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Brief After reviewing quality, accessibility and experience of existing swimming facilities/products, provide suggestions on how design solutions can be implemented to increase engagement in swimming as a regular fitness activity.

Group Project

In collaboration with


We created Helm, a sub-brand of Speedo. Helm’s primary purpose is to provide a more fun, social and structured swimming experience.

The Loop is the way you connect with the Helm network. Each participating public swimming pool hosts low level GPS technology that allows the Loop to record swimming progress.


Bumping your Loop with someone elses automatically shares contacts via NFC. You can build your swimming network through Helm and interact with people and groups through the website.

By linking your Loop with your Helm account you can track progess and set goals.

The box charges the Loop as well as reading data and sends this information to the Helm servers via home wifi.


Casio Premiumisation

Brief To design and develop innovative concepts to push elements of the Casio brand into a more premium marketplace.


The watch utilises a quartz movement, boasting a very minimal maintanence requirement, consisting of only one battery change every 4 years.

Rubber Stainless Steel Tempered glass




Future of Health

Brief To design for the future experience of living with a chronic disease, improving lifestyle through the means of management at an individual level.


The Product A conceptual phone case that dispenses sublingual film. The sublingual film acts in the same way as a preventative inhaler, except it utilises targeted drug delivery, which is a special form of drug delivery system that increases the concentration of the medication to a specific organ or tissue, in this case the bronchial airways. Added benefits include reduced side effects (such as thrush when using an inhaler) and controllable dosage (as opposed to a traditional inhaler).

Qualitative primary research proved to be key when designing for this project. Young adult asthma sufferers gave much insight into the prescription process as well as their thoughts on current inhalers.


The case comes with refill packs, so the patient does not have to keep going back to the doctors once they run out of medicine.

To operate, the button is pushed up, which dispenses a strip that is then ripped out of the toothed slit, one push of the button is equal to one metered dose from an inhaler.

To refill the case, a latch is located on the back of the case, keeping it safe and secure when on the phone.


As the case is part of the user’s everyday life, customisation is also available.


Living On Wheels

Brief To develop solutions for the current industry standard three fold bed action.

Group Project

In collaboration with


The body is made from solid ash, while the mattresses are secured to the salt via velcro to allow easier removal for cleaning.


The sofa bed has four different configurations thanks to its simple mechanism. The bottom slat rests on rollers in the body and stays horizontal at all times. This allows the user to simply push the seats back and allow the backrest to rise up to the desired setting.




Design For Production

Brief To explore the commerical home-ware market developing a product specifically for wood fabrication.



The leather bends up a small lip on the back of the board to prevent longer knives from coming into contact with any wall or obstacle and blunting.


This knife block is an elegant and efficient tool within any chef ’s arsenal. Each face of the knife block is magnetic, therefore there are no slots for specific blades. The block can be coated with as many or as little knives in any configuration. This offers the user full flexibility to use any of the four sides of the block they wish.

Cherry RRP ÂŁ99


Ash RRP £60

Walnut RRP £79


Worked in a group project in collaboration with NestlĂŠ and won first prize, although due to a confidentiality agreement details cannot be shared. The final outcome may go into production.

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