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Traditional elements + New technologies =Future

Top class outdoor kitchen: PALACE”. This outdoor kitchen has nature gas energy and running water (sink) with garbage can and insert drawer . And also cart.





I designed this outdoor kitchen during my last internship for a residential project comprising 45 superior Villas. Because of different-sized backyards, I designed three versions with the same style but different facilities. The name of these three kitchens are “Picnic,” “Camping,” and “Palace.” The goal of this project is to change the stereotype of outdoor kitchen in North America, by using light frames to replace heavy and unmovable old structures.

Secondary class outdoor kitchen: Camping . This version has nature gas , insert garbage can and insert drawer.

Primary class outdoor kitchen: “Picnic” . This version has gas propane, insert garbage can and insert drawer.

Preparing table

Grill table


Can be join together and/or use separately This outdoor kitchen project has three main components 1. Preparing table 2. Grill table 3. Cart. These three components can be joined together as a single outdoor kitchen and also can be used separately. Inside the preparing table, there is an insert drawer to put bottle openers, napkins, and other utensils. Gas propane or garbage can will be placed under the drawer. In the Grill table, the grill will be fueled by electric, gas propane and natural gas from a gas pipe hidden in an aluminum frame. The function of the cart is for people to transport tools from the indoor kitchen that they do not store in the outdoor kitchen. When people finish their meal, the host can also directly put dirty dishes and utensils on the cart and move into indoor kitchen. Material: court top : Stone and teak wood Structure: Aluminum with finish Cabinets: Outdoor gloss finishes on wood board

Name:Jianfeng Ni Email: Junior year student’s portfolio

Jianfeng Ni interior design project junior student sample work  
Jianfeng Ni interior design project junior student sample work