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The Right to Learn

Friday 16th July 2010

The Right to be Respected

The Right to be Safe

View from the Bridge Dear Parents and Friends of Downside Reports These are now available and are coming home with your sons and daughters tonight. Please make sure to discuss their contents with your child with regard to the progress they have made this year. If you wish to discuss any individual subjects, please get in touch with the individual teachers concerned. School Photograph The proof version of this is now back with us and looks amazing. All of us in school agree that it is a real piece of history since it will the last time Downside on both campuses will have all four year groups in school. If you have not considered purchasing one for your child then I would strongly suggest it is something that they will be able to look back on in future years with great pride. The full sized version is currently on our Furrlongs Campus. Please feel free to pop in to have a look at it before making your decision. Year Book This wondrous document has been worked on feverishly by students in Year 8 and is now nearly ready for publication. I would like to particularly thank Mark Peddie and his Pan Together team for their financial support in ensuring that the hard work of the students in creating such a masterpiece has come to fruition. Summer Show Yesterday saw our second Summer Show and many thanks go to Mrs Walker for her excellent leadership of this event. Congratulations go to all those who entered, with particular congratulations to all our winners. The event was supported by many parents and members of the community and we thank you for the way you have contributed towards an excellent experience to students from both campuses. Kusasa Festival This week we ran events on both campuses to raise money for our link primary schools in the Franschhoek area. We intend to use the money raised to support the purchasing of Science equipment. Many thanks go to Mr Walls and Mrs Breach for their hard work on this particular event. At the time of writing we have raised over £420.00. Trio Challenge At the time of writing, the first day of this end of year spectacular is in full swing with students engaged in a number of activities on both campuses as well as across the Island. Many thanks to Mrs Collinson for her hard work in organising such a complex series of events. Reminder – Beach Trip, Monday 19th July – please ensure all students wear appropriate dress and have a sun hat, sun cream and plenty to drink if the weather looks like being hot and sunny. All students should bring a packed lunch, any student entitled to a free school meal has had a packed lunch ordered for them. Mrs Collinson would also like to extend her thanks to all the staff and parents for their support with this challenging event.

Music Tuition Further to recent communications in newsletters, we are changing our arrangements for private music tuition next academic year. From September, the Isle of Wight Music Service will take full responsibility for charging students who wish to receive music tuition with the school not being involved in this provision and the surrounding arrangements with regard to payments. The cost will be £56 per term with £10 off for any students eligible to receive free school meals. Forms will be distributed with regard to this in September. Should you require any further details, please feel free to contact Philip Chapman on 533523. Last Day of Term We finish for our summer holidays on Wednesday 21st July at 2.00pm. Your sons and daughters should by now have given you a slip for you to fill in stating whether you are able to accept responsibility for them at 2.00pm next Wednesday. Any student who has not returned the slip into school will remain in the building until 3.00pm under supervision. The bus taking students to Wootton will be arriving at 2.00pm – please contact us if this is likely to cause you difficulties. September Term starts on Tuesday 7h September – this is not a training day and students need to arrive on time and in full school uniform. For those of you who wish to purchase new uniform, both offices will be open from 9.00am – 3.00pm on Monday 6th September to enable you to do so. School Awards House System Results of house points across both campuses, for this week are: Thorness 543, Alum 477, Totland 318 and Colwell 308. Our totals for this term so far are - Totland 8784, Thorness 8559, Colwell 7736 and Alum 7529. Our world renowned legendary end of term house points awards ceremony will take place in our special assembly at Furrlongs next Wednesday. Attendance Our school target for attendance is 96%. This week’s winning class is 6MW with 98.9%. Congratulations to Mrs Wicks’ class who are our last winning class this year. Our whole school attendance for last week was 94.8% and the total percentage up to date is 94.1%. Students of the Week This week’s students of the week are: from the Kitbridge Campus Ben Smith (7KS) for his supportive attitude to staff, and from the Furrlongs Campus – Sophie O'Brien for being helpful and supportive of a fellow student, Charlie Killingback for his help in Quest and Jordan Smith for being helpful and working extremely hard. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very enjoyable summer break. Peter Shaw Headteacher

Chair of Governors Mary Craven is our Chair of Governors and she can be contacted by parents or staff On 825819 or email Above is the web address for People at Downside

Water Main renewal in Furrlongs – Clancy Docwra, on behalf of Southern Water, will be replacing the water main in Furrlongs, Newport, starting Monday 26 th July for approximately 4 weeks. The section of water main that will be replaced is from house numbers 118 to 140. For further information contact Steve Knight, Clancy Docwra Contracts Manager 01962716609.

Mrs Skene’s Maths Challenge This represents the multiplication of a 4-figure number by 3.


The Isle of Wight Council and NHS Isle of Wight are providing a range of planned short breaks for disabled children, thanks to funding provided by Aiming High for Disabled Children.

What are they for?

The breaks are designed to provide positive, enjoyable experiences to increase the opportunities for children to make friends and help with independence. Under this initiative, parents and carers will be able to benefit from a well-earned break from caring for their disabled child.

What’s on offer?

A whole range of activities ranging from tree climbing, specialist interest clubs, watersports, football and SEN swimming to holiday camps and specialist playgroups. Your disabled child can choose what activities they want to follow and make friends with other children. Family Link have also purchased a caravan at Lower Hyde, Shanklin for families to use for short breaks over the year.

How can I access these?

These short breaks are aimed at all disabled children, in particular those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, severe learning difficulties and complex health needs. Priority will be given to those groups above who have, historically, not benefited from a short break. You will be asked to complete an Enrolment form by the provider, which will tell you if your child is eligible*.

How do I find out about them?

Find out specific details through FIZ – the Family Information Zone. Their contact details are: The whole calculation uses each of the digits 0−9 once and once only. The 4-figure number contains three consecutive numbers, which are not in order. The third digit is the sum of two of the consecutive numbers. The first, third and fifth figures of the five-digit product are three consecutive numbers, again not in order. The second and fourth digits are also consecutive numbers. Can you replace the stars in the calculation with figures?

11 Orchard Street, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 1JZ Telephone: 01983 821999 (Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5.00pm; Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm) Email:

Will I have to pay?

Not always. A small charge may be asked for which will vary according to the activity and the nature of the short break on offer. Charging helps to ensure that the activity is sustainable. Copies of enrolment forms can be obtained from the school office. * Eligibility Criteria are subject to Council confirmation

West Wight Landscape The West Wight Landscape Partnership is constructing a sculpture of a family having a picnic made from pebbles in Freshwater Bay at the weekend. Please come along and take part in this unique event. On Sat 17th July, come along between 12 and 4 to help construct sculpture - free bucket to first 100 children. On Sunday 18th July, there will be a celebratory picnic between 12 - 3. Bring some food and come and join us. Follow up photography competition. Lots of Summer Fun throughout the holidays     

Take a Walk in the Wild Side Find a Fossil See a Bat Explore a Chine Learn traditional Decorative Arts

10 Funny Footballers 10 funny footballers standing in a line One couldn’t balance, then there were nine. 9 funny footballers, sitting on a gate One fell off backwards, then there were eight. 8 funny footballers on their way to heaven One slipped on ice, then there were seven. 7 funny footballers doing lots of tricks One broke his neck, then there were six. 6 funny footballers, sitting in a hive One got stung on the bottom, then there were five. 5 funny footballers, queuing for Mr Shaw One ran off scared, then there were four. 4 funny footballers riding on a flea One forgot his parachute, then there were three. 3 funny footballers watching Dr Who One got exterminated, then there were two. Two funny footballers having lots of fun One went on a rollercoaster, then there was one. One funny footballer, sitting in the sun One got sunburn then there were none. By 6CO

Irene Fletcher/Learning Programme Manager West Wight Landscape Partnership, Tel. 01983 759779. or check out

Library Books Please return all school library books as soon as possible, they are expensive to replace and we would like all of our students next year to benefit from a fully stocked library. Any unreturned books may result in a request for payment.

M.C.A.F.E. Football Coaching Centre Summer Holiday 2010 Coaching at Newchurch Recreation Field 9.15am – 3pm – various dates Please contact Jamie Benson for more information; 07884 374673 or email;