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Natural Treatment for Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Due to the pressure exerted by a growing baby, the skin may stretch beyond its natural elasticity. This is why many women will develop visible streaks on the surface of the skin. This may become a source of distress to a lot of women who value their appearance. Fortunately there are various preventive and treatment regimes for stretch marks and this may be a source of relief to these women. Why stretch marks form In order to understand why stretch marks form, it is important to understand how they form in the first place. Stretch marks are indicators of tears in the underlying tissue beneath the skin which hold the skin in place as it stretches. When the pressure from the growing baby exceeds the capacity of the skin to hold back with its own elasticity, the underlying tissue tears and stretch marks form. Certain women are predisposed to getting stretch marks than others because the elasticity of the skin differs among women. It is important for a woman to consult a first degree relatives to get an idea of her predisposition to stretch marks. Now that we know how they form, we can continue to examine the various preventative and treatment measures that are appropriate for a woman in pregnancy. Some of the remedies touted as a natural treatment for stretch marks during pregnancy are the following: 1. Weight management during pregnancy Doctors recommend that women gain only 20 to 30 pounds during pregnancy to reduce the strain on the skin. This will reduce the number of stretch marks that will appear. 2. Aloe Vera It has been shown that some compounds naturally present in Aloe Vera help to exfoliate damaged cells much faster therefore helping the skin to adjust to pressure more efficiently. 3. Apricot shrub

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The Apricot shrub has been shown to also increase the cell-turnover rate and therefore help the skin to be more elastic and therefore more accommodative of pressure. 4. Cocoa butter This is touted as helping to firm up the skin and to tone it so as to encourage underlying skin to obscure the tear marks caused by rapid stretching. 5. Aromatic oils These have also been shown to help the skin to heal and tone better and thus help to eliminate stretch marks. It is however important not to expect a drastic result from any remedy touted as a natural treatment for stretch marks during pregnancy. The following are some of the other treatments available for stretch marks: 1. Retin A A more common solution for stretch marks is Retin A treatment. Commonly referred to as the fountain youth, Retin A is a combination of a solution of retinoic acid and active ingredients, chief among them Tretinoin. Available as a gel or cream Retin A is only accessed with a prescription. There is a catch to this treatment however, and this is that it cannot be used during pregnancy or breast feeding, as the effect of Retin A in breast milk has not been understood properly. It is therefore for a woman to keep her baby safe and to delay this treatment, as it is for a purely cosmetic goal. Retin A works primarily through the active ingredient tretinoin which helps the epidermis to thicken by increasing the rate at which old cells are ex-foliated and new ones exposed. This also helps develop more collagen, the material responsible for holding the skin in place as it stretches. Retin A is recommended for daily application in the evening. This is because one side-effect immediately after application will be sensitivity to light and therefore it is recommended when one is about to sleep. 2. Laser treatment Laser treatments differ in types, purposes and benefits. Oils and creams do not penetrate further than the epidermis. This is a problem because the main tears in tissue

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occur in the dermis, a deeper layer of the skin. This calls for laser treatments which have a wide array of proponents and skeptics. Laser treatments vary form Excising to Pulse-dyeing which work by filling the stretch mark tears with collagen and Elastin or increasing the production of melanin to obscure the visibility of stretch marks. In summary, the available treatment methods are: - creams with active ingredients, mainly Tretinoin. - laser treatments. - surgeries such as the tummy-tuck. If you want to get more information from the expert about the best natural treatment for stretch marks during pregnancy, please click here.

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Natural Treatment for Stretch Marks during Pregnancy