops 2014

Diversity required, exhibition for 65’s anniversary of AFAD/Bratislava, Slovakia


Designweek, Op-line glass in exhibition of design/Bratislava, Slovakia

from 2009

Pohoda festival, currator and autor of exhibitions/Trenčín, Slovakia


Prístupy, Galéria Médium/Bratislava, Slovakia


Textile exhibition/Trnava, Slovakia


Designweekend, work in open studio/Bratislava, Slovakia


Design and politics, London university/Bratislava, Slovakia

work on critical design with professors Tony Credland and Glenn Orton/cactus

network 2011

Book workshop, making books lockup by hand,

co-operation with Ostravská univerzita, Czech republic


Picnic, BANSKA ST A NICA/Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

making visuality of small festival in Banská Štiavnica

with atelier of Vizual comunication AFAD

work, interests 2013

Kat studio, internship in graphic design studio/Bratislava, Slovakia

from 2013

Positive, graphic works/Bratislava, Slovakia


Devin printing house s.r.o., student work, graphic/Bratislava,Slovakia

from 2011

Eggplant gallery, work in gallery of jewelwery/Bratislava,Slovakia

from 2008

sport instructor, licenced instructor of Spining, Walking and Jumping/Slovakia

awards 2012 2014

Rings in water honorable mention in competition of design inspirated by slovak folklor Journalist Award 2nd place in competition, category data visualisation, with bachalor project

audio icon Audio icon is a set of 26 symbols depicting audio language. There is for example a symbol for play, stop, pause, mute, shuffle, slow backward or replay.

space of 303 Font made for a specific space, that is, the studio of Visual communication. Every shape of every sign is drawn from architectural plans of the studio. Logos of all supermarkets in Slovakia applied on clothes, tablecovers, pillows‌ Application inspired by traditional slovak folk, technique, fashion.

business club 10 Logos for 10 student clubs. Phonetic manes of the clubs can also work as typography logos, a sort of password for students in the club or just as a simple visual language.






health market














creative & business

city honey Sketch of a visual language for a new company which produces special honey from bees in city and other home-made products. My idea is inspired by real shapes of pollen from flowers.

Budějická spižírna

Radniční med Budějická spižírna

65 years Anniversary Academy of Fine Arts and Design. I made the stamp for every year, from 01 to 65. Each and every one of these stamps is made with a special font. Therefore, there is 65 stamps, 65 fonts. Just slovak and czech typographers.

Adam Visual identity for the artist. A signature is a very dominant thing for every artist. Consequently, my idea is that logo is a signature and reverse. Special font, visit cards, catalogue of works are obviously made cooperation, consulting Adam Ĺ akovĂ˝.

win jalousie Font inspired by a window jalousie. Rotation can make light, bold or regular typeface.

Jalousie Light

Jalousie Regular

mark Hand-made font with one grey marker.

hmamer The hmamer font has soft shapes from outside and is squareshaped from inside. The light of font is a combination of these shapes. It is good for a long text, possibly a title.

Family slip  & go

family slip & go enjoy our product

Entering any place, we take off shoes and get on slippers. Yet a problem is to keep them organized. We made this object flexible so there is no problem with their transportation.

op-line Set of 24 glasses, designed in the cooperation with a glass-blower and designer Jozef Gabriš. Glasses are of 0,3 dcl capacity, top quality of glass and real platin drawn from outside.

product was realized with Rona company/ original hand-made

big discount Re-packaging of basic foodstuffs in basic supermarkets. The cover is made from a big print of discounts in real size of cover.

cut the Kat Model of the graphic design studio where I worked for 2 weeks. The photography they use for their promotion.


šindeľ Wooden roof is a well-known technology in Slovakia. There are shapes which look like the letter “V” and it can be linked together, creating a very simple system for connecting.

some parts from lyrics of slovak folk song named „Kopala studienku”/„Digging a well” and instalation in exhibition

„Z neviditeľných partitúr hrám“ It is a collection of poems written by my grandmother, Tatiana Blichová. The book, beautifully set, is printed in one colour but takes advantage of using a pale yellow paper, that accentuates the intimate nature of the book. It was designed as part of my student work for Tomasz Bierkowski´s atelier at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland.

Lucia Kováčiková Typographic logo for ceramist Lucia Kováčiková. Logo has been made spetial for ceramics aplications.

the differences between Lucia's logo and geometric shapes

adapted edges in every glyph

small optical radius on straight line of k

shape of glyph c have to be more rounded because of glyph i

corner of glyph a is upper because of optical behavior in small scales

conclusion of glyph a is upper for better reading in small sizes

optical radius

small radius on longer straight line to put more light inside the shape

glyph v is closer than glyph u for faster reading and better legibility

glyph i is inspirated by slab fonts

glyph o  is little bit closer Co-operation on visuality of european theatre festival. Creating all visual language, logotype, design manual, billboards, tickets, advertisements, webpage‌ The object of project is to create new, readible and simpler map of Trenčín to make beter communication between urbanists and citizens. It’s working as webpage.

thank you.

Portfolio Lucia Mlynčeková