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Who am I? The brief was to create something that shows your journey through University. From the ups and downs to what we had learnt over the three years. Expressing all this information any way you would like, from a video to a publication. The thinking behind the final products was to create four individual pieces that could also be used as one. Each expressing a different topic, skills I have learnt, what the future holds and the failures I have encountered.













Music & Graphics Is What Drives Me.




Get Into The Industry And start Cracking on with work.




When the four posters are put together the boarders spell out my name LUCA. I thought this added a little personal touch that they deserved. Also this was a completely new and different style for me to try out, yet I wouldn’t change the final outcome, I am pleased with what I have created.


Here we have the Final Major Project based around the campaign Movember. Every year in November, men around the world grow a moustache in the name of Movember, to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. The cause really stood out to me as something I wanted to be apart of. Saying that, the campaign is not really known outside the big cities, after asking people in Surrey not

many people had heard of it. So this became the base of the proposal, to create a campaign, that will raise awareness and knowledge about the brand and what they are trying to achieve, outside of London. Movember already have a really strong brand, so it didn’t need to be changed, but interactive and informative ideas needed to be created. Straw moustaches are not a new concept, you can already buy them over the Internet, but I wanted to design something that could incorporate the straw moustache idea into the real world. So the idea of beer mats with pop out moustaches came into play. It has the right target audience in mind, from a girl’s night out to university students going for a few drinks, it is fun and engaging way to get the message out. It becomes a conversation starter and get other people involved. They have all been created using a laser cutter. It seemed the most appropriate way to create the perforated edges I needed for the moustaches to pop out.

Movember Business Cards. Business cards are always a good way of getting information out to the public, normally giving people a website or even a phone number pushes them in the right direction. Here I wanted to create some eyecatching cards that stick to the playfulness of Movember. Really simple design, which is elevated with bright colours and moustache vectors. The design is very simple yet works really well on this small scale, enticing consumers to take

one and investigate the card a little more. I feel the white cards are more effective, as the white boarder for me ruins the black cards slightly. As you can see on the back of the card we have the barber shop hand which is very relevant to the Movember campaign, this is pointing to the moustache bullet points, which are indicating all the different ways you can get in contact with Movember.

Movember Book.

The idea behind this book was to reveal information about Movember in a fun and engaging way. To have the audience going away with a better understand of what Movember is and how you can get involved. Step by step with illustrations and one or two paragraphs of writing, the book guides you through what happens in the month of November. The initial idea behind it is to just have fun, no matter if you can’t grow a full-bodied moustache, just give it a go and show your support. Which then also gets people talking about why you have grown a moustache.

M O V E M B E R The whole point of this project was to reach a bigger audience and to get the word out. T-Shirts are one of the best ways to do this, although there is already designs based around Movember but these normally just consist of vector moustaches. I wanted to be a bit more clever, creating something that people will remember and will get them talking. Here is three-completely different designs, yet all of them work in their own way, boasting some sort of message. The favourite among people so far is ‘The Walrus Mo’ T-Shirt as many of them have asked to buy one because they love the playfulness and quirkiness of the message and illustration behind it.

T - S H I R T S

Whats your

Are you in?




Stickers. Movember was a really interesting and fun project to use as my Final Major Project. Finding different ways to engage with the audience and give them information about the campaign and what it stood for. Trying to get the message to people who had never heard about it before and another way I thought I could do this was to create a range of stickers showing a different range of the most popular moustaches. Bright, colourful and simple designs was all I wanted to get across, to get the consumer wanting to explore and ask more questions about the subject.

o M




is the


Communicating with your target audience is important and finding a way that presents it in a fun and engaging way is hard. There are a lot of facts and statistics about Movember and prostate cancer, which I had to get across to give the audience a better understanding of what the campaign is about. Initially this was going to be done in a publication form, but after putting all the information together I decided it would work much better as a piece of information graphics.

most common cause of death th from cancer in men




of alcohol A day





areexp e cte d



00 10,0cancer


MEN DIE from prostate

every year.

Are you in?





BECAME MORE AWARE And educated about the health risks they face.


24% OF TO




Information Graphics.

Diagnosed MEN


EVERY 15 minutes. EVERY YEAR

in november,



for Mens Health.

So from this I used type and vectors to create pieces of information that would entice people to look twice. Producing statistics and facts in a fun way, with the help of illustrations to make it more enjoyable to read. Each badge also presents information, yet only by using type to display it. Each one has been carefully designed, letting the type do all the work.

Virgin Competition Brief. The Virgin competition brief was a joint brief where I collaborated with my colleague Callum Bowdler. The aim behind it was to create an item that could be given to customers new or old to Virgin, which could explain the history but also all of the different parts of Virgin, from Virgin Money to Virgin Active. This wasn’t all, it also had to mention the 25th Anniversary of Virgin Atlantic from London Heathrow to Miami. We wanted to create something fun and engaging, yet personal. An item, which could be with you at all times, but hold all the relevant information in. This is how the Wallet came about, with credit cards based on all the sub companies of Virgin, all containing key information to keep you in the know. The money in the Wallet is based around the British twenty-pound note but has been modified to look like Sir Richard Branson currency, from Virgin Money. We wanted to create an interactive and engaging experience where the consumer will always find something new to investigate. With timelines and information graphics also making an appearance to really get the information about this massive company out there to the public. The Wallet was all hand made, as we thought this gave a more personal feel to the whole experience. Although time consuming the end result was exactly how we wanted it to look.

Virgin Wallet.

The final wallet was stitched together by hand to create a personal experience. It engages with the audience, there is always something to see and to interact with.

L e g o C o mp etitio n B reif. This was a competition brief set by YCN, with the objective “To create a campaign which shows that Lego is the original building block and not every building block you see is a part of Lego, to show the heritage and brand values of the company.� I worked on this with my colleague Daniel Jarvis, as we both felt that this brief was something we wanted to investigate, one, for the challenge but also for the creativity that comes

with the brand Lego. We started off down the road of simplicity, this is because Lego use this all the time, but they do it so well. The idea was to take photos of Lego parts with a simply tagline, showing that Lego can speak for itself. After this, we went down the root of telling a story, showing how Lego is so durable and holds value to someone, that they will keep it and no doubt end up passing it down to their kids or loved ones.

Here we have some screen shots

from the final video we produced. We wanted to show a journey

through life and how Lego can be passed down from generation to

generation. Yet, you are never too old to play Lego and it always holds a nostalgic element to it.

Play me.

56 Brief. Explore Travel.


See the World


In the 56 brief, we had to answer 56 different questions and produce a solution in a creative way. This certain question was “what is the most beautiful thing in the world” which I answered the world itself. From this came the idea of creating a travel company, advertising some of the well-known cities around Europe. Developing a brand identity and style, which was then applied to business cards. The aeroplanes swish became a big part of the branding. It worked really well cutting the imagery up on the cards, giving you a glimpse of what you could see, if you ended up using Explore Travel’s services.


See the World



See the World



See the World


See the World



See the World



Appetite. work placement

Leeds alumni. ED OV R P AP


These illustrations have been used for the new Leeds alumni magazine. The aim was to create illustration in this certain style, simple but playful to accompany the text on the page. Appetite allowed me to help them with this project and help create the illustrations they needed.

Thanks for looking.

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Luca Cicero Portfolio  
Luca Cicero Portfolio