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Natural Treatment for Psoriasis on Hands

Natural treatment for psoriasis on hands may seem too good to be true, but considering that drug treatments, including steroids, can have harmful side effects, a person might be wise to at least consider trying some (or all) of these natural remedies for psoriasis, a most uncomfortable and embarrassing condition. Apply your moisturizer as soon as possible, preferably within five minutes of showering or bathing and, apply it liberally over all of your skin - not just the psoriasis skin. Some health experts believe that the cracks which sometimes appear in dry skin may actually encourage the growth of additional plaques. Seek out and enjoy the sunshine! UV rays have been shown to improve psoriasis dramatically, probably by inhibiting the immune cells that are present in normally pigmented skin. Since psoriasis is an autoimmune malfunction, this makes sense! And few things are more natural than sunlight as treatment for psoriasis on the hands. A word of caution, though - be careful to avoid sunburn! Abstain from alcohol. Studies have shown that consumption of alcohol has a negative effect on psoriasis. Experts are not sure whether the main reason is the alcohol itself, or merely the fact that people who drink usually lead more stressful lives than others. It is a known fact that stress inhibits the immune system. Whatever the reason - it's definitely worth a try. Enhance your bath. Bathing can be a challenge as far as gaining relief from psoriasis, especially since soaking in hot water can actually dry out the skin and worsen the itching, cracking, and plaque formation. Try adding two captuls of vegetable oil to your next hot bath. Just fill the tub with hot water, step into the bath and remain there a couple of minutes to allow your skin to soak up the hot water; then, add the oil. As a natural treatment for psoriasis on hands it is a good idea to use the vegetable oil treatment in a large bowl of hot (not scalding) water and soak the hands. You should gain soothing comfort from the pain and itch of the psoriasis scales. Another natural treatment for psoriasis on hands is to follow the bath directions above, EXCEPT, instead of the two captuls of vegetable oil, take a large glass of

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milk and add two teaspoons of olive oil and add that to your bathing or handsoaking water. For almost instant relief, try this: Pour 1/3 cup baking soda into a gallon of water and stir until dissolved. Immerse a washcloth in this solution, wring out the excess water, and apply it to your psoriasis skin. Or, you may try adding a cup of apple cider vinegar to the solution and apply to the skin. Either of these solutions also provides a wonderful, soothing soak for natural treatment for psoriasis on hands. Some foods are believed to aggravate a psoriasis outbreak and avoiding them may prove helpful. Foods such as aspartame, caffeine, and foods high in fat such as pork have been shown to increase outbreaks in some people. Also, it may be wise to leave off tomato and tomato-based foods to see if any improvement occurs in the condition. Psoriasis on hands is no picnic, but choosing the natural treatment for psoriasis on hands from the list above, may make it more tolerable and may make your life a little better! If you want to get more information from the expert about natural treatment for psoriasis on hands, please click here.

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Natural Treatment for Psoriasis on Hands