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• Do you know how to cure whitish vaginal discharge? • Before we get into that, let us first understand what it is. • Whitish discharge occurs naturally in many women and varies based on their menstrual cycle. • At the time just before ovulation, there is an excess of mucous formed which is close to thirty times more than after ovulation.

• This mucous is also very watery and elastically. • Many women prefer using panty liners during this time. • If not treated this discharge can even become yellow or green in colour. • It will have a very bad odour and might even become lumpy.

• At this stage the disorder will be chronic and it is important that you learn how to cure whitish vaginal discharge before this stage arises. • Now, let us look at some of the common causes of this discharge: Sexually transmitted diseases, Vaginitis, Blood loss, Yeast infection, Poor physical conditioning, Hormonal imbalances, Infections from foreign bodies, Atrophic Vaginitis.

• Cervicitis, Cervical polyp, Allergic reactions, Menopause, Gonorrhoea, Pelvic provocative disease. • Now we know the causes of this whitish discharge. • But before we discuss how to cure whitish vaginal discharge, let us look at some of the symptoms to help you diagnose the condition: • Loss of craving is a major symptom of this condition.

• It also makes it very difficult to be fruitful. • Burning or itching is another common indication of this discharge. • Occasional bleeding of the female reproductive organ in another common symptom. • Now let us discuss how to cure whitish vaginal discharge naturally:

• Mango seeds are considered to be very effective when it comes to curing this problem. • All you have to do is take one teaspoon of decorticated kernel paste from a mango and spread it around the reproductive area. • Another great remedy is to consume yellow dock root on a daily basis.

• This herb has recently become quite popular when it comes to dealing with this whitish discharge. • While this herb can do very well on its own, it is recommended to be consumed along with other herbal remedies for best results. • Tender guava leaves are also known to be quite helpful when it comes to treating this condition.

• The best way to use a mixture of guava leaves is with the help of a douche. • It is extremely effective. • Try staying away from any scented or designer toilet paper. Use regular unscented toilet paper instead. • Also, dyes and perfumes should be avoided as they may cause inflammation and irritation.

• Having a nutritious diet is another great way of getting rid of this whitish discharge problem. • Remember to stay away from foods that contain a lot of yeast such as bread, mushroom and red meat. • Consuming excessive amounts of yeast can lead to a yeast infection which will not help getting rid of this whitish discharge.

• If none of these remedies seem to be working for you, consider using Aabab tablets. • These tablets are extremely effective when it comes to getting rid of this whitish discharge and have a host of other benefits as well.

How To Cure Whitish Vaginal Discharge Problem Fast?