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Tinea Versicolor Natural Treatment

Little, flat, rounded marks on the skin that eventually may become patches need tinea versicolor natural treatment. The patches or spots may be white or pinkish in color, or they may appear red, brown, or tan. They appear in one color for every person depending on his or her natural skin tone. The patched skin may seem crusty and possibly itch when the person who has it feels warm or when the climate condition is humid. Parts of the skin prone to develop spots due to tinea versicolor The oval or round marks can only be found on parts of the skin that can become oily such as the back, the chest, and the upper arms. Sometimes they also form on the neck areas, face, or the thighs. These marks may either be darker or lighter than the skin’s color surrounding them. The areas of the skin with marks or spots do not discolor with sun exposure. When the body’s normal skin gets exposed to the sun and darkens, it is easy to identify the spots caused by this condition. Natural treatments for this fungal infection Specific gourmet vinegar for treating skin condition. Not all prepared gourmet vinegars in the kitchen store may be used as natural preparation to treat tinea versicolor. Combining oregano and garlic in vinegar provides one of the most effective natural concoctions. These three substances coming from natural sources can work altogether against the development and occurrence of fungal infections. Moisten a ball of cotton with this vinegar-based concoction. Swab the cotton ball on affected parts of the skin. Circle an inch of the area beyond the affected part. Fungal infections can reoccur and many times they do so. Perform this treatment every day until the color of the skin goes back to its natural tone. Patience is necessary since the treatment may have noticeable effects after a few months. Nevertheless, there is no need to feel disheartened because the problem does not disappear immediately. This natural form of treatment has been proven to be the most effective natural remedy that is both inexpensive but also readily available. Antifungal herbs work against fungal infection. People have become aware of the fact that numerous herbal ingredients are antibacterial, antiviral, and

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antifungal. Examples of herbs include tea tree oil, mint, oregano, and also thyme. These substances may be availed in the form of oil extracts and they are usually sold within natural food hubs. Choose any of these herbal oil extracts. Moisten a cotton ball with oil and wipe this on the spots including an inch around the affected parts of the skin. This should be applied daily until there is no more sin discoloration or the infection heals. Natural astringent to maintain natural skin color. Witch hazel acts as a natural astringent. This may be combined with mint and tea tree oil or other natural oils and placed inside a sprayer. This is effective in preventing tinea versicolor from reoccurring. This body spray solution can be applied on the different parts of the body daily. There is no foul smell using this tinea versicolor natural treatment on the skin and if there is any it will disappear fast. If you want to get more information about tinea versicolor natural treatment, please click here.

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Tinea Versicolor Natural Treatment