Lucca Biennale Cartasia - 2014

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The Biennial considers as mandatory its sustainability and environmental development issues, promoting and encouraging partnerships with companies that make this sustainable philosophy their mission.

Cartasia is a Contemporary Art Biennial and Paper art festival that’s held in Lucca, Tuscany Italy, since 2004. Cartasia is a cultural event that bounds the paper industry to art.


Cartasia is a mirror of modern society. Each theme is a spark to think about the current situation and the changes that every age and culture brings. Cartasia not only wants to be a place where art can be and absorbed, but also wishes to be a place to meet, compare, stimulate ideas.

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TRADITION Paper production is - for Tuscany - history, culture and economy. A “tradition” that began centuries ago, in 1400 AD and that made the Province of Lucca the most important Paper district in Europe: with 130 enterprises producing and processing paper and cardboard, realizing the 70 percent of national tissue production and 40 percent of national corrugated cardboard.




At the same time when we try to analyze a phenomenon, be it social, political, artistic, anthropological, and more generally human, its substance has already changed, and it becomes undefinable. This inability creates a Liquid identites society, in which concepts and ideas melts together and continuously transform, giving a birth to a constant metamorphosis era.



Liquid Identities EXHIBITIONS

By developing this concept, we gave voice to some avantgarde paper art artists, trying to highlight the liquidity and difficulties that brings with it each form of definition, judgment, objectivity. The works shown are offered to mixed feelings and multiple interpretations, also thanks to the media used: paper. A motion of bewilderment and surprise captures the viewer in front of these impossible objects, made with an ancient at the same time extraordinarily innovative material.

The Show “Liquid Identities” is inspired by the theories of the Polish philosopher Zygmunt Bauman, used to analyze a key concept of the contemporary: the impossibility to define concepts, people, places and characteristics, due to their continuous transformation, of their being iridescent, ever changing, due to the massive acceleration that global development has given to every aspect of contemporary life.

In 2014, within the Seventh Biennial of International Contemporary Art Cartasia, it was shown the indoor exhibition “Liquid Identities”.

The sculptures assume a new look at every glance: explosions, mushrooms, beehives or curious mazes. The paper looks like it’s carved.

Nicola Tella


Nicola Tella 9

Nicola Tella 10

Nicola Tella 11

Vally Nomidou


These females figures are in balance between the fragility of paper and the strenght of the shell: between pain and serenity.

Vally Nomidou 13

Vally Nomidou 14

Vally Nomidou 15

Vally Nomidou 16


The human face, twisted and subject to modernity, opens to instability. Perhaps to change or perhaps to discomfort and misunderstanding.

Li Hongjun


The paper is folded, cut and colored at times, to give life to wonderful sculptures which looked similar to marine underwater creatures.

Valerie Buess

Valerie Buess 19

Valerie Buess 20

A core of iron supports the works, whose muscles is given by newspaper; a pulp surrounds the softness of the skin, smoothed by the action of the artist.

Sabina Feroci


Sabina Feroci 22

Sabina Feroci 23


Richard Sweeney Sweeney pushes the paper in an almost-architectural size, demonstrating that even limited to a two-dimensional plane, it can take several shapes and functions.

Paola Bazz


In the infromation overload era, ranging from our point of observation, new images are formed, and everything becomes relative.

Paola Bazz 27

Gianfranco Gentile

Within our urban centers, big empty concrete are lying. Cardboard packaging, industrial material itself, becomes their cradle.


Gianfranco Gentile 29

Gianfranco Gentile 30

F ounded in 2001 by a team of artists, Metropolis, through cooperation with local authorities, created a cultural and artistic setting. Its first production was the musical “Welcome To The Machine”, in the summer of its birth. After this, further productions have followed:

“The King Dies” by Eugène Ionesco (2002), “Circo Faber” (musical, 2003), “Paper Stories” (documentary, 2004), “Zones” (movie, 2005), “The Strange Case of Mr. D”, written and directed by Emiliano Galigani, (2006), “The Seventh Announcement” (movie, 2010). In 2004 the first edition of Cartasia-International Paper Festival, was realized. In 2007 Cartasia became a Biennial consolidating its prestige all over the world. Metropolis is a cultural organisation working worldwide aimed at promoting culture through the production of events related to music, visual and performing arts.