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Angular Cheilitis Home Treatment

Angular cheilitis is a disease that most people fear. In reality, it is not a life-threatening condition. The only problem for those who have this disease is that their face will look unappealing. They also need to abstain themselves from kissing since they might infect other people. People who are suffering from angular cheilitis will have lesions and nasty cracks in the corners of their mouth. The disease can easily be prevented and patients who are suffering from the disease can simply apply angular cheilitis home treatment techniques. The disease can reoccur because of certain reasons. For instance, if a patient was suffering from malnutrition before and then he again suffered from it after 10 or so years. Another problem about the condition is that patients suffering from it will have a hard time eating, talking and laughing since they might cause the lesions to erupt. When this happens, the area will be wounded and it will start bleeding. Food can also hit the edges of the mouth and it can actually irritate and cause pain to the patient. That is why patients are not allowed to touch the wound with their tongue. The problem with touching or putting the tongue near the infected area is that it can actually cause the spread of the disease to other parts of the mouth. Licking the affected area can also help spread the condition. An excessive amount of saliva is also accumulated in the lips due to the condition. Most of the time, the condition of the patient becomes worse when in cold or hot weather. In cold weather, there is chaffing and dryness of the lips. This also happens during hot weather conditions. People often tend to lick their lips during hot weather in order to moisten it yet it can actually cause a bacterial or fungal attack to the condition. In order to prevent exposure, people who are affected should stop trying to put their tongue in the affected area. Lip balm formulated with several natural ingredients can also be applied in order to counteract the infection. Angular chilitis treatment is based on the causative agent of the disease. For instance, if there is strong saliva accumulation in the corners of the mouth then it might be due to damage in the dentures. It is required for patients, especially the elderly, to get their dentures fixed in order to prevent the accumulation of saliva.

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A good diet can also prevent dryness and cracking of the skin. It is important to check the diet of the patient and to engage the patient in an effective weight loss plan. Angular chilitis is also common to patients who are suffering from improper diet and malnutrition, especially to people who are suffering from Vitamin B12 and Zinc deficiency. Proper hydration is required in order to prevent the dryness. A good angular cheilitis home treatment for patients is to provide foods filled with water and less salt. This aids in proper hydration of the body. Fruits and vitamin supplements are also provided in order to promote health and prevent vitamin deficiencies. If you want to get more information about angular cheilitis home treatment, please click here.

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Angular Cheilitis Home Treatment