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Home Remedy for Warts

Warts appear as a small growth on the skin. Instead of a fungus, it is brought about by a virus from the HPV group. Unless pressure is applied onto the warts which are common when they grow under the feet, warts are actually and are usually painless. There are several medical procedures designed to remove warts such as cryotherapy, surgical excision, hyfercation and injection but these treatments can be costly, painful and may cause scarring. But there are cheap and easy home remedy for warts you can resort to including the following. Take a vitamin A capsule. This capsule is not meant for ingestion. Instead, it should be applied directly into the wart. Do this by puncturing the gel capsule of vitamin A, preferably one that contains 25 thousand dosage of IU vitamin A. Squeeze the content out of the capsule onto the wart. It can also be gently rub against the skin with wart. For effective results, this process should be done at least once a day. Use the duct tape trick. This is one of the tricks that have long been practiced by older people and doctors actually verify this method to be effective in ridding off warts. It is done by simply putting the tape tightly at the top of the wart. The duct tape should be left on for a good three hours and the process should be repeated for an entire four week period. The principle behind this wart removal method is the wart eventually goes away by exposing it to a rather unfriendly environment. Apply vitamin C. Another vitamin that can work well as a treatment for warts is vitamin C. Any vitamin C tablet will do. Start the process by crushing the tablet into a powder form and mix it with little water to achieve a paste-like consistency. The vitamin C paste should then be applied over the wart and covered with a bandage. This process is meant to be done once a day. So, why would this method work? The efficacy of this treatment lies in the power of ascorbic acid which can kill the virus responsible for the appearance of the warts.

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Juice the onion. All you need in this method are onions and salt. Get an onion and cut it in thick slices. Lay at least three thick slices on a plate or bowl and put a sprinkle of salt over the slices. It should be left overnight. The following morning, you should notice the onion slices have been juiced out. Apply the juice onto the warts thrice a day. Other suggestions for home remedy for warts include the application of tea tree oil daily until the warts are completely gone. You will find plenty of home remedies. While some of them are plain myths, others actually work although there isn't always a scientific explanation to back up their efficacy. But if it does not hurt you, there should not be any reason to hesitate giving them a try. They may just be the right solution to eliminate your problem with warts. If you want to get more information about home remedy for warts, please click here.

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Home Remedy for Warts