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• Vomiting is the compulsory voluntary or involuntary emptying of abdomen contents throughout the mouth. • Vomiting is not a sickness, but it is the signs of various situations such as motion sickness, intense pain, ulcer, food poisoning, emotional stress, heart attack, brain tumor and overeating.

• The panic of vomiting is maybe one of the world strangest doubts.

• Of course, everybody is scared of vomiting, no one likes to vomit.

• But for people who are suffering from emetophobia, it is a totally different thing.

• They have a strong, irrational panic of vomiting.

• The causes of vomiting vary according to the age of the people.

• For children, it is general for vomiting to happen from a viral infection, milk allergy, overeating or feeding, coughing and

illnesses in which the child has a high fever. • There are many reasons why people vomit and many of them

want to get rid of vomiting naturally.

• Some of the best natural ways are given below to get rid of vomiting.

• Cloves: Grind 2 cloves and give it with honey to the pregnant woman to get rid of vomiting.

• Amla: At the time of vomiting during the pregnancy, take 2 pieces of amla and preserve 4 times every day to get relief from

the trouble.

• Lemon: Lemon is the best way to get rid of vomiting naturally. Use lemon when you are suffering from nausea.

• When you blend sugar and lemon juice with cold water you get lemonade.

• It is extremely good for vomiting and nausea. • Taking lemon and mint leaves together are also effectual in

getting rid of vomiting.

• It is useful to suck cardamom powder with lemon for the treatment of vomiting. • Orange: Consumption of oranges is the best natural treatment to get rid of vomiting and nausea. • At the time of travelling by motor vehicle or bus, keep eating oranges at short period of time to prevent vomiting.

• Tamarind: Immerse ripe tamarind in water, than mash, strain and drink it to ensure vomiting.

• Gram: In case of nausea in pregnancy, the lady should be given sattu prepared by roasted gram.

• It is best natural way that gives relief to the pregnant women.

• Arozyme Capsules also helps to prevent this problem.

• Sugarcane: Drinking of sugarcane juice mixed with honey will be useful for you to get rid of vomiting naturally.

• Cinnamon: Intake of honey mixed with cinnamon powder helps to provide relief from bilious vomiting and nausea.

• Mustard: Grind mustard seeds by putting a soaked muslin cloth on the tummy and use the mustard seeds for


• Let it remain there for 15 minutes to get rid of vomiting. • Ice: Sucking one piece of ice ensures regular vomiting.

• These are the best natural easy that you can used to get rid of vomiting quickly and effectively.

• Along with this you are also suggested to use mustard water and salt water to prevent nausea.

• Copper sulfate was also used to get rid of vomiting.

How To Get Rid Of Vomiting Naturally?