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Partnership As a Success Story

Become a Sponsor of LUCERNE FESTIVAL



Thanks to our Partners and Sponsors, for 80 years LUCERNE FESTIVAL has been able to attract the international stars of classical music, support promising talents, and implement fresh and innovative ideas. Without your generous support, it would not be possible to successfully produce our three festivals and to offer a program of such variety and quality. We are grateful to all of our Partners and Sponsors for their valued commitment!


Partnership As a Success Story

Become a Sponsor of LUCERNE FESTIVAL


Publisher | LUCERNE FESTIVAL LUCERNE FESTIVAL Foundation Sponsorship Hirschmattstrasse 13 P.O. Box | CH–6002 Luzern This pamphlet was published in March 2018. Printed in Switzerland | © 2018 by LUCERNE FESTIVAL 4


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Musical experiences that leave a deep and lasting impression: Riccardo Chailly and the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA thrill with their performance of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony of a Thousand. © Peter Fischli / LUCERNE FESTIVAL



Also an architectural experience: attending a concert in the KKL Luzern 8

© Priska Ketterer / LUCERNE FESTIVAL

FOREWORD Cultural sponsoring really does work – and it does so in two ways. This kind of cooperation with partners from the business and social spheres inspires artistic processes. At the same time, cultural sponsoring, as numerous studies show, can enhance a brand’s appeal through a positive image transfer. For this reason, LUCERNE FESTIVAL has cultivated long-term, enduring sponsoring partnerships for many years in order to realize the Festival’s artistic and programmatic visions through close exchange, to do justice to the strategies of its Sponsors, and thus to combine business and culture in ways that are mutually beneficial. As a Sponsor of LUCERNE FESTIVAL, you reliably present your company in a highly relevant environment and reach your target groups. At the same time, you champion one of the most important musical events on the international scene: a festival with a great tradition that is not content to rest on its laurels but blazes new paths by pursuing innovative concepts. A festival that regularly attracts loyal guests from all around the world (and along with them, similarly committed circles of international friends), while also knows how to fascinate young new ranks of listeners. And a festival where what matters above all is artistic excellence. In the attached brochure we would like to inform you about the various activities of LUCERNE FESTIVAL and the opportunities to become a Sponsoring Partner.

Michael Haefliger Executive and Artistic Director LUCERNE FESTIVAL

Martina Lötscher Head of Sponsorship LUCERNE FESTIVAL



A Success Story: Extensive Sponsoring Partnerships with LUCERNE FESTIVAL It is our goal to continue supporting the main pillars of our Festival and to engage in efforts to enhance accessibility and education so that we can inspire an even wider public to enjoy classical and contemporary music, as well as place still greater emphasis on young audiences.

LUCERNE FESTIVAL is one of the most-renowned presenters of classical music in the world. And thanks to its great reputation, its long-standing tradition, and its continually innovative development, the Festival is moreover a significant platform for sponsorship. Thus LUCERNE FESTIVAL offers its partners more than outstanding musical experiences in one of the finest concert halls in the world – an ideal stage for customer and staff events in the exclusive setting of the KKL Luzern designed by the French star architect Jean Nouvel. As a partner you additionally benefit from the Festival’s national and international reputation, its media presence, and the high esteem with which it is held among the population. Our ambition is to implement a program of high artistic quality during the three Festivals we present each year as well as on our international tours. A program that not only attracts the international stars of the classical music world but also champions the talents of tomorrow, engages with new, innovative ideas, and shows a commitment to contemporary musical work – and all this while funding a total of 95% of our own costs. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the support we receive for LUCERNE FESTIVAL from sponsors and foundations is of enormous importance.


CHF 25 mil. total budget 95% percentage of self-financing 39% percentage of contributions from sponsors to the total budget 49 days total duration of all three Festivals in 2017 107,430 number of people attending the Festivals in 2017 190 number of accredited journalists in 2017


© Peter Fischli / LUCERNE FESTIVAL

Martina Lötscher | Michael Haefliger

We are focused on the joy of discovery and innovation not only in terms of programming and artistic values but also when it comes to sponsorship. Developing projects that are rich in content and sustainable, in collaboration with prestigious partners who are internationally active, is a central objective for us. Sponsoring relationships that have long been successful continue to endure here, with the result that we regard ourselves as equal stakeholders in a close exchange with our partners: we want to pursue the artistic and programmatic visions of the Festival together and similarly to do justice to the strategies of our sponsors. We foster an open and creative exchange with our partners from the artistic and cultural sphere, politics, business, and society. In the process, optimal networking between regional, national, and international interests plays a central role in our daily operation. You can find more information about our extensive sponsoring partnerships on pages 16-17.




Whether it’s spring, summer, or late fall, the Festival takes place three times during the course of the year in Lucerne. Enjoy the international stars of classical music right in the heart of Switzerland!

LUCERNE FESTIVAL is one of the most prestigious festivals worldwide – and has been so for 80 years. Three times per year, stars of classical music from across the world meet on the shores of idyllic Lake Lucerne, in the very heart of Switzerland, and together they enjoy a celebration of music: the famous orchestras, the legendary conductors, the virtuoso soloists. In the concert hall designed by Jean Nouvel, which is renowned for its phenomenal acoustics and its exquisite architecture alike, they encounter an audience that is no less international and sophisticated. Some 110,000 visitors annually make the trip to Lucerne. The Summer Festival is the largest of the three annual festivals: within a period of just four weeks you can experience more than 100 events, among them some 30 symphony concerts. Every year since 2003 it has been launched by the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA, which Claudio Abbado founded in 2003. Since 2016 Riccardo Chailly has helmed this splendid ensemble comprising internationally acclaimed soloists, chamber musicians, teachers, and members of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and the Filarmonica della Scala. The Festival also includes its own master school for new music in the form of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, which was founded by Pierre Boulez and Festival Director Michael Haefliger and which has been led by Wolfgang Rihm since 2016. Other events at the Festival involve one or two composers-in-residence and “artistes étoiles” who present their work in a variety of contexts. Each summer is devoted to a specific theme that governs the choice of works in the programming. Through such innovative event formats as the 40min series of short concerts, LUCERNE FESTIVAL is forging new paths and opening the way toward a wider range of audiences. Established in 1988, the Easter Festival takes place each spring two weeks before Easter and runs through Palm Sunday, with a special focus given to sacred music, whether in the “Salle blanche” of the KKL or through concerts in the atmospheric ambience of Lucerne’s churches. The youngest of the three festivals, the Piano Festival, has been taking place every year in November since 1998. Celebrated keyboard virtuosos and emerging stars come to Lucerne for nine days to perform recitals, concerts of piano music, and chamber music. And Piano “Off-Stage” complements the classical programming with long nights of jazz in Lucerne’s finest bars.


Encounter the international stars of classical music: Daniel Barenboim and the West Eastern Divan Orchestra in Lucerne © Priska Ketterer / LUCERNE FESTIVAL

Her international career began in Lucerne: master violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter has been a regular guest artist at the Festival for more than 40 years. © Peter Fischli / LUCERNE FESTIVAL


In residence at the Easter Festival: the Bavarian Radio ensembles and Mariss Jansons. © Peter Fischli / LUCERNE FESTIVAL

Closely associated with the Festival for 60 years: the Berlin Philharmonic (here with Sir Simon Rattle). ©  Priska Ketterer / LUCERNE FESTIVAL



LUCERNE FESTIVAL – The Orchestra Festival The Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam and the Cleveland Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and so on – all of these are regular guests at LUCERNE FESTIVAL.

LUCERNE FESTIVAL is the Orchestra Festival, and that’s especially true for the summer edition: where else can you be awed by so many top-level international orchestras within a mere four-week span? It is not only this concen- tration of the finest symphony orchestras – the great “parade of orchestras” that allows concertgoers to compare and contrast as they listen night after night – which makes LUCERNE FESTIVAL so unique around the world. Numerous ensembles – including the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam – have been closely associated with the Festival for decades, giving performances every summer that, throughout Switzerland, can be experienced exclusively in Lucerne. The roster of orchestras for 2018: Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin Philharmonic Boston Symphony Orchestra Cappella Andrea Barca Chamber Orchestra of Europe City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra English Chamber Orchestra Ensemble intercontemporain Filarmonica della Scala Iberacademy Orchestra, Medellín La Voce Strumentale Les Musiciens du Prince, Monaco London Philharmonic Orchestra London Symphony Orchestra LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA Lucerne Symphony Orchestra Mahler Chamber Orchestra Munich Philharmonic Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestre de la Suisse Romande Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam St. Petersburg Philharmonic Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra West-Eastern Divan Orchestra Vienna Philharmonic 15


Why It Is Worthwhile To Support LUCERNE FESTIVAL The moral and financial support from our partners in the business community and from foundation funding is of incalculable value for LUCERNE FESTIVAL: through their contributions in the amount of around 40% of the total budget, they contribute substantially to the financial security and sustainability of the Festival. LUCERNE FESTIVAL offers its partners various opportunities for cooperation in diverse areas: from an extensive level of commitment as a Main Sponsor of the Festival to an exclusive customer event for you and your guests, numerous opportunities are available to you. Through their partnership, companies can acquire an ongoing visibility with our Festival audiences. You can additionally benefit from exclusive services and from close collaboration with LUCERNE FESTIVAL. A Quick Look at Your Benefits as a Sponsor LUCERNE FESTIVAL is one of the largest musical events in and one of the most important cultural ambassadors for Switzerland. This is also reflected in its national and international media presence. As a Sponsor • you benefit from the Festival’s reputation throughout Switzerland and internationally, as well as from its high esteem among the population – all of which will enhance the appeal of your brand. • you support a cultural experience for connoisseurs, thereby coming into contact with an affluent target group. • you inspire your guests with exclusive events, such as attending a concert featuring outstanding artists in the extraordinary atmosphere of the KKL Luzern. Your access to tickets before general sales begin guarantees that you will have the best seats.


From left to right: Cornelia Imfeld | Martina Lötscher | Daniela Amrein

Tailor-Made Partnerships We provide our partners with a distinct and clearly recognizable profile. The form of this cooperation can be tailored to your individual needs. We would be happy to discuss the variety of opportunities with you in person. LUCERNE FESTIVAL’s Sponsorship Team Martina Lötscher Director of Sponsorship t +41 (0)41 226 44 57 Daniela Amrein Sponsorship Assistant t +41 (0)41 226 44 49 Cornelia Imfeld Associate Sponsorship Manager t +41 (0)41 226 44 61


A perfect debut: Riccardo Chailly has been helming the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA since 2016. ©Priska Ketterer / LUCERNE FESTIVAL

Making music in the spirit of friendship: the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA © Priska Ketterer / LUCERNE FESTIVAL




An ensemble of international stars: playing together in a spirit of friendship and chamber music-like illumination of even the largest orchestral scores are the ideals of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA.

The idea for a unique festival orchestra of international standing in Lucerne goes back to Arturo Toscanini, who in 1938 convened acclaimed virtuosos of the time into an elite ensemble with the legendary “Concert de Gala.” It was 65 years later that the conductor Claudio Abbado and Festival Executive and Artistic Director Michael Haefliger established a connection to this moment of the Festival’s birth and founded the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA, which made its public debut in August 2003. With Riccardo Chailly, this unique orchestra once again has an Italian music director. Every summer famous soloists, chamber musicians, re­­­­nowned music teachers, and principals of the leading European orchestras, along with members of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and of the Orchestra of La Scala in Milan, join together in Lucerne to form an ensemble that is special class. Many of the musicians spend their vacations here to rehearse and experience afresh a symphonic repertoire free from workaday regimentation and routine. The idea of friendship and freedom forms the leitmotiv for this ensemble, whose ideal is a chamber music-like spirit of cooperation. Many stars of the classical music scene either have played or currently play in the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA: members of the Alban Berg, Hagen, and Leipzig String Quartets; the violinist Kolja Blacher; the violists Wolfram Christ and Antoine Tamestit; the cellists Jens Peter Maintz, Natalia Gutman, and Julian Steckel; the flutists Jacques Zoon and Emmanuel Pahud; the clarinetists Sabine Meyer and Alessandro Carbonare; the oboists Lucas Macías Navarro and Albrecht Mayer; the horn players Alessio Allegrini and Ivo Gass; the trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich; the trombonist Jörgen van Rijen; the timpanist Raymond Curfs; and the list goes on and on  … and every summer still more new names come along. The orchestra sets the tone for the opening week of LUCERNE FESTIVAL with several symphony concerts. Its members also perform chamber concerts in various unusual smaller formations. And at the season’s end comes the grand tour. Foreign residencies have taken these musicians throughout Europe and to Asia and the USA.




Committed to the future: classical music stars of today like the conductors Pablo Heras-Casado and Kevin John Edusei, the American JACK Quartet, and the cellist Jay Campbell have gained decisive inspiration from the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY.

A Master School for new music – that is what the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY is. Each summer around 130 talented young musicians from all over the world are given the opportunity to dedicate themselves to a repertoire that is still all too often overlooked in the classical music world: the music of the 20th and 21st centuries. Over a period of three weeks they immerse themselves in key works of the modern era through daily rehearsals and workshops; they also study brand-new scores, many of them composed specifically for the Academy, and experiment with innovative performance formats. The Festival audience in turn benefits from this uncon­ventional programming replete with discoveries and surprising listening experiences. This internationally unique campus for contemporary music was founded in 2003 by the French composer and conductor Pierre Boulez and Festival Executive and Artistic Director Michael Haefliger. Starting in the summer of 2016 the German composer Wolfgang Rihm took over as Artistic Director; he is assisted by Matthias Pintscher as Principal Conductor. The teaching faculty consists of leading performers of contemporary music who are members of such distinguished formations as the Ensemble intercontemporain, the Ensemble Modern, the Klangforum Wien, and the Ensemble Musikfabrik. In addition, other acclaimed conductors, composers, and soloists have been invited each summer in recent years, including such figures as Peter Eötvös, Isabelle Faust, Alan Gilbert, Heinz Holliger, Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Anne-Sophie Mutter, and Sir Simon Rattle. The works on their “curriculum” are eventually presented to the public in concerts by the Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, for which all of the students join together, as well as on various ensemble programs. It is not only instrumentalists who benefit from the praxis-oriented training offered by the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY: Each year’s list of offerings includes a master class in conducting and a composer seminar, while the “Roche Young Commissions” awards young composers with commissions for new works.


A pair of leaders: Wolfgang Rihm is Artistic Director of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY and Matthias Pintscher provides support as Principal Conductor. © Peter Fischli / LUCERNE FESTIVAL

Learning from the masters: Academy students rehearse with Heinz Holliger. ©Priska Ketterer / LUCERNE FESTIVAL


Big musical experiences for little visitors to the Festival: LUCERNE FESTIVAL YOUNG © Stefan Deuber / Lucerne Festival

Getting up close to the music – and being filled with wonder © Patrick Hürlimann / Lucerne Festival



LUCERNE FESTIVAL YOUNG Whether it’s music theater, children’s pillow concerts, or family performances – the truth is that children are not only the audience of tomorrow but already the listeners of today!

Does music need to sound different for children than it does for adults? Not necessarily, but it does need to be introduced differently. LUCERNE FESTIVAL YOUNG shows that classical music isn’t something only for grownups. Children and young people require music to be presented in vivid ways. LUCERNE FESTIVAL YOUNG uses special concert formats as well as a richly varied, age-based program aimed at young people, including the very youngest listeners. Through children’s pillow concerts, for example, where the audience is invited to sit comfortably on pillows and mattresses positioned close up to the artists and the music. Or through family performances in which all age levels get their money’s worth – from grandchildren to grandma. In addition, LUCERNE FESTIVAL YOUNG initiates and develops innovative projects. Young Performance was launched in 2014 to create the Festival’s own production facility for new concert formats and has received the “Young Ears Prize,” among other distinctions. Selected alumni of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY design stage programs as part of Young Performance for young listeners under the guidance of an experienced creative team of directors, choreographers, and composers, integrating performative and communicative elements into the performance practice. The children’s orchestra camp will launch in the summer of 2018. Children and adolescents from a wide variety of backgrounds who participate in national and international orchestral initiatives such as Superar Suisse or El Sistema Europe will be invited. Benefiting from the Festival’s creative and productive atmosphere, they will study and rehearse a symphonic program over an entire week before presenting it to the Festival audience in the KKL’s grand concert hall.




Whenever an exciting musical project is being realized somewhere around the world, there’s a very good chance that there’s some involvement from the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI, the international network of more than 1,200 former LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY participants.


They are young, versatile, and eager to experiment, and they are influencing the music world of today and tomorrow: more than 1,200 instrumentalists, conductors, and composers have undergone the training program offered by the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY since it was founded in 2003. The ranks of its graduates include such stars of today as the Spanish conductor Pablo Heras-Casado, the American JACK Quartet, and the cellist Jay Campbell, along with many musicians who have become members of the top international orchestras, play in the chamber music sphere, perform in experimental projects, or teach at conservatories. And a majority of them remain closely associated with the Festival. Selected former Academy students regularly return to Lucerne as LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI and enrich the Festival with performances not only in the area of contemporary music but also in the 40min series or in productions presented by LUCERNE FESTIVAL YOUNG; moreover, they make themselves available to advise and mentor current Academy students. Above all they keep in contact with each other – through the support of LUCERNE FESTIVAL’s alumni platform – so as to jointly develop and implement their own projects all around the world: In 2013-14, the Alumni presented four world premieres, all tied to the theme “Music at Risk,” in New York, London, Beijing, Zurich, and Lucerne. They performed as part of the three-part concert series “Ligeti Forward” at the NY Phil Biennial in 2016, and in 2017 they toured with the Swiss jazz singer Andreas Schaerer and his project “The Big Wig,” among other events. In this way, a unique international network of young musicians has been created, one that shows how enduring and long-lasting LUCERNE FESTIVAL’s support of emerging talent is.

Without borders: The LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI on tour with the Swiss jazz singer Andreas Schaerer in “The Big Wig” © Priska Ketterer / LUCERNE FESTIVAL

Performing at the Metropolitan Museum in New York: as part of the NY Phil Biennial, the Alumni performed in the “Ligeti Forward” concert series in June 2016. © Paula Lobo / LUCERNE FESTIVAL


The interior of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ARK NOVA affords a unique spatial experience ... © Yu Terayama / LUCERNE FESTIVAL

... and from the outside the mobile concert hall resembles a work of sculpture. © Yu Terayama / LUCERNE FESTIVAL



LUCERNE FESTIVAL ARK NOVA It’s an eye-catcher: a work of architectural sculpture that blends harmoniously into the landscape and whose unusual shape attracts the eye; it seems almost weightless on account of the light materials.

Its name tells you what it’s all about: LUCERNE FESTIVAL ARK NOVA was prompted in response to the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011 in Japan. Together with the Japanese concert agent Masahide Kajimoto, Festival Executive and Artistic Director Michael Haefliger enlisted the British artist Anish Kapoor and the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki to design a mobile concert hall that is inflatable. Conceived as a “new ark,” the Ark Nova has been contributing to the cultural reconstruction of the regions that were affected. LUCERNE FESTIVAL ARK NOVA serves not only as a platform for high-level cultural performances but also as a vibrant, multi-faceted meeting place that brings together international and local musicians, artists, and audiences. In the fall of 2013, this “new ark” was put to use for the first time in Matsushima, Japan, followed by seasons in Sendai in 2014 and, in 2015, in Fukushima. The two-week-long program in Tokyo in October 2017 attracted 16,500 concertgoers. In the future this inflatable concert hall will also be put to use outside Japan: as a mobile touring venue for the Festival and as a meeting place intended to engender social and cultural community through artistic experience and also to implement educational projects. In 2015 LUCERNE FESTIVAL ARK NOVA received the Classical:NEXT Innovation Award. About the Architecture LUCERNE FESTIVAL ARK NOVA was designed by Anish Kapoor and Arata Isozaki as a hollow, shell-like envelope without the use of a conventional support structure. With its flexible seating, it offers room for up to 500 people. The shell consists of an elastic, inflatable material that allows the hall to be easily dismantled, transported, and reconstructed in a different location. For the interior, cedar wood from the area of the Zuigan-ji Temple was used in order to create a link to this site, which is significant for Japanese spirituality and history. A free-floating, acoustically reflective balloon enhances the optimal sound. The effect it makes on visitors is impressive as they immerse themselves in an organic space whose round, soft forms and eggplant- and pink-illuminated color scheme convey a sense of security and warmth.



Credit Suisse


Promoting young talent is an important objective for Credit Suisse. Our initiatives support outstanding talents in their international careers. 

Urs Rohner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse Group AG

Since 1993 LUCERNE FESTIVAL and Credit Suisse have enjoyed a stable and fruitful partnership. As Main Sponsor, Credit Suisse makes it possible for the Vienna Philharmonic to perform there every summer. In addition, the Credit Suisse Foundation confers two awards, each of which is given in alternating years, on highly talented young musicians: the Credit Suisse Young Artist Award and the Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes. The Credit Suisse Young Artist Award, a joint project with LUCERNE FESTIVAL, the Vienna Philharmonic, and the Vienna Society of Friends of Music, promotes outstanding soloists who show the potential for a major

international career. The winners – including, in 2018, the cellist Kian Soltani – not only receive a cash award but are also given the opportunity to perform in a soloist role with the Vienna Philharmonic during the Summer Festival in Lucerne. The Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes, which is awarded jointly by LUCERNE FESTIVAL and the Conference of Swiss Music Academies, rewards talented young musicians who study in Switzerland. This award is also associated with a performance at the Summer Festival.


Nestlé S.A.


The LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA embodies inspiration, innovation, and team spirit – qualities that we at Nestlé value and are eager to support.  U. Mark Schneider, CEO of the Nestlé S.A.


Ever since its founding in 2003 by Claudio Abbado and Michael Haefliger, LUCERNE FESTIVAL’s Executive and Artistic Director, the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA has given us the gift of unique, unforgettable musical experiences. Every summer it brings together an international roster of world-class musicians − famous soloists and chamber musicians, acclaimed music teachers and members of the top European orchestras − to create new experiences in making music together; since 2016 the orchestra has been led by Maestro Riccardo Chailly. This combination of creativity and discipline results in performances that command international attention, inspiring people around

the globe – not only through this unique, de luxe orchestra’s performances in Lucerne but also through its tours in Europe and overseas. The LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA is also distinguished by the fact that it maintains its identity while at the same time continually seeking out new challenges. In this way it remains relevant in a world that is characterized by constant change. Nestlé is proud that it has been associated with the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA ever since it was founded. Indeed, our commitment to LUCERNE FESTIVAL even goes back to 1985. Culture is an indispensable part of our society, a part we wish to support through this partnership.




Through the ‘Roche Commissions,’ Roche is committed to creating something new: the outstanding musical works that are created here are a testament to our commitment to innovation – in the area of art as well. 

Christoph Franz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Roche

As part of the “Roche Commissions,” a unique and pioneering partnership between Roche, LUCERNE FESTIVAL, and the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, Roche has regularly awarded commissions since 2003 to outstanding contemporary composers. “Roche Commissions” provides a natural continuation of Roche’s long-term commitment to supporting arts and culture and to stimulating innovation. To date, nine composers have been awarded a “Roche Commissions,” with their compositions being premiered at LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer: Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Chen Yi, Hanspeter Kyburz, George Benjamin, Toshio Hosokawa, Matthias Pintscher,

Unsuk Chin, Olga Neuwirth, and Peter Eötvös. In 2013 the partnership was expanded to include the “Roche Young Commissions”: every two years a pair of emerging composers are commissioned to write new works. Over a two-year period they create their orchestral works through extensive exchange with two young conductors and under the guidance of Wolfgang Rihm, the Artistic Director of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY.

Main Sponsor

The Adecco Group Foundation


Creative talent and teamwork, as exemplified by an orchestra, make a key difference: talent is the engine of creativity and innovation. Our passion for talent and excellence is what we share with LUCERNE FESTIVAL. 

Alain Dehaze, CEO of The Adecco Group & Member of the Board of The Adecco Group Foundation

The Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, enjoyed a close partnership with LUCERNE FESTIVAL between 2011 and 2013, and was the main Sponsor of the Summer Festival in 2017. Starting in 2018, the Adecco Group Foundation takes on this role, working with LUCERNE FESTIVAL to enhance the social value of its activities. The partnership between the Adecco Group Foundation and LUCERNE FESTIVAL centers on the Festival’s international development, supporting young people and inspiring the world through the talent and excellence of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA. As part of its international strategy, LUCERNE FESTIVAL is looking to

expand its projects outside Switzerland, through the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA, the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, the ALUMNI, and the ARK NOVA. The Adecco Group Foundation will support this international expansion, especially through the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA in Asia, thus enhancing the Festival’s reputation around the world.



Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

The power of classical music often remains closed to a wide audience. At LUCERNE FESTIVAL, we are committed to making this art form come alive for everyone. 

Mario Greco, Group Chief Executive Officer Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance Group and LUCERNE FESTIVAL have enjoyed a close association for nearly 30 years. In 2005 Zurich became Main Sponsor of both the Easter and the Summer Festival. Through its support of the Festival, Zurich hopes to promote contemporary concert formats and open the world of classical music to a new audience. One way Zurich is doing this is through the “40min” concert series, which presents numerous free events in the KKL’s Lucerne Hall that are open to all. The programs are also hosted, giving exciting insights into the process of how music is created. Zurich believes that a thriving artistic and cultural

scene enriches society as a whole including Zurich’s customers, employees, and shareholders. This attitude underpins Zurich’s efforts to promote outstanding artists and make classical and contemporary music more accessible to a wider audience.

FOUNDATIONS We are grateful to all of the foundations whose support enables us to execute a great variety of projects and helps us to make our visions a reality. Easter Festival 2018 Hilti Foundation | Josef Müller Stiftung Muri | Foundation Melinda Esterházy de Galantha Zurich Summer Festival 2018 Arthur Waser Stiftung | Bernard van Leer Foundation Lucerne | Cleven Foundation | Else v. Sick Stiftung | Ernst Göhner Foundation | Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation | Fondation SUISA | Fritz Gerber Foundation | Geert and Lore Blanken-Schlemper Foundation | Hilti Foundation | Josef Müller Stiftung Muri | Karitative Stiftung Dr. Gerber-ten Bosch | Kuehne Foundation | Kunststiftung NRW | Landis & Gyr Foundation | Max Kohler Stiftung | Prof. Otto BeisheimStiftung | Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council | RHL Foundation | Foundation Melinda Esterházy de Galantha Zurich | Strebi-Stiftung Luzern | Stiftung Musikpädagogisches Forschungszentrum Vitznau | UBS Culture Foundation Piano Festival 2018 Walter B. Kielholz Foundation Last update: March 2018 30

Standing Ovations: LUCERNE FESTIVAL guarantees musical experiences that linger on long after. © Priska Ketterer / LUCERNE FESTIVAL


LUCERNE FESTIVAL Sponsorship Hirschmattstrasse 13 P.O. Box | CH–6002 Luzern 32

LUCERNE FESTIVAL: Sponsoring Brochure 2018  

Partnership as a Success Story – Become a Sponsor of LUCERNE FESTIVAL

LUCERNE FESTIVAL: Sponsoring Brochure 2018  

Partnership as a Success Story – Become a Sponsor of LUCERNE FESTIVAL