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• Loose vagina is often a problem faced by women after child birth.

• This may often be the cause of sexual dissatisfaction contributing to relationship problems due to lack of sensation.

• Treatments by using neocontrol chair or use of vaginal cone are popular ways to tighten loose vagina without going

through the surgical procedure.

• Apart from these there are also high quality herbal remedies that can provide solutions to this problem.

• High Quality Herbal Remedies: • Kegel exercises are a great way of tightening loose vaginal

muscles. • Recommended most often to women post delivery it

involves contracting and relaxing the groin muscles.

• Herbal creams are an effective remedy for tightening loose vagina. • But they should be used only after consulting a physician as they may contain certain ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. • Curcuma comosa an ingredient used in herbal medicines may help in strengthening vaginal muscles and vaginal wall prolapse.

• Apart from preventing hot flashes, vaginal dryness, cramping and menstrual pain. • It is one of the most effective loose vagina natural remedy. • Aabab tablets are also a wonderful herbal supplement that one can safely use. • Aloe is an excellent loose vagina natural remedy. • It acts as a great lubricant and strengthens walls and muscles of vagina.

• Manjakani or Oak Galls a plant belonging to South East Asia helps in getting tighter vagina and clearing infections of vagina. • Pueraria Mirifica which belongs to the Leguminoae family is a wonderful natural remedy for this problem. • Sepia is an excellent natural remedy for curing the problem of loose vagina. • It is an effective loose vagina natural remedy.

• Quercus Infectoria also known as Allepo Oak or Cyprus Oak is another effective loose vagina natural remedy. • Manjakani or Oak Gall which belongs to Persia and Asia Minor has strong astringent properties help tighten vaginal muscles. • It works on mucus muscles so you can take it orally as tincture or place herb pills inside the vagina. • Witch hazel is an effective natural remedy for loose vagina.

• Application of lukewarm and soggy compresses prepared with witch hazel extracts twice a day is a wonderful natural

treatment for this problem. • Practicing Kapalbhati Pranayam for 10 minutes every day is

a natural cure for this problem. • Boil gooseberries in water and store the solution in a bottle.

• Apply this solution to the vaginal area daily during bath.

• Hence we can conclude that following the above mentioned

herbal remedies will help us cure the problem of loose vagina.

Loose Vagina Natural Remedy For Women