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Record Hello, and welcome to the first ediction of the The Record. This will be your source for all things Residence Life. Going along with ProStaff 's theme of one hit wonders, we decided to call it the record. Each edition will take you back in time starting in the next edition with the 90's. We would like to thank all the writers who contributed to this edition. Hope you enjoy! Contents Welcome......................................................2 Eagle Hall Opening....................................3 Residence Life Organizations................4-5 Meet Your AC.............................................6 Dates to Remember....................................7 ORL Acronyms...........................................8 Hall Programming...............................9-20 Programming Award Winners...............21 Staff Camp...........................................22-23

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Congratulations‌.as you read this the semester is nearly half over and from my vantage point from 1002 ORL Eagle (yes, that is my room number), you have made the fall semester a huge success. We recently completed a successful Kraze Daze spirited event and we held the Eagle Hall Grand Opening and the annual student staff Family Weekend brunch. And, as I peruse the hall council meeting minutes and hall plans; get anecdotal reports from prostaff on your programming and community development activities; walk around the campus/halls; participate in training sessions; review the progress we are making with our over-crowded housing; I am keenly aware that all of your collective and individual efforts have been in keeping with the rich traditions we in ORL have become accustomed to. As our tag line states, IT TAKES A TEAM! On behalf of the central staff and the entire prostaff, I send a resounding THANK YOU! As an occupancy update, we are under 30 3 person doubles, Eagle Hall issues have been reduced, and we are moving forward on a variety of tasks to make our program even better. Finally, as we have now moved in to fall, enjoy the changing of the leaves, take a walk in Hixon Park and embrace the briskness in the air. And don’t forget to study! You all continue to make me proud of the student leaders who provide so much to make our department great! Dr. Nick

October 2011

The Record

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It’s amazing and overwhelming to think we have been opening for about two months. It all started with the news that Spencer Long and myself were being given the honor of being the first Hall Directors of Eagle. Whoa, head rush. The first HDs? Are you sure Dr. Nick? Guess what, he was! With the leadership of Patrick Heise, Spencer and I began to plan for the hall assignment lottery, attempting to select balanced staff teams, keying all the doors, and designing a hall council structure. It’s easy to know now what we should have planned for (carpet extraction training anyone?) Yet those meetings were full of ideas and thoughts of what could be. As well as Spencer threatening to make my life miserable by building a wall of Gatorade between our offices. Despite the never ending brainstorming and strategy meetings, who doesn’t want to be given the chance to be part of a great beginning? In August, the fabulous Eagle Gray and Maroon staff teams started their training earlier than most other teams (shout out to Reuter!). The excitement each staff member had as he or she ogled the Eagle lobby with wonder was worth every key planning meeting I attended. We made memories just chilling and planning in a different house each day. We put up tough shower hooks, and I bet some of them still have bruises on their fingers! Every faucet had to be turned on, toilet flushed, and shower tested. They dealt with extremely hot water one day and then cold water the next. To be honest, they simply took on these challenges with a smile and dove into making Eagle just like every other hall on this campus: a dynamic place to live and learn. Then our residents arrived and were in awe of the air conditioning, high ceilings, and space galore. Each RA made sure his or her community had vital LEED cleaning information, learned how to use the Recycling rooms and our Desk Coordinator Kayla made sure our front desk was functional even with a photo book of desk supplies as she inventoried six Wal-Mart carts full of pots, pans, and games. Our Hall Council Execs were elected and bonded like champs at Camp Pepin. Now we just celebrated the official Grand Opening. You can call it. We have opened Eagle Hall officially.

all that is



Res Life Newsletter

Residence Hall Advisory Council

R.H.A.C., your student body on campus. “Oh yeah, I did that in high school. It’s kinda like student council right?” Ha, don’t make me laugh. We have way more game than they ever did. This means we create, set up and run programs for the ENTIRE campus, on and off no matter where you live. Kraze Daze, an interactive Residence Hall versus Hall battle royal, Winter Formal: The Homecoming dance to end all homecomings, and Grub Tubs, those sweet care packages that your family and friends can send you, yep we did that. These are just a few of the absolutely awesome programs put on by the Activities and Relations Committee (ARC) within RHAC. Are dances and competitions not really your thing? That’s quite alright; the Student Issues Committee (SI) goes through all the little things on campus that makes life here so darn good! Overnight Guests? Check. More Safety blue lights on campus in case that creeper gets a bit too close? Double check. Don’t let these awesome things scare you though. Our members are made up of students just like you, working hard on papers and tests or going to the Subshop for a late night sandwich. Each residence hall elects 2 representatives that act as a liaison between the hall and RHAC. These people are the backbone for RHAC, and they do a darn good job of it too. (Don’t be afraid to thank them! No one said RHAC was easy!). However, that’s not all. RHAC also is made up of an executive team and Greek Life/NRHH liaisons that leads and advises through various positions such as President, Senators, Public Relations and others. These wonderful people keep things running smooth and offer intuitive knowledge and experience. Finally, our advisors through central staff, graduate students and hall directors help us with whatever we need while giving us the proper training to make sure we do our jobs well. Want to learn more or curious about joining? Check out our webpage at or stop by our general meetings 5:30p.m. every Thursday in the Eagle Hall classroom, visitors are always welcome!

National Residence Hall Honorary The National Residence Hall Honorary, or NRHH, is a recognition branch of NACURH and is a valuable part of creating student leaders on the collegiate level. NRHH is an organization established to recognize these student leaders who have made outstanding contributions in service, leadership, scholarship, and recognition in the residence halls. Only 1% of the students living in the residence halls are members of each NRHH chapter. UW-L’s Carol Bassuener Chapter is one of a number of colleges and universities across the United States and Canada to have an NRHH Chapter. UW-L’s chapter strives to spotlight on all four pillars of the honorary. The Carol Bassuener chapter focuses on recognition, recognizing leaders within Residence Life and other organizations and individuals on campus. NRHH also coordinates a recognition program called “OTMs,” or Of the Months. Write an OTM for someone who has gone above and beyond this month and you could win a prize on the campus, state, regional, and national levels. OTMs are due by the 3rd of every month. Visit to write an OTM this month! Also, UW-L’s chapter is striving to serve the UW-L campus and La Crosse community with its newly established service committee. Members complete a minimum of four service hours per semester to better the community. For the academics pillar, NRHH members set GPA goals that the chapter must attain each semester. The national GPA requirement is 2.5, but the Carol Bassuener Chapter members set a goal for the Fall 2011 semester for 3.4. The final pillar, Leadership, is no stranger to the members of NRHH. In order to be a member of NRHH, one must be a leader within the residence halls. Among the majority of members are Resident Assistants, Senior Staff Members, Hall Executives, Athletes, and Academic Resource Mentors. Many NRHH members attend leadership conferences throughout the year in order to become even better leaders on campus and throughout the community. The chapter accepts new applicants each semester as members graduate or move off campus. Speak with a hall director or an NRHH member to learn more about the application process.

October 2011

The Record


Broadening Horizons

Broadening Horizons, in brief, is the residence life group devoted to social justice and diversity. But what does that mean without the pretty words? In basic terms, we combat hate, we yearn for widespread acceptance and respect, and we like making new friends. We embrace the differences in others and we place emphasis on cooperation and love. But how exactly do we put our words to work? We stand up to hate, prejudice, and ignorant remarks when we encounter them; we promote the values of acceptance and respect; and we educate. Some things you can expect to see from us this semester include: an open mic night/poetry slam, collaboration with other members of the Diversity Organization Coalition (DOC), advocacy, relevant bulletin boards available for ResLife use, and the Brick by Brick program. We are helping to sponsor the Brick by Brick project, organized by Riley Moore, to help build a school in Sierra Leone. Please do your part to talk up this project and contribute in any way you can. Every little bit helps. If you’re interested in joining us (and honestly, we’re a pretty jazzy group of kids), please feel free to stop into the Eagle Classrooms every Wednesday from 6pm until 7pm. We’d love to see you!

ARMs? Yes, you have more than two Do you need an ARM? No, I have two perfectly good ones right here! Of course you do! But I’m not talking about your upper limbs, I’m talking about your ACADEMIC RESOURCE MENTOR. What? I have one of those? Yes you do, as long as you live in a First year experience hall, otherwise you will have an awesome academic coordinator! And they do what? ARMs are specifically in freshman year experience halls so those freshmen, who need extra help, can get any academic advice from them! ARMs are trained so that they know what kind of academic help there is available to all students (especially freshman) on campus. They work closely with the academic adviser of their hall to create an environment that promotes the production of good academics! Some ways they do this is by putting on programs that help students understand certain necessary academic topics (and award promotions) such as how to understand d2L, how to use wings, how to sign up for classes, “study-bucks,” skippy jars, and how to create study groups. So how do I get to know one of these? Easy! If you have an academic question or just a random question in general, feel free to go searching for one! They generally live with an RA and you’ll know which door to knock on because it will have a plaque on it stating their name and job title!

Hall Exec's at Camp Pepin Over the weekend of September 23, a group of students and staff alike attended a leadership retreat at YMCA Camp Pepin in Red Wing, Minnesota. The retreat provided training for recently elected hall executives. During the one-night stay at Camp Pepin, a Pro Staff along with Senior Staff Advisors provided skill building activities for the new student leaders to engage in while learning about their position as a leader in their hall. The retreat began with a large group icebreaker, followed by in-hall reflection time, and a program session of the students’ choice. There were sessions such as, “Models of Leadership”, “The Art of Mentoring Residents”, and “Recognition 101”, among others. The evening was met at the beach for a campfire along Lake Pepin of the Mississippi River, or indoors for games of all kinds. The following day began with a morning energizer. Once pumped up, the students were led to an activity that demonstrated what a day in the life of a leader is like; and later, a diversity chain activity. The retreat concluded with a positive affirmation activity done by each hall. By the end of the retreat the staff was able to send a group of strengthened student leaders back to UW-L with confidence.


Res Life Newsletter Every month, the ACs are going to promote an underused and/or unknown, but still useful, resource in the La Crosse community. To get us started I decided to endorse the Academic Coordinators! As you all should know, the AC position is new this year. We replaced the ARMs in non-first year experience residence halls. Through our position, we have a lot of knowledge about where students can go for help with academics, career questions, and a variety of other school related queries. Furthermore, part of the Academic Coordinator job is to create educational programs in the residence halls. These programs will hopefully answer questions students have. That’s great because, let’s face it, the RAs need to know a lot of information. Hopefully we can lessen their stress by being a person they can refer residents to. Overall, the ACs are a valuable resource in the residence halls. Please help us by supporting our programs and telling residents about us. We love our positions and want to make this year a success for everybody.

Get to know your AC

Drake Hall

Name: Lauren Mobley Year: Junior Position: Academic Coordinator, Drake Hall Major/Minor: Elementary Education and Social Studies minor Favorite Class at UWL: All my education courses Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series Hobbies: Playing cards, reading, watching movies, and riding my bike Best UWL Memory: My sophomore year me, my roommate, and a friend built a fort in my room, ordered Chinese food, and watched Toy Story 3 in it. What super power would I want: To be able to run really fast without getting tired. It would solve the problem of being stuck in traffic jams, but I would have to find a really good pair of exercise shoes… What’s in my freezer: Chocolate. Lots of it. Really too much. And smoothie mix. Favorite cartoon character: Arnold from Hey Arnold. Where would I go if I had a time machine: An old fashioned ice cream parlor from the 50s where I would order an obscenely large sundae with all the fixings from a man in a striped apron. Why do I want to be an AC: I love school. I love to learn and question. But I also know that it can be stressful. I hope to guide students when they are making decisions regarding their academics or career goals. This way they can still enjoy learning and opening their mind to all the possibilities out there.

October 2011

The Record


Important information to let your residents know Course Withdrawal Deadline is Friday, October 28 Any student may withdraw from a class until one week beyond mid-term of a semester or summer term. All withdrawals from classes after the “drop/ add — change-of-schedule” period are recorded with a “W” on the student’s permanent academic record along with the official date of withdrawal. Half-term courses or short-term courses have withdrawal time limits established on a basis prorated to withdrawal dates for full-term courses. You must obtain either your adviser’s or the instructor’s signature during this time period. No student is permitted to withdraw from a class later than one week beyond mid-term of a semester or a summer session. Only a grade of “F” or “I” may be recorded for any student who enters this time period and fails to complete a course. Withdrawing from a course MAY be an option to consider. It is not, however, always the best option and there are other circumstances that enter into this decision.

• Financial aid implications • If you are receiving financial aid (FA), to include educational loans, you may want to make an appointment to see a FA advisor in the FA office (215 Graff Main) who can explain how withdrawing from a course could affect your FA. • Will withdrawing from this class drop you below full-time status as a student? (FT = 12 credits) If yes, you need answers to these questions before making this decision: • Are you living in the residence hall? If you drop below full-time you must obtain permission from your Residence Hall Director to remain in the residence halls. • Are you covered by your family’s insurance? Call home and make sure you won’t lose coverage if you drop below full-time status at this point in the semester. • Are you a student-athlete? Student-athletes must be registered for 12 credits or more during their season of competition in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics. • Are you an international student? International students must be registered for 12 credits or more.

Advisors in the Academic Advising Center can assist in discussing the pros and cons of course withdrawal. • Have you given enough time and effort to the class to really know if dropping/withdrawing is your best op- Call 608-785-6950 to schedule an appointment. NOTE: tion? Suggestion: Make an appointment with the in- The Academic Advising Center (1140 Centennial Hall) structor and discuss your concerns. The instructor may will hold walk-in only hours on Thursday, October 27 be able to help you determine if it’s better to get out now and Friday, October 28 from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM – no appointments needed. or stay the course.


Res Life Newsletter

8 a,

ndm Dear Gra

eI can’t b ! t a e r g nks WL is dy! Tha a Life at U e lr a r e Octob Everyone . s ie k lieve it’s o o lly for the c – especia m e so much h t d o e ube lov t down t n e w I on my c t Last nigh to go to GL Amy RA. ted ited! got selec m so exc I’ HC and – a n India and CURH in awesome pplied e b d I’ aid also a My HD s to go. I e m d e cted. encourag but I wasn’t sele er. A t semest x e n to be a D e b y d to – ma lly seeme a That’s ok e r C D that At least I eek and w t s la like me. t de. first tes good gra y r I had my e v a my k I got he AC in t don’t thin o t lk a to t group I’m going tar ting a study ter ts o do bet t t hall abou n a w lee is I really nyway, G are because A . t s e t u ext I hope yo for on the n . o g o t e av everyone o on so I h t i h y a ll. S doing we ve you! me. I lo lly. Love, Sa

Dear Sally, You’re very welc ome for the cook ies. I’m so glad to hear that ever yone enjoyed them. W e sure do miss yo u around here. B ut sweetie – I ha ve to say that I’m a li ttle worried abo ut you – I don’t under stand most of yo ur letter. Living in a cube? And wh at is this about Rheuma toid Arthritis? You need to go see yo ur doctor right a way! GLACURH? Sweetie, did you accidently sneeze w hile you were ty ping this email? Yo u applied to be a District Attorney? Is th at an internship ?I thought you wa nted to be a teac her. One last thing. Why are you ta lking to the air condition er about a study group? Honey, if you a re feeling stresse d, you can call home m ore often! Pleas e stay in touch more. I lo ve you! Love, Grandma


October 2011

The Record

Residence Life Acronyms Chances are that when you first began your tenure in this organization, a vast array of acronyms assaulted your ears on a weekly basis. You may have felt as confused as Sally’s grandma. Now that you have had a chance to settle in, I hope that you have started to decode our departmental lingo. Let’s start with the important stuff. What in the world is an acronym? I thought it best to describe an acronym with an acronym: Alphabetical Code for Remembering Odd Names you Makeup? Or maybe: Another Cryptic Rendition of Nomenclature You Memorize? Perhaps it is: A Coded Rendition of Names Yielding Meaning? For the record, I didn’t make any of those up myself; I unashamedly ripped it off from website I found when I Googled “funny acronyms”. I’m not that clever. However, you get the point. An acronym is created by combining letters of words to make a new word. Nearly all of our position titles have an abbreviation, if not an acronym to make it easier to converse within our sphere. Unfortunately, for those outside our world,


it may seem we have begun to speak another language. I only mention this so we remember to clarify our crazy Res Life jargon around others and include them in on the fun. When speaking at Hall Council, slow down long enough to elaborate that GLACURH stands for the Great Lakes Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls. When telling your cousin that you really like being an ARM, don’t leave them thinking you are an appendage. Explain that you’re an Academic Resource Mentor in a First Year Experience hall (FYE – yup, another acronym!) and you have the awesome job of programming and providing academic resources in your residence hall. You are now well into the school year and no doubt getting used to our departmental vernacular. We are so glad you are part of the family. Thank you for all of the work each of you to keep our department so great. AML (All My Love), Kate Demerse

ORL – Office of Residence Life HD – Hall Director AHD – Assistant Hall Director GA – Graduate Assistant RLIS – Residence Life Information Services SS – Senior Staff DC – Desk Coordinator RA – Residence Assistant DA – Desk Assistant AHK – Assistant Housekeeper HK – Housekeeper ARM – Academic Resource Mentor AC – Academic Coordinator HC – Hall Council NRHH – National Residence Hall Honorary RHAC – Residence Hall Association Council SI – Specific Issues (Sub-Committee of RHAC) ARC – Activities and Relations Committee (Sub-Committee of RHAC) OTM – Of the Month GOLD – Growth Opportunities in Leadership Development (UWL Leadership Conference) WURHA – Wisconsin United Residence Hall Association GLACURH – Great Lakes Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls NACURH – National Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls

Res Life Newsletter


Roomates and their one hit wonders (Caitlyn Richter) Hooking Up. A bulliten board about STDs (Rachel Shields) Ye Olde Academic Dragon (Dan Burke) Funny Words (Callie Viken)

l l e g n A


The Record


October 2011

Spooks and Cooks (Kara Kerrigan) Teach me how to study (ARM Caitlyn Spohnholtz) Bra Recycling (Katie Klestinski)

Dear Blank, Please Blank (Luke Klefstad) Fall in Love (Brittany Mondlock)

Res Life Newsletter



Friendomoter (Sarah Schultz)

Would you rather: Horror Movies (Van Ngo) Paper Airplances (Drake Kessler)

October 2011

The Record

13 I just had sex and it felt so good (Brittany Harried) Optical Illussions (Anna Holbrook)

Eagle Gray


Who shares you sign? (Ashley Fahrenkamp) Hey Baby, What’s Your Blood Type? (Stacey Phillips) Lets Get Real (Sean Mason) B’s Or Better Gumball Machine (Sara Schoonover) Why Do you Drink? (Peri Rank)

Res Life Newsletter


October 2011

The Record


Eagle Maroon No Impact Man (Rob Rydeski)

Disability Awareness Month (Julie Nowak) LGBT is History Month (Nicole Meulemans) Relationship Violence (Stacia Javovec) Feelings are Scary!! (Chris Losinski)


Res Life Newsletter

r e t u e


5 North (Caylie Yessa)

Domestic Violence Awareness (Andrew Armington and Valerie Bougie)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Alexa Olson)

October 2011

The Record


White Breathing- it could work for you? (Pat Bell) Who’s your pokemon? (Josh Barnes) LAX Tips (Laura Buccholz)

Res Life Newsletter



Which type are you? A bulletin board about MBTI (Ryan Smith) Its not 2 long til its Halloween (Alyssa Webber) Get your head in the game (Angie Gorter)

October 2011

Happy Halloween (Pete Smith) Marriage (Mari Lentz) Teach you how to Drunky (Laura Verbruggen)

The Record




Res Life Newsletter

d r o f n a S

Freshman 15 (Adam Kindle)

October 2011

The Record


September Program Award Winners First we just want to acknowledge a lot of great programming efforts throughout the halls this past month! Thanks for helping residents feel at home by providing opportunities for residents to learn new things and have some great discussions as they connect with one another. We hope you (and your Hall Director/Assistant Hall Directors) continue to nominate your program successes for our consideration in coming months. And now for our September winners…

in a fun way about the history, facts, effects, and laws regarding alcohol while also promoting a sense of community across the 4th floor. They obtained questions from a previous RA that did this program, changing a few for their purposes. They then made a jeopardy board out of butcher block for the categories and point values so the residents had a visual. During the program they had each cube competing against each other. The first cube to raise a hand got to answer the questions. If a question was answered incorrectly, points were deducted. There Privilege and Haute Report Incident Training was good competition and the the residents were defiNicole Meulemans, Eagle Hall nitely challenged. And not only was the program about Nicole used this opportunity to introduce the Social alcohol education but it took place on a Thursday night, Justice House residents to the concept of privilege based serving as an alcohol alternative. on identity. Amanda Filtz facilitated a privilege activity that allowed individuals to explore their identities. I Mustache You A Question The residents partnered up to discuss the worksheet. A Katie Engel, Wentz Hall group discussion followed, giving each resident a chance Katie provided her wing an opportunity to open up to make connections and discuss feelings. Finally, resi- and socialize through this unique program. She prodents were shown how to fill out hate incident reports vided art supplies as well as store bought mustaches and what constituted as an incident/crime. The turnout for participants. Everyone put on their mustache and was fantastic! Also, many different people shared their made two circles (1 within the other facing out). Katie opinions and new friends were made. In fact discussion then asked a series of questions such as: “What is your continued days afterward. favorite season?”, “Have you every broken a bone or had surgery; explain”, or “How did your parents pick Sex in an Envelope your name?” After a couple of minutes, she would yell Kara Kerrigan & Payton Mittenzwei, Coate Hall rotate and ask the next question. This went on for 30 Kara and Payton decided to educate residents about minutes. This program was very successful, a lot of the hazards of casual sex. As part of the program, they people that hadn’t been very active in the wing came had guys and gals pair up talking and getting to know out and discovered common interests amongst each one another for 10 minutes. At the end of the conver- other. Everyone got along really well, it actually got sation the couple traded cards which were handed out pretty loud! earlier to them. The card revealed what they had contracted from having “sex”. They played one more round Other September Nominated Programs after that and then sat down for discussion. They talked Toppers and Stoppers by Emily Kitslaar of Reuter Hall; about the importance of knowing your sexual partners, Speed Meeting Mixer by Karin Johnson, Nick Thuottrivia facts, and also had some free time for them to ask Petkovich of Eagle Hall Grey; Mama Tate’s Fridge of Fun questions. Condoms were handed out for answering or by Taylor Randall of asking questions. Participants thought the program was Coate Hall; Question Mark? by Brittney Long of Eauseful talking about it the rest of the week and indicating gle Hall; Fort Building by Robert Rydeski & Julianna they would attend other sex programs. Nowak of Eagle Hall; Cupcake Decorating!! By Anastacia Janovec of Eagle Hall; Minute to Win it Challenges Alcohol Jeopardy, 4th Floor Challenge by Ashley Fahrenkamp, Stacie Phillips, Victoria Preuss, Amanda Abrahamson, Ashley Fahrenkamp & Adam Amanda Abrahamson & Rebecca Canales of Hutchison Pugh, Hutchison Hall Hall; Open Door Competition by Nicole Meulemans of Amanda, Ashley and Adam hoped to educate residents Eagle Hall


Res Life Newsletter

Staff C 201

October 2011

Camp 11

The Record


Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

The Record (October Issue)  

The residence Life Newsletter for the month of October.

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