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High Performance Cooling for Your Process

Frigel’s system has allowed us to improve our cycle times, greatly improving our efficiency, opening up a month’s worth of capacity which has greatly effected our bottom line. It has reduced overtime costs and dramatically reduced our labor costs and machine costs associated with running this product.

Bill Ruba, Vice President Manufacturing of Central Can Company, USA, on Frigel Microgel®

To Increase Productivity, Decrease Cooling Time

Factors Controlling Cycle Time Water Temperature

Precise Control

Solutions Dedicated Cooling Single or Dual Zones 0 to 90 °C (32 to 194 °F)

Dedicated Control


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fficienc y!

Precision ± 0.1 °C (0.2 °F)

Dedicated Pumping Water Flow

∆T =2 °C (4 °F) Mono ∆T =1 °C (2 °F) Duo High and Constant Flow and Pressure

Intelligent Process Cooling


Injection Molding: Impact of Cooling Time on Cycle Time from

40% of cycle time (high speed packaging) up to 90% of cycle time (engineering resins)  

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Microgel – RCM-RCD – Flexible and Precise PRECISE COOLING WATER TEMPERATURE It supplies the temperature required (± 0.1°C /± 0.2 °F) by each process without thermal losses, delivering the chilled water close to the point of use, with complete independence from other processes. CONSTANT HIGH FLOW RATE THROUGH THE MOLD It supplies a constant high flow rate and pressure without pressure drops along the main pipelines, producing the pumping energy close to the point of use. Pumping energy consumption is 30 to 40% less than in Central Systems.

The Microgel® RCM-RCD water cooled chillers/TCUs are conceived for the control of process water of a single user. It is controlled by a microprocessor and fitted with a particular proportional control regulation valve which allows the set temperature to be kept perfectly precise and constant. The Microgel® units are designed to guarantee, adjust and constantly monitor a very high water flow to the mold. A turbulent flow means better heat exchange efficiency and a much more uniform temperature of the mold. This results in greatly reduced cooling time and much better part quality. An integrated automatic free-cooling system allows high energy savings to be achieved by exploiting the ambient temperature for cooling when possible. Two versions available:

RCD Double Zone Water Cooled Process Chiller Flow rate up to 76 m3/h (334 gallons/minute) Available with high pressure process pumps, too.

RCM - SINGLE ZONE - Offers the possibility of operating at constant temperature, flow and pressure; operating temperatures of minimum 0 °C (32 °F) and maximum + 90 °C (194 °F). RCD - DOUBLE ZONE – Harnesses the power of two Microgel® single zone RCM series machines in a single unit, saving a lot of space next to your process machine. This version is capable of automatically dividing the cooling capacity according to the thermal load of each zone in a completely independent way.


CENTRALIZED COOLING Low and Unstable Flow High Delta T Fluctuating Temperature



COOLING WITH DEDICATED PROCESS CHILLER High and Constant Flow Low Delta T Precise Temperature


Turbogel – RBM-RBD – Boost Your Mold High Pumping Energy at the Point of Use Complete Repeatability Highest Productivity Lowest Energy Losses UNIQUE FEATURES PUMPS - High Performance (flow/pressure) COOLING VALVES - Modulating proportional servo-valves SENSORS - 2 pressure & 3 temperature sensors CONTROL - Powerful microprocessor control ELECTRIC BOARD - w/ circuit breakers RUST FREE CIRCUITS HIGH PERFORMANCE Perfect control of Process Cooling, thanks to: • Capacity to keep a very high and constant flow rate of water to the process; • Ability to minimize the difference in temperature between the cooling water from the central system and the process water delivered to the mold.

High Cooling Efficiency - Turbulent Flow - High flow rates High Heating Capacity - up to 48 kW High Reliability - Microprocessor sophisticated alarm system This line of Temperature Controllers is characterized by a very high flow rate, very high cooling capacity and excellent product precision at minimum energy costs. The hydraulic performance is the same as the rest of the Microgel® family. Two versions available: RBM - SINGLE ZONE - Offers the possibility of operating at constant temperature, flow and pressure; a real “booster” of the water circulating in the mold. Set point up to 90 °C (194 °F). RBD - DOUBLE ZONE – Encloses the potential of two Turbogel® single zone RBM series machines in a single unit, saving a lot of space next to your process machine. This version is capable of automatically keeping two zones of the mold at two completely independent temperatures, flows and pressures.

Flow rate up to 240 m3/h (over 1,000 gallons/minute) Available with high pressure process pumps, too.


Microgel® and Turbogel® are available for customized applications. Specific models have been designed for Extrusion and PET Preform Molding.

Microgel – RCX – Revolution in Cooling of Extruder

Microgel – RCP – High Performance in PET Preforms

The Microgel® RCX units are compact, water-cooled chillers, designed for cooling and/or temperature control of atmospheric pressure tanks in different industrial applications, mainly for plastic material extrusion.

The Microgel® RCP units are compact, water-cooled chillers, with high cooling capacity, that, thanks to their ability to supply high pressure and high flow rate to the process, are perfectly suited to cooling for injection molding of PET preforms and in general for packaging. With a shell-and-tube condenser, they can be utilized in existing plants with open type Cooling Towers.

Microgel – RAM-RAD – Plug-and-Cool

Two versions available: RAM - SINGLE ZONE RAD - DOUBLE ZONE

The Microgel® RAM and RAD units are compact, air-cooled chillers, with the same features as the RCM-RCD units. They are designed as a stand-alone machines: no need for connections to main water systems.


Ambient T <= 10 °C / 50 °F

 

Process 

Set Point 15 °C (59 °F) Microgel Compressor OFF

Process 

Set Point 10 °C (50 °F) Microgel Compressor ON

Process 

Set Points 20 and 30 °C (68 and 86 °F) Microgel Compressor OFF

Water T in main piping: 15 °C (59 °F)

Process 

Set Point 40 °C (104 °F) Turbogel






Lack of flexibility in temperature control. Variable water flow to molds, highly affected by the other users. Higher cooling cycle time due to high and variable delta T on molds. No possibility of communication with processing machines.

Running costs

Low reliability and high investment cost for a stand-by unit. High water pressure drops across the main water pipelines. Need to reheat water for molds requiring a higher temperature than the one provided by the central chiller. Need to keep the central chiller temperature set-point at the lowest temperature required by all molds. High refrigerant gas emission (high environmental impact) in case of leakage.


High costs for pipe insulation. Complicated and costly initial installation for centralized pump-tank groups. Complicated and costly expansions.



Possibility of searching and repeating the optimum cooling conditions for each mold. Complete independence of each setting. Precise automatic control of the mold temperature. Cooling conditions (temperature AND flow) permanently stable and under control for each mold. High cooling efficiency with low delta T of the process fluid through the mold, producing lower cycle times. A much higher quality of molded parts. Less scrap. Communication interfaces available with process machines.

Running costs

Total reliability, easy to replace with a spare unit in case of failure, minimum production downtime. Reduced pressure drops across the main water pipelines. High and constant flow often allows higher fluid temperature, reducing the risk of mold sweating and reducing energy consumption. Free-cooling opportunities as a standard feature. Little refrigerant gas emissions in case of leakage (minimum environmental impact).


Simple, quick and inexpensive installation. No need for intricate central pumping groups. No need for main pipe insulation. Modular concept is easy to expand.

MAIN FEATURES: Modul a easy t r concept o expa nd! - Sophisticated control by micro-processor

- Minimum pressure drops

- Search and repetition of best cooling conditions

- Minimum environmental impact

- Dedicated Cooling and Pumping

- Simple and economical installation

- High Water Flow Rate to the Mould

- Quick start-up

- Reading and Setting of flow rate and pressure

- Super compact â&#x20AC;&#x201C; portable

- Automatic Loading and Draining of process water

- Free-cooling valves included in all models

- Warnings, in case of change of flow rate value

- Communication interface available for main process

- Low energy consumption

machines - Definitive solution for main cooling problems: such as condensation, appearance of the piece,

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consistency of dimensions, etc.

Ask for a Free Cycle Time Study of any of your Molds! Head Quarters: Frigel Firenze SpA Via Pisana, 316 50018 Scandicci (FI, Italia) Tel +39.055.7220920 Fax +39.055.7311271 E-mail: Frigel North America Inc. 150 Prairie Lake Rd, Unit A East Dundee, IL. 60118 USA Tel +1 (847) 540-0160 Fax +1 (847) 540-0161 E-mail:

Frigel - North Italy branch Via Cesare Battisti, 37 25017 Lonato (BS, Italia) Tel +39.030.9130461 Fax +39.030.5100360 E-mail: Frigel Asia-Pacific First Floor, Building no. 9 Zhangcha Administrative Zone Chanheng District - 528000 Foshan, Guangdong P.R. of China Tel-Fax +86 (757) 82516010 Mob +86 (150) 02198203 Email:

Intelligent Process Cooling

ENG - Temperature Control Unit - Frigel  

Microgel and Turbogel are unique machine-side process unit for maximum performance of your molds and minimum environmental impact

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