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AUGUST 2012 | 2012年8月



AUGUST 2012 | 2012年8月









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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Diane Benedetti ASSOCIATE EDITOR Nancy Daigneault CONT RIBU TORS Lumin Yao Cody Bokshowan Shan Cooper COV ER Black NAFA Signature Piece designed by Fashion House Natalia Valevskaya LAYOUT & DESIGN Luca Di Franco JUS TNA FA IS PUBL ISHED BY NAFA 65 Skyway Ave Toronto, Ontario M9W 6C7 Canada T: 1.416.675.9320 F: 1.416.675.6865 w w






“伟大的盖茨比” - 裘皮奢华重现

Fur is back for another season on catwalks and in retail shops worldwide as an integral part of fashion. This fur trend continues to evolve to meet the needs and desires of many lifestyles. NAFA works closely with designers, major fur manufacturers and retailers to showcase what is, quite simply, the world’s finest collection of fur products.

无论是在聚光灯闪耀的 舞台上还是在世界各地 的零售商店里,裘皮始 终是时尚的一个组成部 分。这次,裘皮的时尚再 次演变,不断满足着不同 生活方式的人们对于时 尚的需求和愿望。NAFA 和世界各地的设计师,主 要裘皮厂家以及零售商 紧密合作,继续展示,简 而言之,什么是世界上最 优质的裘皮产品。

The annual summer photo shoot at NAFA is the


foundation of the multi media campaign that results in

广的基础,这些图片也成为NAFA精品画册, 杂

NAFA’s print brochures, magazine ads and billboards.


This year’s shoot took inspiration from a bygone era as

题来自于F.Scott Fitzgeral撰写的著名小说中一个

depicted in F.Scott Fitzgerald’s celebrated novel, “The

令人回忆的时代: “伟大的盖茨比”。

Great Gatsby”.


Portraying the American lifestyle of the early 1920s,


the mood is one of beauty and sophistication set


against a backdrop of a turn of the century mansion in upstate New York and the glamour of New York City.

为了重现这种氛围, NAFA的精品摄影安排在了 多伦多的 Graydon Manor Estate以及位于市中

To recreate this mood, NAFA’s photo shoot was done


on location at Toronto’s Graydon Manor Estate and the


newly opened Trump Towers in the city center. Three


separate shoots were completed, working with two of the city’s top photographers and models from New York and Paris.



Each year since its inception in 2003, a signature image of Black NAFA has been at the heart of NAFA’s international marketing campaign. Designers from different countries have been invited to showcase their talents in the creation of a unique garment. Past years have seen designers from Italy, China, Canada and the USA crafting their inspirations into fur garments. This year’s designer, Natalia Valevskaya, has a wealth of talent as she comes from a culture that embraces fashion as art and has a true appreciation of craftsmanship. Ms. Valevskaya’s love affair with fashion began as a child whilst attending classes in restorative gold embroidery at the Kremlin. From that early age she went on to major in Art History and Fashion Design; obtaining several university degrees including a PhD in Semiotics of Art. The Natalia Valevskaya Fashion House was launched in 1998 with two haute couture collections presented each year at Moscow Fashion Week. Accolades have followed every presentation and clientele now includes actors, singers, top models and socialites. Ms. Valevskaya’s sensational design of a Black NAFA mink dress and shoulder wrap reminiscent of the opulence of the 1920’s era was inspired by the “The Great Gatsby” theme of this year’s campaign. This ensemble will make its Russian debut at the NAFA Gala Show in Moscow on October 17, 2012. 从2003年开始,每年拍摄的Black NAFA主打照成为NAFA全球推广的核心。 来自世界各地的设计师应邀担纲主打服设计师,展示他们超群的设计天赋并 且完成一件独特的服装。 来自意大利,中国,加拿大和美国的设计师在过去 几年中相继完成了这份光荣的任务。 今年的设计师Natalia Valevskaya,凭借 其丰富的才能,将时尚,艺术以及精湛工艺融为一体。 Valevskaya女士的时尚爱情故事起始于其孩提时代。 当时她参加了在克林姆 林宫举行的黄金刺绣课程。 从幼年起,她孜孜不断地到处求学,主修艺术历 史和时装设计;一直到后来获得几所大学的学位,其中包括艺术符号学博士学 位。 Natalia Valevskaya时装设计工作室于1998年启动,并且在每年的莫斯科时装 周上有两个系列的服装亮相。其设计获得普遍好评,著名的演员,歌手,超模 以及社会名流都纷纷成为她的客户。Valevskaya女士的Black NAFA水貂晚 礼服以及披肩设计充分展示了女性的美感,体现了20世纪20年代富裕奢华的 生活 。 她正是在今年推广活动主题“伟大的盖茨比”的影响下被激发出了无 穷的灵感。 4


The celebrity designs of Gianfranco Ferre, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Guy Laroche , Dennis Basso and Kati Stern set the stage for the NAFA’s photo shoots with an incredible variety of luxury furs. Black NAFA mink was amongst their favorites. The camera also captured images of a stunning array of other popular colors of mink from leading fur manufacturers from Italy, Greece, Russia, Hong Kong and Korea. The wild furs from the NAFA Northern collection offered added drama. Whether highlighted in their natural beauty or dyed in some of the season’s hottest fashion colors, the furs were outstanding. Raccoon, beaver, coyote, red fox, fisher, lynx, lynx cat and sable all found favor.

而包括Gianfranco Ferre, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Guy Laroche , Dennis Basso和Kati Stern在内的顶级设计师也为NAFA精品 摄影设计了多款奢华裘皮服装。Black NAFA天然水貂成为他们的最爱之 一。镜头也同样捕捉了来自意大利,希腊,俄罗斯,香港和韩国知名裘皮厂 家制作的深受消费者欢迎的不同色泽的水貂服装。 来自NAFA Northern品牌的野生皮为整个拍摄增添了更多的亮丽色彩。 无论是天然的色泽还是采用时下最流行的染色工艺, 这些裘皮都是最 耀眼的。 浣熊,海狸,郊狼,红狐,渔貂,猞猁和紫貂,设计师们各有所 爱。



NORTHERN LIGHTS : IT’S HIP TO WEAR FUR – EVERYWHERE! The young generation of fashionistas around the world continue their love affair with fur. Once again, designers have found new ways to satisfy their demand for fresh and innovative looks. Northern Lights, the marketing support program for wild fur that NAFA began in 2010, continues to grow in popularity amongst manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Exposure at international fur fairs early in the year resulted in additional participants in the program. A photo shoot took place this spring and a new brochure is now available featuring the latest fashion colors and styles coming from the streets.



NORTHERN LIGHTS : 穿上裘皮赶时髦 - 随处可见 世界各地时尚弄潮儿继续与裘皮热恋。 而世界各地的设计师也再 次找到了新的方法来满足这些弄潮儿对新颖而有创意的裘皮服装的 需求。 Northern Lights, 这个由NAFA于2011年 创立来支持野生皮推广的项目,正越来越 多地受到厂家, 零售商和消费者的青睐。 该项目在今年年初多个裘皮展会上的亮相 更加吸引了众多的业界参与。

今年春季的精品摄影后诞生了一本崭新的 目录画册。这些服装的色泽和款式更加亲民, 接近大众。



FASHION TAKES AN EDUCATED TURN It has become a tradition for NAFA to host several leading fashion magazines from around the world to visit Canada each year for the opportunity to photograph highlights of the latest collections from leading international designers.

NAFA was pleased to host Mr. Hubert Chen of China Elle magazine for an editorial fur fashion photo shoot in July. This was the second time that Mr. Chen journeyed to Toronto to join NAFA. His fur feature in 2011 was highly acclaimed and received commendations from several international media groups. For his project this year, Mr. Chen wanted to create an austere but sophisticated ambiance to serve as the backdrop for the chic furs and fashions to be highlighted. The Literary Hall at the University of Toronto offered the perfect setting.


Chinese supermodel Lina Zhang was flown in for this one day photo shoot. Her appearance on the streets of Toronto did not go unnoticed and her signature posturing on the set was faultless. Whether carelessly tossing a fabulous fur stole over her arm or wrapped in a luxury fur jacket, Lina looked cool and elite in spite of the JUSTNAFA soaring temperatures.

时尚在高等学府里转弯 邀请世界各地的顶级时尚杂志前往加拿大对国际知名设计师的裘 皮设计最新作品进行拍摄已经成为NAFA每年的一个传统项目。

今年7月,NAFA非常高 兴能够再次邀请到中国 Elle杂志的陈嘉编辑。这 是陈先生第二次参与 NAFA组织的拍摄活动。 由陈嘉负责的2011系列 裘皮摄影作品一经刊登, 立刻获得了几家国际媒 体组织的如潮好评。

对于今年的这次摄影, 陈先生希望能够创造一 种简朴,但是又非常历练 的氛围,来突出所拍摄 裘皮的别致和时尚。而 多伦多大学的文学堂为 这次拍摄提供了完美的 背景。

超模张丽娜专程从中国 飞来多伦多参与这次为 期一天的摄影活动。 她 在多伦多街头一出现,立 刻引起星探的注目。而她 在镜头前的造型都是那 么完美,无可挑剔。无论 是随意地摆弄一件充满 美感的裘皮披肩,还是 披上一间华丽的裘皮夹 克,丽娜都显得那么酷 而出色,完全无视当天直 线上升的气温。 JUSTNAFA


STUDIO NAFA : A UNIQUE SOURCE OF DESIGN AND CRAFTSMANSHIP A very important part of NAFA’s strategy in building its luxury brand is to continue to work with international fashion designers as well as the designers of the fur trade. The concept of Studio NAFA is to give designers a good understanding of the advantages and challenges of working with fur. Professor Vasilis Kardasis and Professor Lorenzo Scarpi developed unique curricula. In the case of designers and design students, Professor Kardasis’s wide-ranging experience in design make him well qualified to lead designers on the journey of exploration. Professor Scarpi’s vast technical experience in mink, fox and wild fur is an incredible resource for fur technicians at every level. This summer very different workshops were held: Students’ Exploration, Designer Inspiration and Technical Skills. Each workshop was specially tailored to the needs of the group attending and was focused on different skills. Following the students’ workshop was the technical workshop led by Professor Scarpi. Representatives from two Chinese, one Mexican, four Russian and two Greek companies attended the class. This was a rare opportunity for designers and technicians to learn the latest techniques of working with fur as well as some of the lost or forgotten arts of fur craftsmanship. This workshop focused heavily on developing techniques and practical skills in working with NAFA wild fur. Studio NAFA has become a meeting point for those who love NAFA furs. They come for inspiration and knowledge, to do research and develop new approaches for working with the many diverse products that are included in the NAFA family of brands.



STUDIO NAFA 设计与工艺的独特源泉 NAFA在建立其奢侈品牌战略的一个重要组成部分就是和国际知名 时装设计师以及业界的设计师保持持续的合作。Studio NAFA的理 念就是向这些设计师介绍如何更好地使用裘皮以及裘皮界面临的挑 战。 Vasilis Kardasis教授和Lorenzo Scarpi教 授为讲座制定了特殊的课程。 针对设计师 和设计专业的学生, Kardasis教授通过他 在设计领域极为广泛的经历当仁不让地成 为设计师们踏上创意实践之路的导师。 而 Scarpi教授对于水貂,狐狸和野生皮的丰富 经验成为拥有不同工艺水平的技术人员们令 人难以置信的学习源泉。 今年夏天的讲座各具特色:鼓励学生进行创 意设计探索的讲座以及激发设计师灵感并 且与工艺相结合的讲座。 每个讲座都是根 据参加人员的需要以及所具有的能力而量身 定制。 学生讲座完成以后紧接着是由Scarpi教授主持的工艺讲座。 分别来自两家中国公司,一家 墨西哥公司,四家俄罗斯公司以及两家希腊公司的代表参加了本次讲座。 对这些设计师 和技术人员来说,参加这个讲座,学习最新的裘皮工艺,温习那些被遗忘的工艺是一个非 常难得的机会。 这个讲座更加侧重于学习NAFA野生皮,并且进一步研发最新的,能够被 运用到实际生产中的工艺。 Studio NAFA工作室已经成为热爱NAFA毛皮的业界人士聚会的场所。 他们来到工作室 是为了获得更多的灵感,学习更多的知识, 研发NAFA品牌家族中种类丰富的各种毛皮 的最新工艺。



NAFA CUP WINNERS VISIT STUDIO NAFA TORONTO From July 9th to 13th, 2012, Studio NAFA welcomed four special guests from China. Three were the top student winners of the China Youth Fur Design Competition (NAFA Cup 2012) and joining them was a representative from China TUHSU, NAFA’s partner in the nation-wide design competition. As the 5-day workshop commenced, participants were introduced to NAFA’s fine quality ranch raised mink and rich variety of wild furs. Information on wild fur management in North America, underlining the importance of environmental conservation, was presented by Steve Gamblin, Vice President of NAFA’s Wild Fur Division. The students also had the opportunity to learn about traditional and advanced fur techniques. After the students gained this basic knowledge about the furs and techniques, Mr. Vasilis Kardasis, Creative Director of Studio NAFA, tasked them with a project to create a new “fabric”. This “fabric” must include NAFA furs along with other materials. The entire workshop was truly an ongoing exercise – students first discussed their ideas with Mr. Kardasis to get his advice. They then focused on the different types of furs that inspired them the most and made adjustments in the production as needed. Finally, each of them had their own unique way to create the new piece of “fabric”. Zhao Weiwei, the first prize winner, made a beaver piece encompassing two different patterns on each side, which can be used for reversible garments. Sun Yang, the second prize winner, used a very unique hand-knitting technique to incorporate red foxes with threads to create a home accessory. Sun Lan, the third prize winner, played with the fur hair direction to create a trimming material to add more “chaos” to the garments but in a controlled and fashionably chic way. This was a very challenging project as students had to make full use of the knowledge that they just learned in the first two days. They had to grasp their inspiration from fur species they had just encountered and then create the new piece of fabric by using the fur sewing machine that was a novelty to most. All this within the short time frame allowed. As the workshop came to a close, the students were excited but exhausted. They were most appreciative with the opportunity the workshop gave them to learn more about North American furs and also the challenging experience on how to think and achieve their goals under pressure. This Studio NAFA workshop will be an asset as they pursue their future ambitions. 12


NAFA杯设计比赛获奖学生参观多伦多STUDIO NAFA工作室 2012年7月9日至13日,Studio NAFA工作室欢迎四位来自中国的特殊 客人。他们是获得中国青年裘皮设计比赛(2012NAFA杯)的前三名 的获奖学生以及NAFA本次大赛的合作伙伴中国中粮集团的代表。 当为期五天的讲座开始的时候,参加讲座的所有学生 首先聆听了关于NAFA优质农场水貂以及种类丰富的 野生皮的介绍。 NAFA负责野生皮的副总裁Steve Gamblin先生介绍了北美大陆关于野生动物资源管理 的情况,并且着重介绍了野生动物管理对于生态平衡 的重要性。 学生们也有机会学习了传统的以及最新 的裘皮工艺。 当学生们掌握了关于毛皮以及工艺的一些基本知识以 后,Studio NAFA创意总监 Vasilis Kardasis向学生们 布置了一个项目:就是要创造出一种新的“面料”。这 种“面料”必须将NAFA的毛皮和其它面料相结合。 整个讲座毫无疑问是一个循序渐进的过程。学生们首先和Kardasis先生探讨了自己的想法, 希望获得他的建议。 然后他们开始选取为他们带来最多灵感的毛皮,并且在制作过程中 不断改进。最后,他们都通过自己独特的方式创造出了最新的“面料”。 金奖获得者赵伟伟将海狸皮制成了正反两面不同花纹的面料,这样的面料为两面穿的服 装提供了可能性。银奖获得者孙阳采用了一种非常独特的手编工艺将红狐和细绳编织在了 一起,成为居家装饰品的“面料”。铜奖获得者孙兰则重新“组合”了海狸针毛的方向, 她 的这块新面料,如果用做服装的镶边,可以 增加更多有规则的“混乱”感,但是这种混 乱感却增加了更多的时尚与别致。 对学生们而言,这个项目是非常有挑战性 的。 因为他们要充分吸收讲座刚开始的两 天内讲授的内容。他们需要从刚刚接触的 毛皮中尽快抓住他们的灵感,然后用裘皮 缝纫机做出自己的作品,而很多学生从来 也没有看见过裘皮缝纫机。而所有这一切 都要在极短的时间内完成。 当讲座结束的时候,学生们都非常疲劳,但 是仍然非常兴奋。他们非常感谢这个讲座, 使他们有机会学习到北美的毛皮,以及在 时间压力下,如何思考,如何实现自己的工作目标。Studio NAFA这个讲座一定会成为他 们追寻梦想的道路上一份宝贵的财富。 JUSTNAFA


STUDIO NAFA ANNOUNCES NEW OUTREACH PROJECT With the growing demand for wild fur garments, Studio NAFA has joined forces with the Wild Fur Shippers’ Council to create a very specialized workshop for NAFA Northern Wild Fur. The first project will be dedicated to raccoon. Raccoon is one species that not only offers great value at a time when the fur industry is experiencing record prices, but the fine quality pelts from the NAFA Northern collection offer many design opportunities. This Studio Outreach project will be led by a trio of fur specialists from the Italian company “Studio Design and Marketing”. The group will take participants from the initial stage of design concept to selection of proper skins and then technical production and finishing. In addition to the hands on training program, a sample collection of fashion forward raccoon garments created by the “Studio Design & Marketing” group will be on display for inspection and educational exercises. More information on the Studio NAFA Outreach program is available from local NAFA agents.

STUDIO NAFA宣布最新拓展计划 随着市场对野生皮服装需求逐渐增加,Studio NAFA和野生毛皮猎 户委员会携手设立了一个专门推广介绍NAFA Northern野生皮的 讲座。第一个系列讲座将介绍貉子皮。 如今毛皮价格屡创新高,但是貉子皮这个物种不仅可以为客户 和消费者带去极大的性价比,而且在NAFA Northern品牌下 的貉子皮以其优异的质量为厂家带去了更多的设计机会。 本次Studio拓展项目由来自意大利的 “Studio Design & Marketing” 三人小组领衔指导。 这个工作小组将带领参加讲 座的人员完成从最初的设计理念到正确的选皮到工艺制作一 直到最后的细节收尾等一个完整的学习过程。 在这个手把手培训项目进行的同时,由“Studio Design & Marketing” 设计的一组突现时尚的貉子皮服装也将作为验 皮和教育示范样品进行展示。 如果您需要更多关于Studio NAFA拓展计划的详细情况,请咨 询NAFA各地代理。




NAFA宣布调整毛皮和所配 商标比例

Beginning with the February 2013 auction, NAFA will adjust the number of mink skins required to receive Black NAFA and NAFA Mink labels.

从2013年2月拍卖会开始,NAFA将对获 得Black NAFA和NAFA Mink商标的数量 和所需购买的水貂数量的比例进行调整。

For NAFA Gold quality male mink, one label will be awarded for every 12 skins.

对NAFA Gold金牌质量的公貂,每张商标 配12张皮。

For NAFA Gold quality female mink, one label will be awarded for every 17 skins.

对NAFA Gold金牌质量的母貂,每张商 标配17张水貂。

Quantities of NAFA Fox and NAFA Northern Wild Furs will remain unchanged.

NAFA Fox(银狐)和NAFA Northern(野 生皮)的毛皮和商标数量比例继续保持不 变。



LEADING CHINESE FUR RETAILERS PURSUE BLACK NAFA TOP LOTS BLACK NAFA is the finest and most luxurious mink in the world today. This rare type of mink – with its naturally short, velvet like guard hair and its deep rich color, has come to define the ultimate in luxury and sensuality. Since its inception in 2003, Black NAFA has commanded an impressive worldwide following and reputation as being the finest mink on the market. The top lot of Black NAFA, which is the designation given to the premium black mink lot sold by North American Fur Auctions, has been the ultimate purchase goal for many buyers all over the world. This year, two leading Chinese retailers joined the ranks of those pursuing the top quality bundles of Black NAFA. After fierce bidding, Harbin Gufiuren Fur Square and Dalian Tianzhi Fur City each won one of these precious bundles of black mink. Harbin Guiufuren Fur Square is one of the largest fur retail stores in Harbin, the fur capital in China. Its brand Hualunbei’er has been awarded the Consumers’ Favorite Brand in Harbin for many years. Harbin Guifuren Fur Square purchased their first Black NAFA top lot in 2007 and this is the second time they purchased a Black NAFA top lot. The top lot price reached $1,200 in NAFA’s February 2012 auction.

Dalian Tianzhi Fur City is one of the leading fur retail stores in Dalian, one of the most fashionable cities in Northeast China. Established in 2005, Dalian Tianzhi Fur City has developed a network of four retail stores in Dalian and one in Shanxi Province. This is the first time Dalian Tianzhi Fur City bid on a Black NAFA top lot. They defeated all other competitors in the May 2012 auction with the price of $1,600. Both retailers expressed their strategy in purchasing a Black NAFA Top Lot. The successful purchase of this top lot demonstrates a determination to have the best quality of furs in the world. They take great pride in this accomplishment. Collaboration between NAFA and these two retailers has been underway since early July. The garments produced with the top lot mink will be showcased this fall in gala shows in Harbin and Dalian.



中国顶级裘皮零售商积极竞争BLACK NAFA头把皮 BLACK NAFA是目前世界上最优质,最豪华的水貂。 这种稀有的水 貂品种 - 天然长成的、如天鹅绒般的短针毛,浓郁深沉的色泽,已 经成为奢华与极致美感的定义。 自2003年创立Black NAFA品牌商标以来,Black NAFA受到来自世界各地的追捧,并且获 得了世界上最优质水貂的美誉。 Black NAFA头把皮代表的是由北美裘皮拍卖行拍卖的 最顶级的一把天然黑色水貂,成为世界各地买家的终极拍卖目标。 今年,两家中国顶级裘皮零售商加入了对Black NAFA头把皮,这个优质中最优质的水貂 皮的竞争行列。经过激烈的竞价, 哈尔滨贵夫人皮草广场和大连天植裘皮城分别拍到了 珍贵的Black NAFA水貂头把皮。 哈尔滨贵夫人皮草广场是中国皮草之都哈尔滨最大的裘皮零售商之一。其品牌华伦贝尔 已经连续几年被消费者评为最受欢迎的品 牌。2007年,哈尔滨贵夫人皮草广场首次拍 得Black NAFA头把皮,这次是他们第二次成 功竞拍。2012年2月拍卖会上,该头把皮的价 格达到每张皮$1,200美金 。 大连天植皮草城是大连顶级的裘皮零售商之 一 。大连拥有时尚之都的美誉。大连天植皮草 城建立于 2005年,目前已经在大连和山西一

共拥有五家零售商场。今年是大连天植皮草 城第一次竞拍Black NAFA头把皮,他们是在 今年五月的拍卖会上以每张皮1600美金的高 价夺得Black NAFA头把皮。

两位零售买家都表示购买Black NAFA头把皮是他们的战略步骤。能够成功拍得这个头把 皮是为了标明他们对于世界上最优质水貂皮的追求。他们对于最终成功拍到这个头把皮 感到非常骄傲。 NAFA和两家顶级零售商的合作准备工作从7月已经全面铺开。届时,采用头把皮制成的服 装将分别在哈尔滨和大连举行的大型发布会上精彩亮相。



Just NAFA 2012 08 CH  

Just NAFA 2012 08 Chinese

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