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The idea of beginning pointe work is what inspires many young dancers and adult ballet beginners alike. The effort involved may differ, but the required classical technique, knowledge and execution of basic ballet positions, moves and precision, is identical. While younger dancers cope with growth spurts, education distractions and social activities, older ballet beginners cope with how to get more flexible, life/family responsibility distractions activities. Your ballet teacher will select you to start pointe work when she/he sees a basic sound ballet technique, which means how you execute ballet exercises. Not how you were born to dance or not, with a near-perfect physique, but how work through the limitations many have who study dance. Your teacher will also look for strength - your barre work must show that you understand and can perform correct posture, skeletal alignment and hold the turnout that you have. Your teacher knows if your technical weaknesses are because of physical limitations, or lack of ability to concentrate and learn. Teachers also recognize that many dance lovers come to class to enjoy dancing, and are not going to take on the challenge of advancing through grueling years of work. It's fine to love ballet and not work to change your abilities and physique - but you may never progress to dance in ballet pointe shoes. That does not matter. Dance for your artistic and soul fulfillment. Just work on the basics well so that you can do classes safely without getting dance injuries. Yet if you are serious about classical dance, I know you want to get as much 'inside' info as possible, to get ahead in your classes. And you can. There is an overwhelming volume of dance education in books, video and photos, written by many expert teachers.

With your focus and drive, you can learn special exercises and daily training routines that target the foot muscles you need to strengthen your ballet moves. Get ahead of the crowd, with a dancer's guide to beginning pointe work.

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==== ==== For helpful tips on pointe work, please take a look at this: ==== ====

Beginning Pointe Work - How To Prepare  

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