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Don McCullin: The Impossible Peace: From War Photographs to Landscapes, 1958-2011

Atget-John Szarkowski This volume presents the essence of the work of the French photographer Eugene Atget through 100 selected images. John Szarkowski explores the unique sensibilities that made Atget one of the greatest artists of the 20th century and a vital influence on the development of contemporary photography.

An impressive retrospective covering the last fifty years of Don McCullins works in chronological order. Don McCullin (London, 1935) is one of the most important photographers of our time. For more than 50 years, his uncompromising blackand-white photographs have shaped our awareness and understanding of modern conflict and its consequences. His images tell the remarkable story of his life and work, including his most famous assignments in Berlin, Vietnam, Cambodia, Biafra, Bangladesh and the Middle East. Winner of the Warsaw Gold Medal and the World Press Photographer Award, he was awarded the ICP Cornell Capa Award in 2006. Key periods in McCullins life including his early experiences of evacuation and the Blitz, his commissions from Berlin in 1961 and Cyprus in 1964 and his most famous work for the Sunday Times are here explored alongside more recent projects with Christian Aid, his photographs of last tribes in the Omo River Valley, South Kenya, and Irian Jaya, New Guinea, and, in the last few years, those of still life and English landscapes at his home in Somerset. A

photographic journey across the ruins and landscapes of the boundaries of the Roman Empire completes the volume.

Robert Doisneau: Paris: Les Halles Market Doisneaus photographs of the now vanished Les Halles evoke nostalgia for the days when the vast market, which sprawled haphazardly over the center of the city, was known as the belly of Paris. Once alive with the cries of fruit-sellers, fish-vendors, butchers, and florists, the scent of brightly-colored flower bouquets intermingling with wafts of freshly baked bread, and heaving with swarms of market-goers, today there is no trace of the nine-hundred-year-old market place that used to stand in the center of Paris at Les Halles. The immense Baltard Pavilions were torn down in 1971 to make way for a modern underground shopping precinct, but Parisians still hold a special affection for days gone by when, to borrow an expression used by Émile Zola, the bustling markets formed the belly of their city. One such Parisian in particular was Robert Doisneau, one of the best loved French photographers of all time. Driven by his relentless curiosity and a sense of social conscience, Doisneau paced the Pavilions and their

neighboring streets at length, and here he captured the heart of daily life at Les Halles.

Hasselblad Masters: Volume 3 Evoke This hefty volume from teNeues Press is the third volume of the Hasselblad Masters contest that not only showcases the eleven photographic masters in different divisions, but also shows off the superior equipment that the Hasselblad company has provided to the world. It is quiet, reflective exposition of some of the most beautiful photographs likely to be encountered in one volume of various photographers and techniques. The theme presented to these photographers was `Evoke' and each took their assigned department of specialty and produced works that are not only spectacularly captured images, but also have a wondrous sensual ring.

means of protection against loss and as an act of preservation, and her use of the slide show as a means of presenting her work, resonates in the work of photographers of recent generations.

Nan Goldin: The Hasselblad Award 2007: The Beautiful Smile The Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography for 2007 has been awarded to Nan Goldin. Nan Goldin is one of the most significant photographers of our time. Adopting the direct esthetics of snapshot photography she has been documenting her own life and that of her friends for more than 30 years. Her intimate and formally beautiful photographs focus on the urban scene in New York and Europe in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, a period dramatically marked by HIV and AIDS. Her use of photography as a memoir, as a

Photography: The Whole Story Juliet Hacking, David Campany Photography: The Whole Story is a celebration of the most beautiful, meaningful and inspiring photographs that have arisen from this very modern medium. The book begins with a succinct overview of photography, placing it in the context of the social and cultural developments that have taken place globally since its arrival. Organized chronologically, the book then traces the rapid evolution of photographic style, period by period and movement by movement. Illustrated, in-depth essays cover every photographic genre, from the early portraits and tableaux to the digitally manipulated montages, split second sports images, and

conceptual photographs of today. The ideas and works of key photographers are assessed to reveal what motivated them, who influenced whom, and what each was striving to achieve. Detailed cultural and individual artist timelines clarify historical context. If you love photography and would like to know more, Photography: The Whole Story is for you.

The Photographer’s Vision: Understanding and Appreciating Great Photography Michael Freeman Sally Mann: Still Time This book has been a true inspiration to me. I had lost interest in taking photographs untill flicking through this. I found myself submerged in Mann's work & have rekindled my love for taking pictures. I reccomend this for anyone who is a fan of Manns work & for anyone who isn't.

In The Photographer's Eye, Michael Freeman showed what a photographer needs to do in the instant before the shutter is released. In the sequel, The Photographer's Mind, he explained the way that professional photographers think a picture through before taking it. Both of these international best-sellers featured Michael's own photography: stunning landscapes, revealing portraits, and fascinating street photography. Now, in The Photographer's Vision, he examines the work of photography's greats, explaining how to look at a photo and how to learn from looking at it.

books on the subject and is set to become a well-used addition to the library of any serious photographer.

The Photographer’s Mind: Creative Thinking for Better Digital Photos Michael Freeman The Photographers Eye has been one of the most successful books about the art of photography ever published. In it, Michael Freeman analysed the art of photographic composition the arrangement of subjects within the frame and in doing so inspired hundreds of thousands of photographers to develop their work and create more sophisticated and rewarding images. In this volume, Freeman looks at what makes a photograph great and explores the ways that top photographers achieve this goal time and time again. The first section explains how the digital revolution has democratised the photographic arts, while the second section looks at the intention behind a photo. This is followed by an analysis of style from classical harmonies to minimalist looks. Finally, he looks at how this will affect your photographic process: there is advice on avoiding clichÊ, creating a picture story, and shooting with post-production in mind. As ever, Michaels thinking is illustrated by his own stunning photography and explained in clear, unpretentious language with newly-commissioned diagrams illustrating the more theoretical points. The Photographers Mind will be one of this years major

The Rules of Photography (And When to Break Them) Haje Jan Kamps One of the most popular cameras on the market is called the Digital Rebel, yet many photographers use it and its brethren following tired old rules from tired old photographers. This book shows new and intermediate photographers that they can move beyond the dogma and shoot more creatively, right now. If youre just starting out with a camera, or are starting to think about switching away from auto, this is the perfect book for you. Not only will you find within all the classical rules useful basic knowledge that can sharpen anyones eye for a great photograph but youll simultaneously be shown how you can push the boundaries that many teachers erroneously set, filling your memory card with exciting, refreshing pictures every time.

situations, and a wealth of inspirational ideas Accompanying website with the lastest camera news keeps the book up to date.

Creative EVIL Photography: Getting the most from your Mirrorless Camera Haje Jan Kamps The hottest recent development in digital imaging has been the emergence of a new genre of cameras known as Electronic-Viewfinder-Interchangeable-Lens, or EVIL for short. These compact models combine high quality sensors and lenses with a portable size, and are the spiritual heirs of the classic rangefinder camerasalthough they cost a fraction of the price. Most prosumer photography books, being aimed at the digital SLR market, fail to address the concerns of EVIL shooters. Creative EVIL Photography meets their needs directly, and shows how this exciting format opens new possibilities. Encouraging photographers to make the most of the cameras portability, discreet size, and wealth of features, the book offers inspirational composition guides for subjects suited to EVIL shooting, including people, urban landscapes, action, and more. The first comprehensive book on this fast-moving, vital area of consumer photography The selection of less formal imagery will appeal to the younger user, more likely to have these cameras A unique chapter on composition, with immediate fixes for common

One Light Flash: Quality Lighting on a Budget John Denton Adam Duckworth The flash unit is the most versatile tool in the photographers armoury, but very few photographers use it to anything like its full potential. In this practical, richly illustrated handbook, John Denton and Adam Duckworth show how it is possible to achieve surprising results, from atmospheric, shadowy portraits, to strikingly coloured daylight shots, using only your DSLR and a single flash unit. Photographers will learn how to use a flashs unique properties to save a fortune in expensive lighting equipment, but more importantly, they will broaden their range, and create striking, dramatic images with all the punch and impact of the very moment of the flash itself. Allows the reader to make the most of equipment they already have Surprising How do they do that? images and hardworking lighting diagrams Projects, work-throughs, tips and tricks from respected professionals

display, so you can create masterpieces that tell a story from their place on the wall, not just your memory card.

Simple Scene Sensational Shot: Artistic Photography in any Environment Simon Bond Turn your everyday world into creative digital photography masterpieces. This book will show you how to make the most of your local area to create outstanding photos that will have your friends gasping and exclaiming, is this really our town? A wealth of techniques and creative approaches will open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you, and make you see the world with new eyes. Not only is the book packed with creative and technical tips, but there is a chapter that can act as your guide as you explore with your camera, whether for the first time or with the new outlook that this book will give you. This book will also take you through different approaches to making a series of photos, for

Contemporary Photography from India and South America: The Tenth Parallel North Filippo Maggia A clear interpretation of contemporary reality of India and South America through the language of images. Among the Indian artists: Samanta Batra Metha, Nikhil Chopra, Priyanka Dasgupta, Amar Kanwar, Fariba Salma Alam, Ketaki Sheth, Sudarshan Shetty, Dayanita Singh, Raghubir Singh, Vivan Sundaram. Among the South American artists: Claudia Andujar (Brasile), Adriana Bustos (Argentina), Luz Maria Bedoya (Per첫), Matias Duville (Argentina), Laura Glusman (Argentina), Marco Pando (Per첫), Ishmael Randall Weeks (Per첫), Sara Ramo

(Brasile), Rosângela Rennó, Mauro Restiffe (Brasile), Sebastian Szyd (Argentina), David Zink Yi (Perù).

recent past, his interests have turned to photography as part of contemporary art. His work has been shown in Arles, Paris, London and New York.

Massimo Vitali: Natural Habitats In the first volume of Landscape with Figures published in 2004, Massimo Vitali showed his entire oeuvre from the nineties, broadening the scope of his survey of beaches and discos to include skiing resorts and swimming pools from across the globe. Since 2007 Vitali has modified his perspective, shifting between an architectural background and a bizarre and fantastic mise en scène inspired by Romantic landscape paintings from 17th19th century. The second volume Natural Habitats, comprises seventy photographs, spanning from 2004 to 2009 also includes a genealog - ical tree of his photographs: 120 thumbnail images which make visual connections by color, composition and time. Massimo Vitali, born in Como, Italy in 1944, studied photography in London. He first worked as a photojournalist in the 1970s and then later as a camera operator. In the more

Tim Walker: Story Teller Tim Walker is one of the most visually exciting photographers of our time. This book showcases many of his most dazzling images his daydreams turned into photographs, dating from around the last seven years of his career. Some of the biggest names in fashion and contemporary culture are here: Alber Elbaz sporting a pair of rabbit ears; Agyness Deyn in the sand dunes of Namibia; Alexander McQueen and a memento mori of skull and cigarettes; Helena Bonham Carter poised with Ray-Bans and a Diet Coke; Stella Tennant in a pink cloud among the rhododendrons of an English country garden The singer and musician Kate Bush contributes a foreword and Walker himself an afterword, as

well as illuminating his pictures throughout with personal observations. This exceptional and beautifully designed overview of a career caught in mid-flow reveals just how much one man’s singular vision has influenced contemporary tastes in fashion, beauty, glamour and portraiture.

Robert Capa: This is War! At the heart of Robert Capas lifework are his great images of war. This book examines in detail six of Capas most important war reportages from the first half of his career: the Falling Soldier (1936), Chinese resistance to the Japanese invasion (1938), the end of the Spanish Civil War in Catalonia (November 1938 January 1939), D-day (1944), the U.S. paratroop invasion of Germany (March 1945), and the liberation of Leipzig (April 1945). In connection with the last of those stories will be consideration of why Capa did not photograph the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, together with the revelation of his photographs from Auschwitz and Birkenau in 1948. A chapter will be devoted to each of the

reportages, with extensive historical and biographical text from Richard Whelans thorough revision and enlargement of his definitive biography of Capa, first published in 1985. Each section will be profusely illustrated by largely unseen original materials such as vintage prints, contact sheets, caption sheets, letters, and magazine layouts, all drawn from the vast Robert Capa Archive at the International Center of Photography. The books introduction will be a major essay by Whelan about Capa and the rise of the picture press in Europe and America.

David Drebin: Beautiful Disasters Our fantasies can be alluring but also bittersweet. It's this tension that makes David Drebin's sensuous imagery so spellbinding. In his latest collection, this acclaimed contemporary photographer creates taut visual narratives around each of his luscious heroine's voyages of seduction. Aloof yet irresistible, the women remain tantalizingly anonymous even though there are a few mega stars among them. Set against a global backdrop of sophistication, the locales range from New York to Jerusalem, Miami to Istanbul. Whom will they seduce? Whom

will they reject? Follow this spellbinding photographic master of intrigue as he takes us on a journey that could shock but might also lead to bliss.

Mario Testino: Private View If photography had a royal family, Mario Testino would be its reigning prince. So omnipresent is he at major magazine shoots and A-list events--an insider if ever there was one--that the mere mention of his name evokes a rush of adrenalin in anyone that cares, even a bit, about the worlds of fashion and celebrity. He is, too a terrific portraitist (frequently of real Royals), and what this book brings

together is a smashing selection of his best studio work with gorgeous examples of his candid shots. Elizabeth Hurley perched on a piano wrapping her legs around Elton John, anyone? A beaming Gwyneth Paltrow clutching her freshlywon Oscar? Diana, Princess of Wales, and her handsome sons? Yes, please. A selection of Testino's best recent advertising and fashion works rounds out this luscious and stupendously heterogeneous array, begging the question: does Mario Testino ever sleep? Contributing authors: Graydon Carter, Jennifer Allen, and Patrick Kinmonth. Published on the occasion of the 2012 exhibition of the same name at the Today Art Museum in Beijing, China.

Stern Fotografie No. 46 Andreas Feininger Born in France, the son of renowned artist Lyonel Feininger, Andreas Feininger was educated as an architect in Germany before he became a photographer. After working in Sweden, he came to the United States at the age of 33 and in 1943, became a staff photographer at LIFE magazine, where he spent the next

twenty years. He is best known for iconographic images of his adopted land, with a focus on powerful city- scapes, which are imbued with the strict sense of form and proportion developed during his architectural studies. Indeed, the city was to be the focus of much of his work

Stern FOTOGRAFIE Portfolio No. 60 Claudia & Karl Karl Lagerfeld Stern Fotografie No. 52 Lord Snowdon Lord Snowdon is one of the defining photographers of the last 50 years. Married to Princess Margaret from 1960 to 1978, Lord Snowdon's subjects include not only royals and aristocrats, but also other celebrities and people from all walks of life around the world. Marked by his clarity of approach and sympathetic humanity, his work is as varied and captivating as it is technically accomplished. A comprehensive retrospective of his illustrious career, this Stern Portfolio is designed in a handsome new hardcover format.

In this, Karl Lagerfeld’s second Stern Fotografie portfolio, he focuses exclusively on his muse, supermodel Claudia Schiffer. The fashion master has been photographing the legendary beauty for twenty years now. For the first time he shares his favorite images to date in this fascinating collection. By turns provocative, elegant, and intimate, Lagerfeld captures Schiffer’s many moods. Join us as we discover intriguing aspects to two of fashion’s most powerful personalities.

Stern FOTOGRAFIE Portfolio No. 63 the stern years 1973-2000 Helmut Newton A master of eroticism’s dark potential, Helmut Newton’s work redefined fashion photography—and perhaps even modern sexuality. Provocative and never afraid to challenge convention, Newton’s influence has been monumental in its scope and impact. This collection reflects a close collaboration between Newton and the stern magazine team. These landmark photographs showcase key elements of the master’s work. Spanning 27 years, these varied photographs reflect Newton’s diverse talent and adventurous spirit. Surprisingly, some of these images were forgotten— until now.

Mapplethorpe X7 Robert Mapplethorpe Robert Mapplethorpe’s influence as an artist has grown steadily since his untimely death in 1989. Recently, over a period of seven years, seven extraordinary contemporary artists—David Hockney, Vik Muniz, Catherine Opie, Sterling Ruby, Cindy Sherman, Hedi Slimane, and Robert Wilson—each in turn reviewed Mapplethorpe’s entire body of work to select those that personally resonated. The result was the groundbreaking series of exhibitions documented in this book, which also features intensive interviews conducted by Richard Flood, noted curator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art (New York). This beautiful and compelling presentation offers bold new insights into Mapplethorpe’s genius and his lasting impact on contemporary art.

Martin Parr: Up and Down Peachtree: Photographs of Atlanta In this book, published to accompany a massive exhibition scheduled for July 2012 at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Martin Parr turns his idiosyncratic eye on concepts such as leisure, consumption and communication, and how these themes play out in America.

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