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Home Remedies for Ringworm

Ringworm refers to a skin disorder which is capable of affecting people of various ages. It commonly affects children but there are also certain cases when adults are affected by it. This disorder is contagious while also having the ability to negatively affect your appearance so it is no longer surprising to see sufferers of it who are desperate enough to find the best home remedies for ringworm. Among the most common symptoms of this condition are swollen and scaly skin, baldness and itchiness. This can be transmitted to others through direct contact or through contaminated items including pool or shower surfaces and unwashed clothing. It can also be defined as a contagious fungus infection which is capable of affecting different parts of your body including your nails, feet, scalp and your entire body most specifically your groin. It should be noted that the most suitable treatment for you is fully dependent on the condition’s severity and the specific location affected by it. In most cases, it is treated with the help of anti fungal oral and topical medications. If you are suffering from this disorder and you want to treat it with the help of solutions that you can easily find at home, then be aware that a colorless nail polish can be one of your best allies. All that you have to do is to put a thin layer of this nail polish into the specific location which is affected by the infection. You should allow the nail polish to dry before you use tweezers to peel it off. This is said to work in suffocating the fungi which triggers the disorder. Another natural treatment for ringworm is a paste made using mustard seeds. All that you have to do to enjoy its effectiveness is to apply it generously on the affected area. You can also treat this disorder by rubbing unripe fruits such as papaya into the infected surface. Applying raw turmeric juice with honey and castor oil into the area is also useful. The castor oil is proven to be more effective if your specific case greatly affects your scalp Holy basil is also a huge help when it comes to naturally treating the infection. All that you have to do is to extract the juice from basil leaves and apply it into your skin. You have to continue applying this extract into the area until you notice your desired results. Applying salted sea water into the area is also proven to be beneficial. You can expect this to add moisture into your skin and beat the fungi causing the infection that tend to

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thrive on excessively dry areas. In order for you to make this solution work, you have to make sure that it stays into the infected surface for more than thirty minutes. You can also use tea tree oil because of its ability to work wonders in killing fungi. Aside from using any of the effective natural home remedies for ringworm mentioned above, it is also advisable for you to regularly wash and clean your skin and prevent yourself from using the items of others. You have to practice good hygiene as this works in helping you prevent the infection from spreading or from attacking you. It is also advisable for you to consult your doctor to increase your chances of picking the right and the safest treatment which can help you deal with your unique condition. If you want to get more information about home remedies for ringworm, please visit this guide.

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Home Remedies for Ringworm