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SafeControl – Routing and Guidance Streamlining airport movements

Stop putting aircraft and people on hold The Safegate Effect

How do you handle your advanced but costly storage system? In the air Calling aircraft storage is a bit of an exaggeration; but there is also truth to it. Putting planes and passengers on hold make them just that – very costly storage systems. At Safegate Group we aim to minimize time spent

At the gate

on waiting by improving efficiency and streamlining air traffic movements.

On the runway

More effective solution necessary Airports around the world are experiencing a steady increase of air traffic. To meet the needs, many invest in new expensive runways and terminal buildings, thus intensifying the complexity of an already complex environment. This makes the day-to-day problems faced by Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) even more difficult and calls for different ways of operating and controlling the movements. Future-proof your airport today Safegate Group can provide you with a solution that secures the performance of your airport today and gets you prepared for the traffic demands of tomorrow. The answer is SafeControl – Routing and Guidance.

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The solution will give you: • Information about the fastest way from touchdown to gate • Full status awareness of equipment on the ground • Full control over aircraft and vehicle positions on the ground • Fewer planes waiting on the ground • Fewer planes circling in the air

A software solution for enhanced air traffic control In the early days of aviation, aircraft required the continuous attention of the pilot in order to fly safely. When the autopilot arrived on the market many aircraft experts were highly skeptical. Today most aircraft are guided by autopilots that provide increased safety during the complete flight. Automated peak performance It’s time for the ATCO to experience the same positive change. With Safegate Group’s intelligent software solution, SafeControl – Routing and Guidance, you are automatically provided with the safest and most efficient route, based on surveillance and flight plan data. Instead of having to keep many computer screens of information under constant observation you can reduce the number to just a few. Instead of having to keep track of several separate systems for ATCO decision-making, the SafeControl – Routing and Guidance integrates these systems and functions in a single display surface.

“85% of all accidents are caused by human mistakes” Flight Safety Foundation

Integration of all important systems into one technical platform SafeControl – Routing and Guidance allows ATCO to execute separation and movement of aircraft and vehicles operating on the taxiways and runways and aircraft in the air, in a much more efficient way than today. This means that you can handle more movements and still maintain, or even increase, the operational safety level. Better control Integrating A-SMGCS with an AFL (Airfield Lighting) and E-Strip (Electronic Flight Plan Progress Strip System) gives the airport support for automatic routing and AFL guidance. The system provides the air traffic controller with high situational awareness. Combining verbal ATCO clearance with visual guidance for pilots and vehicle drivers increases the safety level.

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Increased capacity The situational awareness will in turn reduce the ATCO workload and reduce the risk for pilots and vehicle drivers to misinterpret ATCO clearance or divert from a cleared route. The system automatically provides the most efficient route in the prevailing traffic situation, which increases runway and taxiway capacity in all visibility conditions. Shorter taxi routes and reduction of aircraft stops effectively lower the fuel burn. Extended automation Safegate provides the integrated SafeControl – Routing and Guidance in one technical platform. Real time airport surveillance and

flight planning are combined with Safegate ASP-SafeControl single light control and monitoring system in a single platform design. This means that common integration problems between different system architectures are removed and it ensures smooth and fast implementation of Safegate Group advanced and integrated ATCO solutions.

“With SafeControl – Routing and Guidance you can increase the number of movements by 1-5%.*”

Experience the Safegate Effect at first hand Safegate Group offer airports around the globe increased safety, enhanced efficiency and beneficial environmental effects. We call the results of our solutions the Safegate effect.

Save money* by reducing errors by up to 85%.

Optimal safety SafeControl – Routing and Guidance is only one of many solutions that let you experience the Safegate effect. By integrating many systems into one single display surface and enabling a complete awareness of ground and air control, the level of safety can be increased considerably. Lower workload on ATCO means less of the separation errors that generally tend to occur during periods following times of intense activity.

Increase profit by increasing efficiency by 1-5%.

Improved efficiency SafeControl – Routing and Guidance streamlines the movements of the airport. It secures a smooth operation and integration of the vital ground and air traffic control, reducing taxiing times and eliminating interruptions. By automatically providing the most efficient route in the prevailing traffic situation the system increases runway and taxiway capacity in both low and high visibility conditions.

Save money* by reducing power and fuel consumption.

Cleaner environment By streamlining movements the impact on the environment can be radically decreased. Fewer planes waiting in line for a gate or departure on the ground or circling in the air and full status awareness of movement on the ground means reduced power, reduced aircraft fuel consumption and thereby a cleaner environment.

*These calculations are based on a fictitious airport with two runways (handling 80 movements per hour) and manual operation of air traffic control.


Many ATCO at busy airports around the world still rely on out-dated manual systems and manage to keep several computer screens of information under constant observation.

Manual Mode is the first step towards improved control Many airports today are guiding the traffic only with radio. Manual operation of air traffic control is difficult at busy airports and is ultimately limiting the capacity. Safety Problems with language difficulties and blocked radio frequencies are present. The result of route deviations and area infringements as well as runway incursions is significant because of the high workload on ATCO. Efficiency Manual mode requires minimal investment, but the capacity of the airport is limited due to frequent holding and inevitable human errors. Environment The many aircraft stops, holdings and speed changes while taxiing cause unnecessary fuel burn. The majority of the airfield lighting is often on, but not used.

Facts Information Analysis Decision Guidance The process of finding the safest and fastest route is still conducted manually at many airports.

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Using SafeControl – Routing and Guidance at Semi Automatic Mode helps the ATCO to reduce workload and significantly decrease the number of screens to monitor.

Semi Automatic Mode increases safety and efficiency Most airports do not have full radar coverage. By introducing SafeControl – Routing and Guidance in a Semi Automatic Mode you can gain a variety of safety, efficiency and environmental benefits. Safety The ATCO operator simply sets the start and end point for the route. Based on the input the SafeControl – Routing and Guidance generates the most efficient route based on traffic patterns, TWY status, least turns, fastest route etc. Since crossing patterns are avoided, safety is improved and the majority of runway incursions are eliminated along with language misunderstandings and radio frequency interruptions. Efficiency With no unnecessary holding or stops, taxi times will be shortened. Environment By avoiding unnecessary stops, costly speed changes and 95% of the AFL burn time, you can minimize your environmental impact.


When implementing SafeControl – Routing and Guidance at Fully Automatic Mode the number of screens the ATCO need to monitor can be reduced to just a few, increasing situational awareness.

Fully Automatic Mode maximizes your airport’s capacity SafeControl – Routing and Guidance in Fully Automatic Mode lets you experience the full potential of your airport, allowing more planes to arrive and depart with less interruptions. Safety The system automatically sets the safest and most efficient route for inbound and outbound traffic based on surveillance and flight plan data. When the ATCO has approved and confirmed a route generated by the system, it can be activated to start the airfield lighting guidance either automatically or manually by controller activation. Efficiency With the implementation of continuous taxiing speed, in combination with stop bars and virtual stop bars, the system controls and maintains longitudinal separation of the traffic maximizing the airport capacity. Intelligent sequencing helps you avoid interruptions and streamlines movements. Environment The impact on the environment can be reduced to a minimum.

Standards Technical details ICAO A-SMGCS

Level 4

Eurocontrol A-SMGCS

Level 3

Technical Implementation Technical details Manual mode

3 month

Semi Automatic Mode

6 month

Fully Automatic Mode

9 month

Standards and open interfaces Technical details ASTERIX CAT062

External track data


External safety net data


External/Internal non real time data exchange


Map data coordinates exchange

data A-SMGCS

Level 3

Hardware interfaces Technical details Ethernet I/O


How many aircraft can your airport handle today? Can this number be increased without adverse effects on the airport’s safety level? It is a known fact that traffic volume will rise in the foreseeable future. More movements will demand monitoring of the entire airport. Requirements will be sharpened and the development of an integrated system control-

ling not only ground movements but also air traffic close to the airport is of the highest interest. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) already describes A-SMGCS, Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System, as the answer to the future modern airport need to control the entire airport space in one superior system.

To a larger extent than today’s systems, A-SMGCS will rely on automated processes to give both pilots and traffic controllers exact information about positions and directions. Safegate Group delivers complete A-SMGCS solutions already, as well as all vital parts relating to it. Safegate Group can check your airport into the future – today!

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Safegate Group offers solutions for increased safety, efficiency and environmental benefits to airports around the world. The company was founded in 1973 and has its headquarters in Malmö, Sweden. Safegate Group has over 70 partners around the globe in order to be close to its customers. The latest members of Safegate Group, Thorn AFL and Idman, have both over 40 years of experience in airfield lighting solutions for airports and heliports worldwide. Safegate Group´s complete range of products and services, a “one-stop shop”, provides solutions to customers and airborne travellers around the globe.


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