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LUCA LEARDINI Architecture Portfolio

CURRICULUM VITÆ PROFESSION 2016-2017 Voluntary Internship / Ippolito Fleitz Group Stuttgart, 2014-2016 Junior Architect / Studio di Architettura Giulianelli & Tarassi Rimini, 2016

Graphic designer for FUCI / Federazione Universitaria Cattolica Italiana

Rome, 2016

International Contest with Gardini e Gibertini Architetti

Rimini, 2015

Registered at Ordine degli Architetti di Rimini


Graphic designer for Della Rovere Gioielli

Pesaro, 2015

Graphic designer for Vanto Gioielli

Fano, 2015

Graphic designer for Isa Belcampo

Ancona, 2014

International Competition with AMA Architetto Matteo Ascani


Degree Thesis “museum itineraries inside an Indian architecture” Restoration of an ancient fort in Rajasthan with a 1 month workshop in Ahmedabad and Nagaur Facoltà di Architettura di Ferrara 2013


MUSEUM ITINERARIES INSIDE AN INDIAN ARCHITECTURE DEGREE THESIS AHHICHATRAGARH FORT, NAGAUR, RAJASTHAN | INDIA G. GATTI, L. LEARDINI 2013 A peculiar architecture distinguishes North-Western India, since it has stratified over time, expanded and improved trough history. The forts of Rajasthan first born as strongholds against invasion, then became royal palaces. Nagaur fort is one of this jewels. Our project, supported by a historical background analysys create different scenarios: new itineraries where symbols, functions and technique are carefully mixed in the design of small objects. New architectural interventions bring work for local people and incomes. It is a new system designed from small to larger scale in order to preserving this heritage.


My working experience here in Germany started in a really cool office as Ippolito Fleitz Group is. In my 6 months internship I started dealing both with big scale to small scale project. From skyscrapers in China until a small wine shop in Germany. Here I deepened the knowledge of some software such as Vectorworks, Sketchup, Rhino. I made also some internal course about Photoshop and Indesign. All the images are courtesy displayed in these pages are courtesy of © 2016 Ippolito Fleitz Group. The work I did there was meant to be always inside a specific team project

THE ART PARK ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN LABORATORY 2 VENARIA REALE, TURIN | ITALY S. CESARI, L. LEARDINI, M. NAMAKI ERAGHI, A. VACCARI 2009 Near Turin there is a huge industrial area about to be dismantled just next to the beautiful Reggia di Venaria Reale, one of the Savoy’s residences, recently restored. Our project aims to renovate the industrial area to create a new focus point; we designed an art park following 4 themes: land art, ludic art, illusion art and maze-like art. Each theme has a peculiar architecture for every bulding, designed especially to host people and entertain. These architectures recall specific art masterpieces just like Jeff Koons sculptures or Christo land art interventions.

BUSINESS DISTRICT ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN LABORATORY 3 ROVIGO | ITALY E. BOLOGNINI, L. LEARDINI, L. TUCCI 2010 The local administration of the city of Rovigo choose this area next to the railway for a new business district. The masterplan is made of 3 main buildings with offices and restaurant, organized in a U-shape, all covered with photovoltaic sun-shader. A green field located at the centre of the masterplan connect the main buildings to the ancillary ones such as the gym and the residence for student. A little wood beside the gym and a phyto-purificated pool are the main “green� elements which link the whole intervention to the city.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM CIRCO MASSIMO FINAL SYNTHESIS STUDIO -MUSEUM DESIGN ROME | ITALY G. GATTI, L. LEARDINI 2012 In the heart of the city of Rome a new museum is required to join the complex already made by Museo di Palazzo Massimo and the Museo Nazionale di Roma. The new bulding has a large courtyard, covered by a glass dome with a free-entry square at ground level to better connect Circo Massimo and Tevere’s shores. The main facade is made of a metallic tight-knit mesh in order to shade the sunlight and create a large screen for videomapping perfomances. Even the set-up was designed including the podium for statue and the display cases.

WORK IN STUDIO TWO YEARS AT GIULIANELLI & TARASSI ASSOCIATE RIMINI | ITALY 2014-2016 In these two years at Giulianelli & Tarassi Studio I realized how are the different phases in a building construction. I especially dealt with residential buildings from designing till construction: procedures, survey, building management. Moreover I was in charge of the graphic design to realize drawings and renders. The Studio is especially into the designing of private houses, hotels and restoration. I improved my skills in Autocad 3D, Photoshop and 3D Studio.

DESIGN CONTEST STAZIONE ZOOLOGICA ANTON DOHRN NAPLES | ITALY L. LEARDINI, GGA STUDIO 2016 The contest aims to create new spaces inside the former library of the Stazione Zoologica in order to fulfill the current expositive aquarium path. Our design creates a new emotionally space, where the sea bottom con expand itself towards mirrors and new cylindrical tanks going till the top of the bulding. While the ground floor is open to public, representing the end of the expositive path, the upper floors contains laboratories, offices and a small library dedicate to researchers and staff.

RECENT WORKS GRAPHIC DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY ITALY 2009- 2017 Along with my regular job in studio I developped an interest for graphic design and photography. I designed poster, flyer, logos and more for several universitary association pro bono and then I worked for many jewellery factories designing the set-up for the fairs, the official logos and more. I even attended to graphic and photographic contests.

BAUSCHULE AN DER WAGENHALLE WORKSHOP STUTTGART, GERMANY August 2016 Just arrived in Stuttgart I had the chance to take part in this wonderful workshop held at the Wagenhalle, house and workplace of several artists in Stuttgart, soon to be restored. The aim was to create a little container city where the artist could still work while the restoration works are on the go. Divided into little groups we created info points, hanging furniture, artistic art installation, a green oasis where to rest and relax and so on. Here I worked especially with wood in order to create an esternal platform as a place where to relax, or where you can dance just adding a container dj set!


Portfolio February 2017  

The latest version of my portfolio, featuring the first German experience