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On the cover: Cover Contest Winner: What luck pro JJ Mace grinds the Nomad Skate Truck. Photo by Phil Stidham. This Page: Kanis local Matt Clark lucha-style.

First Word The first issue of Luchaskate was very personal to me. The magazine focused on the skaters local to Memphis, Tennessee like Wrex Cook, Mike Lasiter, Aaron Shafer and Chris Ulander. These are the guys who inspire me on a weekly basis to continue pushing my skateboarding as I close in on the big 4-0. Little did I know how the second issue would begin to feel even more personal. This issue has a feature on Kanis Park in Little Rock, Arkansas. This was the first skatepark I ever visited as a teenager. Some of the same friends that inspired the first issue have offered content to make this issue special. And, as I’ve spent hours getting to know the small board companies that have helped this project go from vision to fruition I’ve started to understand how alike we are. Luchaskate is for skateboarding, and skateboarding is for the misfit. Misfit outfits are popping up all over the country. Misfit outfits are standing up against corporate skateboarding by doing it themselves in all aspects. They’re making skateboards, printing t-shirts and marketing their companies themselves. But they need an extra hand. I am striving to make Luchaskate that extra hand. By making the magazine free, digital, embeddable, downloadable and free to email to anyone in the world, they’ll be able to reach more people. Each company had a circle of fans/followers. Take those circles and push them together. Then, add in the circles of the followers who can also easily share the magazine. Add their friends and

on and on and on… Don’t let corporations make skateboarding the next little league. Kill the corporate influence. Let’s keep skateboarding for skateboarders.

Photo by Lindsey Rowland

Yours truly at Kanis D.I.Y.

Who would have thought someone would submit a picture of me for the cover contest? Photo by Samantha Livingston

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3/11 3 Rippers 11 questions each

Trevor Brice

J.J. Mace

Dan Pinder


Trevor Brice Who is Trevor Brice?

Travel plans?

I'd say I’m just another person trying to have a good time with friends skating!

Mainly just go down south, skate alot of the Tampa area then take a trip to Oregon eventually..

What skaters inspire you to ride: past and present?

Who's going with you (in your travels)?

In the past I'd have to say Chris Miller and Hopefully a good group of friends will gator inspired me the most but in the wanna go but prob just me.. present i'd have to go with someone like Raybourn or Kowalski What happens in the average day for Trevor Brice? First skateboard experience? I'd say i just go lurk around Jax beach when I was like 5 I went down the j-run at hitting every 7/11 there is and looking for Kona for like 6 hours straight then went to fun spots to skate then go to A.B. for a the freestyle and faceplanted into the night sesh. mogul haha. Best trend in skateboarding? First drop in? People going faster and bigger every run when I was probably 9 at skatelab's little with some history in they're skating as baby spine but as soon as I dropped one well. ramp it was straight to the vert ramp! Worst trend in skateboarding? Bag of tricks: First legit trick? The worst trend has to be all the swaggets Frontside grind. that are ruining our skateparks with they're flatground assault in the bottom of Bag of tricks: What is are the go to the bowl.. moves, yo? I've been workin on ollie front smith grinds, layback airs and backside airs alot lately tryin to get ‘em good.

Trevor Brice rides for Outlaw Skateboards


Daniel PinDer Who is Dan Pinder?

Who's going with you (in your travels)?

Me! Living in Fargo ND, Skate Fast! Eat Pizza! Fickle Skateboards, Aerial Wheels and Bern Unlimited Hook me up!

Girlfriend, Homies! BUMS! Anyone really up for the Adventure!

What happens in the average day for Dan What skaters inspire you to ride: past and Pinder? present? Wake up, Skate, Eat Pho! Go see my My Homie Kuhn! Baca! Dave friends at the skate shop! "This Skate and Hackett! Snow" !! First skateboard experience?

Best trend in skateboarding?

Skating in my driveway with Nate Lee, Alex Bowls! Pools! Carlson and my older brother Dave! Worst trend in skateboarding? First drop in? ESPN Dike West Skatepark! Dan Pinder rides for fickle Skateboards, Bag of tricks: First legit trick? Aerial Wheels and Bern Unlimited. Inverts!

Bag of tricks: What is are the go to moves, yo? Going Fast! Travel plans? Go Where life takes me!

Nose bone. Photo by Matt Eckelberg

Stalefish. Photo by Chris Meium

Pro spotlight Who is JJ Mace?

JJ Mace

That is a great question and I have heard many ask that (laugh) I guess you can say I'm just a regular skateboard punk rock n roller having some fun.... What skaters inspire you to ride: past and present?

Bag of tricks: What is are the go to moves, yo? 360flip, lips, big spin, and flip front rds, fs tailslide kflip out, bs tail bigspin out, noseblunt slides, big ollies...oh man this list could continue for days so let's wrap it up with just tricks or no tricks...just riding my skateboard.

I would say Erick Ricks, Frankie Hill, Pat Travel plans? Duffy, Jason Adams, Wade Speyer, Andy Howell, Buddy Best and the list could go on Back to Hawaii. and on but the truth is my friends and fellow skaters just having fun! Who's going with you? First skateboard experience? I always had a skateboard around cruzing streets and bombing hills growing up in Hawaii as a little surfer kid...but never actually knew what skateboarding was till my mom brought me home a thrasher my mind as blown and it was over from there

My Something Special-my Love-my WifeCrystal Mace. What happens in the average day for JJ Mace? I guess that all really depends on what day it is cause I don't think any day of mine is average .

First drop in? Best trend in skateboarding? Definitely not good...don't know if it was my first but I think I was 13 and padded up to 1991 haha attempt my first vert ramp experience at the Hickam Hanger let's just say straight to flat Worst trend in skateboarding? bottom like the game skate or die my pads flew off and everything.. So I don't come off looking bad I won't answer this one...but I'm sure many would Bag of tricks: First legit trick? agree with what I would say... Not sure what legit means in this one so I will name a few: boneless, no comply, kickflips, impossibles, pressure flips.

JJ Mace rides for What Luck? Skateboards

JJ Mace D.I.Y. Session

Kanis Park

D.I.Y. Feature

Little Rock, Arkansas When the bowl at Kanis Park in Little Rock, Arkansas was built I was a young teenager. Without a car of my own yet, I had to rely on friends to make the hour long trip from Russellville to Little Rock to skate the bowl. And on those summer afternoons when we were able to make the trip, it felt like we were the z-boys discovering round wall. In all truth, having never skated anything like it before, were fish out of water as we kickturned around the proverbial scum line. Eventually, we dropped in the shallow and worked our way to the deep end. None of us ever killed the place, it was just so gnarly compared to the little quarter pipes and curbs of our small town life.

Then, the ‘90s hit. Boards got small. Wheels got even smaller. Most of my friends either moved away or quit skating. I heard rumors that the bowl was in disrepair or full of water or that it had become too dangerous an area to go skate. Either way, I was busy boardsliding handrails and blunt sliding parking blocks, and I quit making trips to Kanis to find out the truth.

Luchaskating Photo: Rowland

Photo courtesy of Oby Berry


However, a ‘core crew of Little Rock locals never forgot the park. In 2005 they took what was a lifeless flat ground area of the park and began to breathe new life into Kanis. With hard work and their own money they began pouring concrete and the Kanis D.I.Y. was born. This photo spread is to celebrate the effort to keep Kanis Park clean, fun and free for local skaters and the masses who once again make the journey to Little Rock, Arkansas. The following tales of Kanis provided by Oby Berry:

The first pour: After learning mud magic from Jimmy the knife Ratsman, we poured the spine. During the pour a drug dealer came up to me and asked if I needed that 5th wheel. I told him I did not have a truck that could handle a gooseneck trailor. He looked at me weird and walked backwards to his cadillac. Allen Taylor laughed at me. He said, "Dude, he wanted to know if you wanted drugs. Redneck ass...." We placed a curb on top. It was super chunky. 50kent took it off. I placed it again. 50kent took it off.

Name that skater. Photo courtesy of Oby Berry

Andrew Martin

hoto by Chris Johnson

Meat Clerk Holds it down, from organizing bashes to the best mixes. Meat Clerk, "Hey dude how is the mix?” “Your doing a good job Matt. “ “Oby, I didn't ask for a pat on the back. How is the mix motherfucker?"

Some blood azz crip dude cut doughnuts on my power tools one day. Meat Clerk hit that fucking ghetto shit pile in the head with a brick. He jumped off his ATV and said, "I got a thang foe yo cracka mufukas!" Styler was still young at this time. He said, "Oby, be cool. please". I told him to get behind the dirt pile, and I cocked my .45. I said, "I am cool."

Support Kanis. You can donate to the cause by following this link:

t i h s e m o s t e G Stickers Now Available Availa ble at luchas m

om c . e t a k s a h c Lu

Ride li ke a l u chador

Luchaskate t-shirts Now available At

GETBranded Outlaw Skates: Pray for Death By David Thornton My first legit setup was a Roskopp face deck with Independent trucks and Slimeball wheels. Before that, I’d been skating department (and flea market) boards with no concave, crap bearings and wheels that may have technically rolled but they didn’t roll real far or real fast. I rode that Roskopp deck into the ground for two reasons.

for something new. Why do I say all this? Because I could be easily convinced to ride this Outlaw Skates “Pray for Death” deck down just as far as that Roskopp. I’ve been in an abusive relationship with it for a few weeks now. I pump her all over and she throws me to the concrete. It must be love.

Measuring out at 9” wide and 33.5” long with a 15.5” wheelbase and hosting a 2. My parents didn’t see the need to replace it with squared (but not cruiser something new (and I was- square) tail, it is big enough for a big boy to ride in a n’t of legal working age yet). By the time I retired bowl but limber enough to take to the street section. it, the tail was gone. The nose (what nose there was) Two weeks of hard riding, was delamned from bounc- and the pop has stayed fresh. Want a smaller ing off walls and curbs. deck? They have a variety The once 60 mm wheels of widths available. were ridden down to 40s. 1. I loved it.

Since then, I’ve grown to hate chipped decks. If I get a chip that I can’t fix it with glue and wood putty, I will immediately retire the deck

Dig the tattoo art inspired graphics. Roses, zombies and a pentagram. Ready for an abusive relationship.

Get a little fickle By Kris Gurley I first heard of Fickle when Lucha told me about a couple of stuntwood disciples from Cincinnati who were making decks their own way. He let us know that these guys were down for the right reasons and we should check them out. I found a deck I liked at their site ( and my awesome wife bought the deck as my anniversary present (Hell yeah, She’s a keeper!). The stoke started as soon as the box was opened. In addition to the deck, Fickle had thrown in a bad ass shark logo t-shirt, a print, and a mess of stickers. Lew appreciates his customers and does it up right.

These decks are solid! Whether it’s the two-part glue, long press times, moisture controlled curing room or a combination of all, these decks exude a strength that lasts. I’ve been riding this board for five months and it still feels pretty much like it did on day one. The Fickle concave is special also. Deep is just about the only word for it. It locks in your foot and lets you confidently control the board. Some really deep concaves can hurt your feet but for some reason this one doesn’t. On this point I don’t know if my feet are just better adjusted now or if it’s the concave shape itself, but it never leaves me with sore feet. So there has to be a con to these miracle planks right? I mean, nothing is perfect is it? Well, there are a few nits to pick. For one, the steep and deep concave won’t be for everyone. Secondly, riding a Fickle ruins skating any other deck for you. Stepping back on a regular board is a big letdown now. It’s kinda like when you go to WalMart or Target and ride the boards there up and down the aisle (c’mon, I know you do that too). If all you want is the best skateboard made today and you don’t care about fancy graphics or the pro-of-the-month, then check out Fickle on their site or hit them up on Facebook. You got something you wanna show and tell the world about? Hit us up with an email:

GETBranded Dog Tacos: A Skateboard Novel By David Thornton I usually hate fiction about skateboarding. The characters skate, of course, but the I once wrote a story published online by novel would still work if the kids didn’t Concrete Wave magazine, and it hurts me skate. to read it (yeah, it was that bad). However, the question still remains: Generally speaking, the lives of skaters What exactly is a “Dog Taco?” end up being wilder than fiction (think Duane Peters), and fiction that tries to No, it isn’t a taco made from the meat of play up a “larger than life” story of a skater man’s best friend. It is a place just over ends up sounding, for lack of a better the border from El Paso that three young word, fake. This was the fear when I first skaters decide to visit one Friday night. opened the book Dog Tacos by Terry The journey to and from Dog Tacos is the McChesney. When I saw a quote from tree they climb, and there are plenty of inBrian Brannon (look that dude up if you teresting rocks thrown at them along the don’t know), I knew if any novel would be way. the exception to this rule, it would be this one. McChesney, the author, does an excellent job producing a book that is pre-teen What makes the book work is that the friendly, but still readable by older skaters in this book don’t live ‘larger than readers. life’ lives. They’re kids (teenagers) who skate. They have differing personalities, For more information: but are, on the whole, just good kids who get into interesting situations that they have to get themselves out of. And that is the mark of good fiction. A novel gives you characters. Those characters climb a tree. The writer then throws rocks at the characters in that tree, as the characters figure out a way to get back down to solid ground. This novel does that without relying on unbelievable personalities, and without making skateboarding the main character.

Terry McChesney, author of the novel Dog Tacos at Tobey Skatepark in Memphis.

One Good Foundation Sharkbait Brad. Back D.

Photo by Joel D Ortiz

by Kim Cook Skateboarding is a close knit family, once you discover the true essence of what skateboarding is all about. When you break it down, it's really just you and your board, but the experience is not the same without fellow skateboarders around you. Having the fun of friendship from meeting someone also on a board is probably one of the best things about skateboarding...of course, the best fun is the actual movement of skateboarding but it's the friendships you make that really expand your horizons through the eyes of others. And through their eyes, their travels and experiences, you are inspired in many ways…

fellow skateboarding lovers with an affinity for felines. Through their love and movement, I’ve been exposed yet again to the rad scene of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have known many people that have travelled there and skated, I’ve seen the pictures and the videos, and I know I must go there someday… without these friends and their experiences, I would be none the wiser about the awesomeness that awaits me there…

Sharkbait’s Hella Shitty logo in particular caught my eye instantly when Bakerface brought me a button and said "this is for you" yes I do love Hello Kitty… but the main thing is that the zine is rad So through my love of and constantly coming out skateboarding, I met my and before you get a love. And through my love, chance to wonder when I met a couple of rad guys the next one is coming out, doing a rad zine. And boom, you’ve got the new through that zine, I was issue in your hands! And I exposed to another zine called Sharkbait and at think it was something like that time, it was being issue 15 when I first saw it, done out of Oklahoma by so okay I wanted to see the Brad and Meghan Hayes 14 before...and find out

more about the zine…so I found the blog and then made friends on effbook and so on and so on. And then the Albuquerque issue came out and then talks about moving there started popping up in Sharkbait. Over the past year Sharkbait Brad and his wife and cats moved to Albuquerque. They just upped and moved after a brief visit without really knowing anyone. Looking for a better life filled with new things and new people. I admire people that uproot and find their place somewhere completely new and different… and it has been a success so far from what I can tell. And although I have not met them, I know they are awesome people by the way they've fit into this new place. And over the past few months they've been there, Brad's gotten involved in the local DIY scene. Motivation at its finest…

DIY is something you can't fully understand until you mix that first batch of concrete, screte that first quarter pipe, and draw your first cream on a finish. It's fucking rad! It's hard work but nothing compares to building something you and your friends will skate - together. I truly believe this is the absolute essence of skateboarding, the skateboarders that GIVE back not just for themselves, but for everyone around them. So through

meeting new people, he found the DIY spot and so on and so on, I’m sure I’m not the only one living vicariously through the one good foundation he has stumbled upon. So anyway, through all of this, it ends up in my possession a rad skate video called O.L.D. produced by Joel Derek Ortiz... I saw Brad talking about a new video coming out but was slightly distracted at the time with other things so I failed to pay

enough attention to know what was going on... then the video arrives...again, THANK YOU. What does O.L.D. stand for? Take your pick! One Leg Drivers, Obsolete Legendary Dinosaurs, Out Living the Dream, Original Legion of the Desert, “crap like that”... so the envelope came and grabbed a cerveza and got ready for skate video observation…

Wallie by Joel D Ortiz Photo: Sharkbait Brad

Mud Shaping

Feeble. Kurt Hedin Photo: Ortiz

I wasn’t prepared for how well this video was done, I should have known by the screen printed sleeve…rad as well… so instantly I’m blown away by the intro… I can't even grasp how this kind of stuff is done... and I think it’s awesome that Joel has obviously mastered it... and it's unique!! Not a mimicry of someone else's idea and I love that! The intro is seriously one of the best I’ve ever seen, it made me feel like I was stepping into an epic dreamscape!!! I’m not lying or

over-exaggerating haha... then the skating kicks in to an epic The Cure - “I want to beee ollllld…” This video definitely gets you stoked to go skate…and as you sit there and absorb the terrain, the skaters, the tricks…you know you gotta hit the road…but you sit there because you want to see what’s next, where they’re skating, the lines, the hips, the trannies…the tricks…that pocket! Albuquerque has it going on, from the indoor scene at The Men’s Warehouse

to Indian School ditch (HELLO PERFECTION), the DIY spots, Palmer’s perfect pool…hell, even the pre-fab looks fun there… There is so much to skate and people are out skateboarding. I don’t want to give too much detail because you should just go watch it! Watch the locals go shred up their city with other rad locals and special guests! YEP, you read right…special guests…

Well the most important thing I want to bring up is the REASON for this video… it’s an important one. The video was made to raise money for future pours at their DIY spot, which brings us to the second point of what I’m writing…their “SPOT” aka The Foundation aka The Church Foundation…. I wanted to find out more about the spot once I found out that this video is a fundraiser. It’s ONLY Ten Dollars!! And well worth it! It’s an hour long with great music and amazing skating… this video will make you want to hop on a plane or in a car and go skate Albuquerque! So do yourself a favor and pick it up! Not only will you get stoked for your next session but by purchasing this video, you are helping them buy that next 3 bags of concrete! Not convinced? Here’s a brief interview with Mr. Ortiz -

parking block bank, somewhere around May or June of last year. Still the best thing there.

worked to our benefit some, but also just brings people who want to skate without pitching in. And juggalos. Seriously, fuck those dudes! What made you decide to But if you wanna roll, bring pour? whatever you can. 4 bucks buys a bag of 'crete, and if We decided to pour some you ain't got that, there's 'crete there because it's just a always sweeping, digging, sick spot to be. and mixing to be done. You Decent flatground, built in only get out of life what you manny pad, shade, no put in, so don't bother comscooters, no bikes, no kooks. ing if you're not down to get Except us. your hands dirty! What’s the name(s) of the spot? The foundation. Or church foundation. Not very badass, but I'm sure something better will come upespecially after we perform the proper sacrificial rites. What's your dream feature at the spot?

Special shoutouts n thanks yas (thanks for the reminder)? I know this wasn't a question but the heads who've thrown down to make this shit happen have to be recognized: Kurt, Patrick, Noah, Braden, Beetle, Brad, Matt, Page, Flow, Ray, Jake, Raver, Mike B, JT, Juan, HDS, Wisco, and everyone else who's helped. This thing we've done was only possible because you all busted your asses to make it happen!

Everything we've built is a dream feature, I think. If I could build anything right now it'd be a super wide 5 foot quarterpipe with a bank How did u guys find the to wall in the middle and a So to sum it up in one word = spot? built-in grill. With a popcorn AWESOME! maker and a deep fryer, I went to the church that sat maybe a condom dispenser. on the foundation when I And a jacuzzi. was a kid, and since they moved the church I always Is it public/private/ wanted to shred it. supertopsecret? When was the first pour? First pour was the

It's pretty much supertopsecret, but word gets around fast. That's

Ray Chavez hurricane Photo: Sharkbait Brad

What else can be said? Not much… these guys are killing it. If you’ve been part of a DIY spot, all of this rings familiar right? So help them

out, help yourself out, buy the video, support awesome people giving back to skateboarding…thanks to Brad and Joel for inspiring this

article and for all of the information…and for being motivated to get out and DO IT. You are an inspiration to us all!!

To purchase the video, paypal $10 to or visit http:// and while you’re at it, visit sharkbaitabq at to find out when the next issue drops!

The best of the cover contest Shipyard Skates rider Dustin Dattilio

Garner Fisher. Photo: Samantha Livingston

Kelvin Morrow kicking it.

Go flick yerself Be in luchaskate mag.

Switch Crook, Brian Nichols photo by: Darrin Hill

This was a close second in the contest. Dustin Mallory can fly. Photo by Berenice Mallory

Nomad Skate Truck How many times have you been at the park and broken a bearing, snapped a deck or had some other session ending thing happen? And how many times have you thought to yourself, “If I had a van I could load it with skate gear and travel around selling shit out of the back? Most of us have thought both of these things just like Brian Meyer and John Brooks of Indianapolis did. John said of the inspiration, “One day we were at the park skating and one of our buddies showed up with a roll of grip tape and sold like five sheets like it was nothing so we thought what if you had a skate shop on wheels?” They bought a 1979 Chevy stepvan, had two fellow skaters cut doors and make skate racks to hold decks, and went to work on it themselves to finish the project making the truck 100% skater built and operated.

The hours of operation vary as do their location. After all, this is a part time side project for both guys who still have to find time for full time jobs, family and

skating. They have a firm belief in small brand skateboarding. In addition to the big name corporate companies they

also carry decks by American Nomad, What Luck, Toast, Fickle, and 1031. They also supply Independent, Thunder, Venture, and Grind King trucks along with Bones, Spitfire, and Landshark wheels. For a long-term goal they have one thing in mind: Fun. Having fun by supplying fun. Just what skateboarding is supposed to be about. Find more information about the Nomad Skate Truck on facebook.

Sinister Skate Truck

1. Why open a skate truck? Well, it was first an idea to make being at contests as a vendor a lot simpler. Everything is already setup and ready, just have to open the window. Then after a lot of thought, it has now become a marketing tool, a way to get product and support to places that don't have a local shop or the support of the community and allows us to host small contests wherever we are at that time and offer lessons to newbies at the same time. 2. Inspiration behind it? I've had the idea of doing a mobile unit for a couple of years, but was thinking about doing it in an enclosed trailer and pulling it with a truck. After seeing pictures of the Nomad Skate Truck in Indianapolis, IN from a friend that is part of it made me rethink things. Why have a truck to pull a trailer when everything is one unit? So the hunt was on to find a step van. 3. Processes to open? We have had a brick and mortar shop for the last 4 years, so there wasn't a whole lot to do since we already had the distributors in place and a business license. Now we just have to get local permits and or licenses for any locations we would like to stop at. 4. Future Plans?

As of right now, the truck is the only location for Sinister. We have had to refocus on the business several times do to the economy. 5. Contact info?

Sinister Skate We just want to support the skate scene 704-746-4570 wherever we can. We have been in business for over 4 years out of our own pocket, no loans, and have no thoughts of stopping now. Maybe have a truck in several states? Who knows!

All photos courtesy of Nomad and Sinister

Artist Spotlight

Alberto Ramirez

Long-time Texas skater, Alberto Ramirez, has taken his Texas-style up to the Pacific Northwest where he is working hard on graphics for his new skate company: Dead Skates Skateboards.

Profile for Luchaskate Magazine

Luchaskate v1.2  

The second issue of Luchaskate Magazine. This issue features Kanis D.I.Y. in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Luchaskate v1.2  

The second issue of Luchaskate Magazine. This issue features Kanis D.I.Y. in Little Rock, Arkansas.