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If you are reading this booklet it means you are One Step Closer to attending one of the most exciting AIESEC conference!!!

This is more than a conference! This is a regional conference. @Bu, @BV, @CT, @GL, @IS, @SV

are proud to invite you to RTS 2013.

For new members, this is their first point of contact for

major induction and basic Introduction to AIESEC training; For members in the Taking Responsibility stage , this is an opportunity for them to deepen their knowledge about their

respective functional roles, and also, learn more about future opportunities in AIESEC.

For all members, RTS will provide the “how to� component of achieving the goals that we have set. For LC EBs, this should be a chance for them to hone their facilitation skills.

 4 days & 3 nights: 180 RON  3 days & 2 nights: 160 RON  2 days & 1 nights: 100 RON  Party delegate (including food and accomodation for 1 night): 70 RON  The cancellation fee: 70 RON  The addition fee for registion after the deadline(5.11.2013): 70 RON

The bracelet: 5 RON The T-shirt: 30 RON

Read the following pages to find out :  what will happen and what is to be learned  where everything takes place

 how to get there  who are your hosts

 how we will party  what you should bring along

More information on:

The transportation will be provided for each local committee by bus. The fee for roundtrip will be communicated later!

 Lunch 1: Chicken soup with tomatoes, pan grilled pork,

mashed potatoes, bread, cake Magura 1pc packed.  Lunch 2: Meatball soup, chicken tray, rice (pilaf), bread,

apple  Lunch 3: Chicken soup with noodles, peas with chicken, bread, orange.  Lunch 4: Chicken soup with tomatoes, chicken schnitzel, French fries, bread, Amandina.

 Dinner 1: Grilled chicken, french fries, bread, Amandina  Dinner 2: Schnitzel chicken, mashed potatoes, bread,

small Boheme  Dinner 3: Grilled pork, rice (pilaf), bread, cake packed MAGURA 1 pc.  Dinner 4: grilled pork, peasant potatoes, bread, Banana 1 pc.

Some suggestions about this issue you will find in the “check list�.

The RTS Autumn 2013 Organizing Committee warmly welcomes you to the conference!

Dearly, Poizăn, MădăLu., Cristina A., Vlad, Ioana, Cristina S., TeoDora

Cristina Poizăn OCP

Mădălina Lucaci OC Promo

Cristina Angelescu OC Finance

Ioana Scoruş OC Sales

Cristina Suşnea OC Promo

Vlad Oancea OC Reception

Teodora OC Promo

black tie

Be prepared for contest and challenges!

white T-shirt

Prepare for kissing competition!

an international leader outfit. Prepare for world wide rollcalls and boat race!

• student card & ID card • appropriate clothes: warm, sporty and cozy for the outdoor & team building activities , creative for the party themes !

• towels , shower gel , shampoo, toothbrush & paste etc • cold pills & other medicine • photo camera & chargers (for phones, cameras) • for the breakfast you can bring with you: vegetable stew, pie, jam, fruit, compotes, fresh vegetables, croissants, etc.

You have a refrigerator per room!

RTS autumn 2013 - International leader  

The booklet of the conference

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