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Home Remedies for Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a common inflammatory disorder that causes the air passages in the lungs to tighten causing shortness of breath, coughing, and a general discomfort in the chest area. People suffering from asthma may have it real bad when they suffer an attack. Knowledge on some home remedies for asthma attacks is necessary to avoid an acute attack from turning into something worse. Natural Remedies for Asthma Attacks 1. Heat Expansion. Asthma attacks cause the air passageways to constrict. By introducing heat, you help soothe and release the passageways. One way is to drink hot liquid like coffee and tea. You can also squeeze some lemon juice into hot water. Steam baths and hot showers may also help. The same with inhaling steam vapors. 2. Ice Packs. Applying cold compress under the arm decreases lung inflammation which leads to better breathing. Wrap the ice pack in a towel before applying it to avoid cold burns. 3. Caffeine. A dose of coffee may help douse an asthma attack. Hot coffee is also stimulates the bronchial tube which will help open the throat. 4. Eucalyptus Oil. Known for its soothing effects, eucalyptus oil may come in very handy at the event of an asthma attack. 5. Basil and Honey Juice. Aside from sounding so delicious, this concoction is a good home cure for asthma attacks. Both ingredients are natural anti-inflammatory which help soothe and open up the bronchial tubes. 6. Yoga. Practicing some yoga breathing exercises is a good natural treatment for asthma as you can apply it anytime and anywhere you have an attack. Regular yoga practice also helps relieve stress which is one of the many triggers of an asthma attack. Preventive Home Treatments for Asthma As is always the case, prevention is better than cure. By tweaking your diet and taking in more foods that contain essential fatty acids like omega-3, you help lessen the chances of swelling in your lungs. Additionally, consuming garlic and sage helps in

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maintaining proper breathing. Incorporating some of the listed asthma home cures above in your daily existence is a good preventive measure against such attacks. Some preventive measures against asthma attacks may be more on the side of common sense. Here are just a few preventive home remedies for asthma attacks: 1. Stay away from furry animals. If you insist on having a pet, at least don’t let it in your bedroom or inside your car. 2. Pollen is a known allergen that causes asthma attacks. Let other people do the lawn mowing. 3. Quit smoking. If you don’t, stay away from those who do. 4. Keep your bed, couches, curtains, rugs, and sheets free from dust mites. 5. Get rid of your carpet. It’s a magnet for dust mites and other allergens. 6. When cleaning, use a vacuum instead of a broom. 7. Keep a face mask handy. Wear them in places that are full of dust and allergens. You can also wear a mask while cleaning. 8. Invest on a humidifier or an air conditioner. Keep them free from molds. 9. You can also use an air purifier in your bedroom. 10. Prevent molds from developing in your house. Keeping the windows shut greatly helps. Keep these self-care tips for asthma attacks in mind. These will prove beneficial especially if you forgot your asthma inhaler. If you want to get more information about home remedies for asthma attacks, please visit this guide.

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Home Remedies for Asthma Attacks