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Home Remedies for a Toothache

Almost all have experienced having a toothache, making it one of the most common mouth ailments to people. A throbbing tooth may be caused by several factors including dental decay, cracked tooth, mouth injury, and sensitivity due to exposed den tine. Nonetheless, tooth pain is usually associated with tooth decay or cavities caused by the acidic reaction when bacteria meet the food particles present between our teeth. If left untreated, these cavities can grow and eventually reach the center of the tooth and infect the nerves causing it to swell, thus, the sharp throbbing sensation. This condition could significantly affect the proper function of the mouth like eating and drinking, and may likewise interfere with sleeping and breathing. In case professional service is not yet available, medications like ibuprofen for pain relief or antibiotics for inflammation may be taken. Alternatively, home remedies for a toothache which are readily available in our household are equally good options. Here are some home cures which could significantly help in alleviating tooth sore. Clove oil Clove oil contains eugenol which is effective in relieving tooth pain as it contains potent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It may be applied directly to the decayed tooth or in small amounts by daubing around the puffed-up area. Peppermint oil A renowned ingredient for toothpaste and other mouth solutions, peppermint is among the most effective natural remedies for tooth pain. Like most of these home remedies, it contains antibacterial and anesthetic properties. Peppermint oil may be applied directly to tooth cavities or inflamed gums. Cinnamon Cinnamon is widely popular as a spice flavoring. However, it is high in antioxidants and inhibits the growth of microorganisms and fungi. Dental cavities may be filled with ground or powdered cinnamon in order for the irritation to stop.

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Garlic Garlic is one of the best home remedies for a toothache. Not only does it contain antifungal and antibiotic properties, garlic is a staple ingredient in the household. Honey Mixed with cinnamon power, honey helps in immediately easing a toothache by destroying bacteria and preventing further inflammation. Salt An improvised mouthwash made out of salt and warm water is effective for bad breath, toothache, and gum abscess. Salt serves as an antiseptic which helps prevent the reproduction of bacteria. Salt crystals may likewise be applied directly on a corroded tooth or tender gums to reduce inflammation. Ice Applying a cold compress to the cheek near the tender area helps in lessening the pain. Recent study also shows that rubbing ice over the "Hoku" point (L14 pressure point) or that particular spot of the hand between the thumb and index finger usually massaged to ease aches or pains in any part of the body can also relieve toothache. Tea tree oil Tea tree is another essential oil which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It may be applied directly to the throbbing tooth in a manner similar to clove and peppermint oil. Mixing tea tree oil with warm water and used as a mouthwash is effective in flushing away bacteria from the mouth. The home remedies for a toothache listed above are mere short-term treatments in alleviating toothache. As the presence of tooth cavities needs to be attended to accordingly, the best option is to seek professional advice from a dentist, aside from maintaining a good oral hygiene. If you want to get more information about home remedies for a toothache, please click here.

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Home Remedies for a Toothache