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Learn Proper Maintenance of Your Remy Lace Wigs: Remy lace wigs are professional hair wigs which are necessary to maintain style and you can avoid your baldness as well with t he help of such wigs. You should get familiar about the Remy lace wigs before you come to buy it for you. The texture of the lace wig is to be considered when you are going to buy one which will look suitable for you. You must know about the washing procedure of the wig you are purchasing, otherwise it may damage.  Gently brush the Remy lace wigs with detangling comb or brush before you wash it. You can condition it with brandy and it is recommended not to pull fragile knots otherwise the hairs can shade from the wigs. You should not brush from the top or middle, but always try to brush it evenly so that the wigs do not entangle.  You can mix shampoo and lukewarm water in a spray bottle and then use the shampoo all over the wigs you are using. You should use natural shampoos or branded shampoos to clean the wigs.  It is a better idea to place the Remy lace wigs under a lukewarm flow of water and then you can spray the shampoo with a sprayer all over the wig and use a brush to wash it. Use brush or comb while washing only from the end part of the hair wig to top portion of it, and do not use it from middle or top, else it may damage the Remy lace wigs.  You can use conditioner as well after shampooing the hair, so that the Remy lace hair can become smooth and manageable. Use the conditioner depending upon the texture of the wigs so that it might not get damaged.  Dry the lace wig with towel by gently patting it, and do not rub it, else the hair may entangle. You can apply dry conditioner to condition the hair and then allow it to dry normally.  You can apply the knot sealer if you do not want the hair of your Remy lace wigs to shade. Use at least two quotes of knot sealer so that if in any case the hair entangles, you can be able to detangle it.  Do not use too much oily products in the Remy lace wigs otherwise it can cause tangles in the hair.  If your Remy lace wigs is a curly one, then you should be patient while washing your wigs. Maintain the texture by proper combing and brushing, and avoid brushing harshly, otherwise the curly hair will entangle and it will not be an easy task to detangle them. You can use your fingers to detangle.

ďƒ˜ When you are not using your wigs, then store them on Styrofoam heads or satin bags and maintain it well so that it can be in its own shape or form. If you lay it carelessly here and there, then the Remy lace wigs you are buying will be damaged easily. If you want to get quality Remy lace wigs for yourself, then you can get it from

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