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RESOURCES FOR LEARNING ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH Online: BBC: The Campaign Against Living Miserably: The Happiness Foundation: iCope (Islington Psychological Therapies and Wellbeing Service): iCope Getting Help page: iCope What’s Happening page: Islington Mental Health Services: Understanding mental health conditions and treatment: Islington MIND: Issues Online: Mental Wellbeing: MIND: MIND Information and advice: NHS: NHS - look up mental health conditions in the Health A-Z: Rethink: Rethink factsheets: sheets Royal College of Psychiatrists: information about mental health: Sort-Out-Stress (SOS) and the Wellbeing Clinics:

Stuart Low Trust:

Books and DVDs: Click on the links below to get more information about these resources and where you can find them in the library, or ask a member of staff for help:Abuse and neglect Caring for someone with depression Diet of despair: a book about eating disorders for young people and their families Eating disorders Fit to die: men and eating disorders Grief counselling and grief therapy: a handbook for the mental health practitioner Health issues for young people Key concepts in mental health Legal rights and mental health: the Mind manual Mental health in counselling and psychotherapy Mental health law in England and Wales: a guide for mental health professionals including the text of the Mental Health Act 1983 as amended by the Mental Health Act 2007 Mental illness: a handbook for carers Mental wellbeing Overcoming anxiety: a five areas approach Overcoming binge eating Overcoming postnatal depression: a five areas approach Overcoming teenage low mood and depression: a five areas approach The Social worker’s guide to child and adolescent mental health Sociology of mental health and illness Stress

Stress and depression Suicide and self-harm Understanding anxiety and panic attacks Understanding depression Understanding stress DVDs: Stephen Fry: the secret life of the manic depressive part 1 Stephen Fry: the secret life of the manic depressive part 2 Away from her Child of our time: the age of stress Losing it: part 1 Losing it: part 2

E-Books: click on the link to go to the e-book Introducing mental health; a practical guide Social capital and mental health Handbook of preschool mental health; development, disorders, and treatment

Mental Health Resources  
Mental Health Resources