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How to Stop Ears from Ringing By: Linda M. Poole


How to Stop Ears from Ringing

For your information, the ringing sensation of ears if medically termed as tinnitus. It is also characterized as a form of subjective symptom that can be manifested with brain problems. It is commonly incorporated with dizziness and headache. A person who has injuries to ears particularly the innermost part may suffer from tinnitus. Excessive exposure to loud noises and alcohol intake predisposes a person to suffer from this condition. >>>Click here to get more information about how to stop ears from ringing<<<

There are reported cases as well that people who are taking large amount of caffeinated beverages have complained of ringing sensation to ears. Moreover, high blood pressure can cause vascular resistance to the small vessels of the ear which may impede the normal functioning of the inner ear. There are no scientific bases that nutrition can prevent or cure tinnitus. However, experts found out that there are certain food groups that can help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. To know more about these foods and type of diet, feel free to scroll down and read the remaining contents of the article. How to stop ears from ringing with vitamins Foods Rich in Vitamin E According to experts, they found out that eating foods which are rich in Vitamin E can reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. This specific type of Fat-Soluble vitamin can also reduce the extent of the condition in terms of its progression. Normally, Vitamin E contains anti-oxidant. This property of vitamin E helps the body fights against free radicals that can disrupt the inner ear. Its other effect includes the promotion of proper blood circulation. This can enhance the blood supply to the ear and brain. Vitamin E is commonly found in dairy products (milk), soybeans, eggs, spinach, kelp, alfalfa, and flaxseeds. There are manufactured foods which are fortified with Vitamin E, as well.

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Foods Rich in Vitamin C Vitamin C or Citric Acid is a form of water-soluble vitamin that promotes tissue healing. Experts found out that this vitamin can prevent the occurrence of tinnitus. One of the most effective fruits that contain Vitamin C to help prevent tinnitus is Pineapple. It was found out that fresh pineapples may minimize the ringing and whooshing sounds associated with this condition. Pineapple is noted to have vitamin C and antioxidant, as well. Particularly, the pineapples an enzyme that help eliminate the inflammation of the ear. Bromelain is the enzyme that can reduce the ringing sensation of the ear. However, it is not an assurance that tinnitus will be fully treated by eating pineapples. Moreover, eating of canned or frozen pineapples may have poor benefits compare to fresh ones. The process used for canned and frozen pineapples eliminate the specific enzyme. Proteins Protein is known as the building blocks of the body because its fundamental property is the amino acid. This promotes the nutrition of cells found in the ear and brain. Foods which are high of proteins that can prevent the symptoms of tinnitus include legumes, nuts, tofu, seeds, and white meats. Avoid eating dark or red meats. Although these may have higher protein concentration but has high level of saturate cholesterol. This can enhance the production of ear wax and may complicate the condition. If you want to get more information about how to stop ears from ringing, please click here.

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How to Stop Ears From Ringing