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January 2012 | 2012年1月



January 2012 | 2012年1月







NAFA APPOINTS NEW MARKETING AGENT NAFA 任命市场新代理 Canadian Visa Applications Updated 加拿大签证申请最新动态

2012 Auction 2012年2月拍卖会

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NAFA has announced the preliminary sale offering for 2012 and highlighted the news of a 20% increase in the number of mink pelts to be auctioned. A record total of approximately 6.1 million mink are to be sold with 3.3 million set for February and the remaining 2.8 million in May, 2012. NAFA’s President and CEO, Michael Mengar, attributes the majority of gain to an increase in market share. “There are a number of factors for more farmers choosing to ship their pelts to NAFA.” He offered further insight: NAFA offers a high level of professional services to producers as well as buyers. NAFA fur graders are the most experienced in the industry. Management and staff are knowledgeable and always available to assist with individual needs. The quality and integrity of the NAFA mink assortment assures the producer that his pelts will be expertly handled from receiving through cataloguing to shipping. Thus, buyers are also assured that their purchases will be very properly graded. NAFA’s internationally acclaimed marketing program recognizes and promotes the finest quality of furs in all major markets. Mr. Mengar noted, “The success of the Black NAFA Limited Edition Collection and future potential for this program for both producers and buyers led several producers of very fine quality black mink from Nova Scotia to make a change to NAFA. At the same time, we have several high end retailers requesting to become a part of NAFA’s promotional campaign.” There will also be a significant increase in the number of mink from Europe. NAFA’s efforts in Europe have been concentrated on collecting the highest quality mink. This increased quantity will enable us to offer European mink in larger, more attractive strings. The NAFA Velvet label that represents the majority of mink in this collection gives buyers the added advantage of the NAFA name in brand marketing. In closing, Mr. Mengar said that he and the entire NAFA family look forward to welcoming buyers to the newly renovated facilities in Toronto this New Year. “The Year of the Dragon is said to offer excitement and exhilaration but the year is often unpredictable. This certainly reflects our thoughts on the fur trade for 2012. The Dragon also represents success for those who work hard and are well prepared. That being the case, at NAFA we are looking forward to another successful year for all!” 2



NAFA已经宣布2012年度毛皮供货总量,而且今年的最亮点就是本 年度水貂总量增长20%的消息。 2012年度水貂总量预计达到6百 60万,届时2012年2月份拍卖会将达到3百30万,5月拍卖会将达到2 百8 0万。 NAFA总裁兼首席执行官麦克·曼格将大部分的原因解释为市场份额的上升。 “有一些原因是促使更多的农 场主选择将毛皮通过NAFA进行拍卖。”对此,他进一步解释说: NAFA向我们的毛皮生产者以及买家提供非常专业的服务。NAFA毛皮分皮师是业界经验最丰富的。 管理层和员工知识也非常丰富,时刻为客户提供帮助。 NAFA水貂分皮的质量和一致性向农场主保证他们的毛皮从到货到编成目录到运货都会得到专家级的处 理。因此,买家们也可以得到保证:他们购买到的毛皮是准确分皮以后的结果。 NAFA受到国际毛皮界普遍好评的推广计划的使命就是使全球市场认可并且推广最优质的毛皮。曼格先 生解释说: “Black NAFA限量版以及这个项目对农场主和买家带来的未来推广潜力使一些来自 Nova Scotia 农场主放弃了他们原来的拍卖公司,开始通过NAFA进行拍卖。与此同时,我们还有一些非常高档 次的零售商也要求加入NAFA推广活动。” 来自于欧洲的水貂总量也有相当的增长。NAFA努力在欧洲吸引最优质的水貂。 数量的增长将使我们能够 向买家提供令他们更加感兴趣的毛皮把数。NAFA天鹅绒商标代表了这些系列的大部分水貂,将使买家在 品牌推广中加入NAFA的品牌优势。 在采访即将结束的时候,曼格先生说, 他和整个NAFA大家庭热切盼望着买家能够来到我们今年刚刚装修 完毕的多伦多总部大楼。 “龙年据说经常会带来很多的精彩和兴奋,但是往往难以预测。这相当程度上来说 反映出我们裘皮界对于2012的感觉。龙,对那些努力工作,时刻准备的人们来说,则象征着成功。如果的确 是这样的话,NAFA祝愿所有的朋友能够再次获得成功的一年!”



NAFA HOSTS A MAGICAL NIGHT IN BEIJING The Jing Yuan Art Center in the trendy Image Base Complex in Beijing was the venue for NAFA’s annual media event held on September 20th. The invitation invited guests to “Midnight Magic” and the opportunity to experience the magic and mystery of the latest designer fur collections for 2011/2012 As the many media groups of fashion editors, television crews, and newspaper photographers descended upon the show site, they stopped short of entering to capture the images and ambiance of this night that promised to be magical. Upon entering the hall, the wonderment of the evening began to unfold. A starlight effect captivated the crowd and there was a buzz about how fashionable fur was and NAFA’s leading position in China. Fashion TV was on the spot for interviews and paparazzi cameras flashed incessantly. Following the cocktail reception and sumptuous buffet, Diane Benedetti, NAFA’s Sr. VP of Advertising & Promotion, officially welcomed the many VIP guests including Gregg Dolinsky, Sr. VP of NAFA and a delegation of US and Canadian mink ranchers as well as Ms. Josiane Simon, Sr. Trade Commissioner from the Canadian Embassy. Also present were Zhang Zhi Feng and David Ubl who had highlights of their collections featured in the show. Twelve clock chimes marked the start of the show and the NAFA Northern Raccoon collection of David Ubl exploded on to the catwalk. Leading international designers joined the fashion parade with a fabulous array of natural and dyed mink, fox and wild furs. Included were Gianfranco Ferre, Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Guy Laroche, Prabal Gurung, Sherry Cassin, Dennis Basso and Bibhu Mohapatra. Cadano, one of Hong Kong’s premiere furriers, offered a special showing of NAFA Mink. The finale left everyone in awe as models paraded down the catwalk in haute couture designs in Black NAFA. The 2011/12 NAFA signature piece created by NE Tiger served as a fitting close for the show. The stunning embroidery adorning a floor-sweeping gown of Black NAFA depicted a fable in Chinese mythology bestowing a mystical touch. As the guests departed in awe of the stunning furs they had just seen, the internet was already buzzing with photos and praise for the show. The following day, Fashion TV was running a high-powered clip of the show. Fashion magazines followed up with editorials on the event. NAFA’s magical night in Beijing became magical months for many throughout China.



NAFA在北京奉献神奇之夜 NAFA年度媒体发布会于2011年9月20日在位于北京竞园摄影基地 的竞园艺术中心举行。 嘉宾们应邀感受了“午夜魔幻”,同时享受了2011/2012年度世界知名设计师最新的,充满神奇和神秘的 裘皮服装系列。 当众多的媒体编辑,电视工作人员,新闻摄影师刚刚进入现场的时候,他们都纷纷停下来拍摄夜景,感受着 一个即将来临的神奇之夜。 在进入大厅以后,夜晚的神奇开始展现在他们的面前。星光熠熠的天幕立刻吸引了他们的注意力。他们都 在议论着裘皮是那么时尚,以及NAFA在中国的领先地位。Fashion TV不停地采访现场的嘉宾,而其他的 媒体也忙着按动着相机的快门和闪光灯。

在鸡尾酒招待会以及豪华的自助餐之后,NAFA负责广告以及推广活动的高级副总裁戴安萍女士对现场的 嘉宾表示热烈的欢迎,这些嘉宾中包括了NAFA高级副总裁Gregg Dolinsky,来自美国和加拿大的水貂农 场主代表团,以及加拿大驻华使馆的高级商务参赞Josiane Simon女士。其他的嘉宾还包括张志峰先生以 及David Ubl先生,他们的服装系列在随后的发布会中进行了展示。 当午夜的时钟敲了12下以后,发布会正式拉开了帷幕。由设计师David Ubl 展示的系列服装,采用NAFA Northern浣熊,海狸和水獭等毛皮,首先劲爆登场。国际顶级设计师的作品,通过采用各种华丽的天然 色泽和染色的水貂,狐狸以及野生毛皮,加入到这场时尚的大游行。 这些国际设计师包括 Gianfranco Ferre, Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Guy Laroche, Prabal Gurung, Sherry Cassin, Dennis Basso 和 Bibhu Mohapatra 以及来自香港的著名裘皮公司Cadano。 当模特身穿Black NAFA黑色水貂高级时装开始在舞台上流动的时候,发布会压轴戏登场了。现场观众屏 住呼吸。由NE Tiger设计的NAFA2012年度主打服是整个发布会的完美句号。耀眼亮丽的刺绣,曳地的 Black NAFA晚装,叙述着中国神话,诉说着神秘,这的确使发布会充满了神奇的韵味。 当嘉宾们离开的时候,他们纷纷表示了对刚刚欣赏到的NAFA毛皮的钟爱,这时,关于本次发布会的照片以 及评论已经开始在网络上飞扬。随后,Fashion TV也以浓重的笔墨报道了本次发布会。 时尚杂志纷纷跟 进本次发布会。NAFA神奇之夜的故事已经在中国延续了几个月之久。



1,000 STUDENTS VIE FOR NAFA CUP NAFA is once again a proud sponsor of the China National Design Competition that is held each year in co-operation with China National Native Produce and Animal By-Products Imp. & Exp. Corp. This exciting event has come to be known as the NAFA Cup and will culminate at the Beijing Fur & Leather Fair in January 2012.

Prior to the semi-finalist selection, Lumin Yao, China Marketing Director at NAFA, traveled to four major universities to present an introduction to the many types of fur pelts available at NAFA and those that would be used in the competition. On November 10, Ms. Yao joined Sherry Li, Ms. Lu Yue, Ms. Diao Mei, Ms. Feng Yue Fei, Ms. Bai Zheng Xia and Mr. Scott Wang for the daunting task of reviewing all of the sketches received and designating the 20 out of the 1,000 that would be produced for the final competition. On November 19, these 20 students gathered in Beijing to meet with Huasi Fur Industrial Group, Yuanlong Fur and Yinshan Fur who had graciously donated their services to manufacture the garments. Details of each sketch were discussed and final decisions made on the furs to be used. The garments of these 20 semi-finalists will be featured as a preview to the gala show at the Beijing International Fur & Leather Fair and three finalists selected by an international judging panel. The winners will receive an all expense paid trip to Toronto, Canada and the opportunity to participate in a special session of a Studio NAFA creative workshop. NAFA is a sponsor as well of student design competitions in Korea, Greece, Hong Kong and the USA. Finalists from these competitions will also enjoy travel to Canada and the Studio NAFA experience.



千名学生共同竞争NAFA杯 NAFA再次非常骄傲地成为中国全国设计比赛的赞助商。本次赛事 是中国国家土产畜产进出口总公司举行的年度大赛。 这项精彩赛 事再次以NAFA杯冠名,并将于2012年1月北京交易会期间达到高潮。 在本次初选阶段之前,NAFA中国事务总监姚路敏女士曾经去了四家主要的大专院校,介绍NAFA提供给本 次大赛的毛皮原料。 11月10日,姚路敏 和李明霞,吕越,刁梅,冯王月菲,白正霞以及王意等七位业内资深专家、教授从竞争激烈 的1000份设计稿中挑选了20份入闱最后决赛的设计稿。这些设计稿将会被制成服装,亮相决赛。 11月19日,这20位学生被邀请来到北京,和河北华斯实业(集团)有限公司, 北京元隆皮草皮革有限公司, 银 杉皮草有限公司三家公司的代表见面。这三家公司将为大赛制作这些服装。 学生和三家公司的代表详细 讨论了设计图的每个细节,最后决定了使用毛皮的种类和数量。 这20件服装将在北京交易会的开幕晚会发布会之前亮相。届时国际评委团将评选出前三名获奖学生。 这 些获奖学生将获得前往加拿大多伦多参加Studio NAFA创意培训班的机会,所有费用由NAFA承担。 NAFA同时也在韩国,希腊,香港和美国等地支持学生设计比赛。这些获奖学生都将获得前往加拿大参加 Studio NAFA培训的机会。




The first collection of Northern Lights debuted at the Beijing Fur & Leather Fair in 2010. This collection was created in response to consumer demand for fur garments and accessories that were reflective of a young and fashion savvy lifestyle. The goal was to offer the fun and luxury of fur to a young consumer at an affordable price. This was a catalyst for many designers and fur manufacturers to create a collection that stepped away from the more traditional looks of fur by using color, style and a mix of fur species and fabrics. The Northern Lights concept had universal appeal and was embraced worldwide. For 2012, NAFA has once again worked closely with young designers in Europe, North America and Asia to offer an inspirational collection featuring NAFA Northern wild furs. Coyote, Raccoon, Beaver, Red and Grey Fox and Muskrat are highlighted in the new designs that will be presented at this year’s Beijing Fur & Leather Fair. Diane Benedetti, Sr. Vice President for NAFA’s marketing and promotional program, explained the success of the Northern Lights project was due to the versatility and price structure of many of NAFA’s wild fur species. “Leading international designers love to work with our NAFA Northern wild furs but the luxury end - Sable, Fisher and Lynx Cat - and even our very popular Beavers and Raccoons, when combined with the precious fabrics and accents at the designer level, made most garments out of the reach of the young consumer. The Northern Lights project brought together our fabulous fun furs with designs and manufacturing techniques to make fur fresh, exciting and very affordable.” Ms. Benedetti went on to note that NAFA is very committed to future generations both in terms of environmental issues as well as lifestyle needs. The mission statement of the Northern Lights project simply states: “Fur is our legacy and our future. To live in harmony with nature is our responsibility make it exciting is our goal.”

The new Northern Lights brochure will be available at the NAFA February sale. Highlights can be viewed on the official NAFA website, 8



Northern Lights的第一组服装于2010年北京交���会首次亮相。 当时推 出这个系列的服装是为了满足那些希望能够获得更加充满青春时尚气 息的裘皮服装和配饰的消费者的需求。而目标就是希望年轻的消费者在 他们能够承受的价位上,享受裘皮带来的乐趣和豪华。 这个举措促使很多设计师以及裘皮厂家开始设计新的服装系列。新的系列在色泽,款式以及将裘皮和其它 面料相结合方面都和传统方式有所不同。Northern Lights的理念有着广泛的吸引力,被全世界所接受。 2012年,NAFA再次和来自欧洲,北美以及亚洲的年轻设计师紧密合作,采用NAFA Northern系列野生毛 皮,设计出充满灵感的服装系列。郊狼,浣熊,海狸,红狐和灰狐将成为这些最新设计的主要亮点,并且将在 今年的北京交易会上亮相。 负责NAFA营销推广的高级副总裁戴安萍女士解释说, Northern Lights 的成功主要是由于NAFA种类丰 富的野生毛皮以及这些毛皮的价位。 “国际知名设计师非常喜欢使用NAFA Northern野生毛皮,但是更多 的是非常奢华的毛皮-紫貂,渔貂,猞猁猫-甚至是我们常见的海狸,浣熊,当把这些毛皮和一些贵重的面 料和配饰相结合,加上这些设计师的盛名,这些服装基本就远离了那些年轻的消费者。Northern Lights项 目是将豪华的,充满乐趣的毛皮结合设计和制作工艺,使毛皮呈现出更加清新,令人兴奋的感觉,而且在可 以承受的价位上。” 戴安萍女士继续评论说,NAFA从环境保护以及生活方式等方面对年轻一代都是非常尽心尽力。Northern Lights项目的宣言就是: “毛皮是传承,毛皮是未来。和大自然和平共处是我们的职责... 而使其更加精彩使 我们的目标!”

Northern Lights最新手册将在NAFA二月拍卖会上提供。 精彩亮点,请查阅NAFA官方网站:。 JUSTNAFA


GUIFUREN FUR SQUARE ROCKS HARBIN The Heilongjiang television station was the venue once again for Guifuren Fur Square’s annual winter extravaganza fur festival in Harbin, China. Over 1,600 people gathered for the special event held on November 8, 2011, in Asia’s largest television sound studio. This yearly gala has grown in both size and status each year with an extended television viewership of over 15 million people. Four television channels in the province of Heilongjiang will air the show several times over the course of the winter season in prime time spots, beaming the program into the adjacent provinces of Liaoning and Jilin. This area is often referred to as the “golden triangle” of China’s retail fur industry with estimates of 250,000 to 500,000 fur garments being sold annually. NAFA has been active in northeast China since the early 1990’s and the NAFA brand is the most recognized label by fur consumers. Guifuren’s evening of entertainment exploded with highly choreographed dance routines and high-energy performances by Hong Kong, Taiwanese and mainland pop stars. NAFA joined in the celebration with four scenes intermingled with the celebrity entertainment. From the fabulous collection of chic NAFA Mink coats to the fun and sensual looks in NAFA Fox and NAFA Northern wild furs, the audience showed pleasure throughout with applause indicating their favorites. The breath-taking finale of models floating down the glitter strewn catwalk in Black NAFA mink to join Hong Kong star Wakin Chau for his finale song “The Heart of the Flower” left many saying the show ended all too quickly.



贵夫人皮草广场震撼哈尔滨 贵夫人皮草广场年度冬季皮草盛大发布会再次在黑龙江电视台演播厅 举行。2011年11月8日,超过1600名嘉宾齐聚一堂,在这个亚洲面积最大 的演播厅中共享裘皮盛宴。 这个一年一度的大型发布会每年都在其规模和影响 力上不断提升,今年将观赏到这个节目的电视观众预 计将超过1千5百万人。黑龙江电视台四个频道将在 整个冬季黄金时间段反复播出,届时节目还将覆盖 相邻的辽宁省和吉林省。 这个地区经常被称为“中国裘皮零售业的金三角”。 每年,裘皮服装的零售总数预计达到了25万到50万 件左右。自从20世纪90年代以来,NAFA一直在中国 东北地区积极推广毛皮,NAFA品牌已经成为消费 者最为认可的品牌。 整个晚会,来自香港,台湾以及大陆的著名歌手和编 排精美的舞蹈相穿插,不断掀起高潮。NAFA通过展 示四个系列的服装和整个晚会溶为一体。 从最为亮丽的NAFA Mink款式别致的水貂服 装,到充满美感的NAFA Fox银狐服装以及NAFA Northern野生皮服装,整个晚上,观众们不断地报 以热烈的掌声,清晰地表达着他们的最爱。当最后一 组模特身穿Black NAFA天然黑色水貂服装, 和着著名歌手周花健的“花心”的歌声,走上铺满水晶亮片的 舞台的时候,其魅力夺走了观众的呼吸,很多观众都说这个晚会结束地太快了。





ELLE PHOTO SHOOT GARNERS ACCOLADES FROM MEDIA ELLE精品摄影赢得媒体喝彩 Each summer NAFA invites fashion editors from the most respected international fashion magazines to collaborate on a unique fashion shoot.

每年夏天,NAFA都会邀 请一些国际知名时尚杂 志的时装编辑进行非常 独特的精品摄影。



In 2011, editors from China, Russia and Korea traveled to Toronto to create a fur fashion editorial for their magazine. This year, the China Elle photo session with NAFA resulted in special recognition by “Fashion Gone Rogue”. This is an online magazine in which industry professionals review and comment on what is the latest and trendiest in fashion and talent. The editorial, entitled “The Ice Queen” was photographed by Chris Nicolls and styled by Hubert Chen. Supermodel Tara Gill was the epitome of this icy queen depicting luxury and sensuality that is unattainable by a mere commoner. The outstanding Black NAFA and luxury NAFA Northern furs added to the mystery and intrigue of the shoot. The images tell the story best. 2012年,来自中国,俄罗斯和韩国的编辑们为各自杂志创作了一 期裘皮时尚专栏。今年,中国Elle和NAFA合作的时尚大片获得 了“Fashion Gone Rogue”特别认可。这是一个网络杂志,业界 专业人士通过这个窗口来评论什么是最新和最流行的时尚和有 才能的人士。 这个时尚大片专栏,主题为“极地酷感”,由 Chris Nicolls担任 摄影师,由陈嘉担任造型师。超模Tara Gill塑造了冰雪皇后的 经典形象, 描述出一个平常人所无法获得奢华和美感。 Black NAFA 极其亮丽的天然黑色水貂和NAFA Northern奢 华野生皮更加为本次拍摄增加了神秘,引人入胜。所有的照片 是最好的证明。



NAFA APPOINTS NEW MARKETING AGENT NAFA 任命市场新代理 In a continued effort to give buyers the best service possible, NAFA has announced the addition of another agent to the China marketing team. Ms. Si Yang Wang officially joined NAFA in November following the completion of her bachelor degree at Beijing’s Wuzi University. Ms. Wang has previous experience with NAFA through her work on Canadian visa applications for the 2010 and 2011 auction seasons. She has been an integral part in this season’s work as well. Based in Beijing, Ms. Wang works closely with Lumin Yao, Marketing Director for China, along with Dragon Hu and Gianni Jiang. All of NAFA’s agents are available to assist buyers with visa applications and general marketing information. 为了继续能够为客户提供最优质服务,NAFA中国市场工作小组最近增加了一名新成员,汪思杨在基本完成 北京物资大学的本科学习之后,于11月正式加入NAFA。 汪思杨曾经于2010年度和2011年度的签证期间为NAFA工作。她已经成为今年签证工作非常重要的一个组 成部分。 汪思杨将立足北京,与中国市场总监姚路敏以及胡肖龙和姜涛紧密合作。NAFA所有代理都将协助客户申请 加拿大签证,并且提供基本情况的咨询。

Canadian Visa Applications Updated 加拿大签证申请最新动态 On January 15, 2011, the Canadian Embassy revised its visa application forms. The new forms require more personal details about the applicant and are stricter in the presentation of the forms. These new changes have resulted in longer preparation time for the NAFA team to help customers apply for their Canadian visas. Ms. Lumin Yao, Marketing Director of China, advised, “The new forms adopt more high tech applications into the whole process. There is a bar code page in the main application form that requires all the information in this document to be completed accurately prior to the applicant signing the bar code page. The family forms must be in data format and can no longer be handwritten. On a positive note, the Canadian government has recognized the busy schedules of many applicants and have begun to issue visas with longer validity periods for those with a travel history to Canada as well as those who provide extensive documentation.” Ms. Yao emphasized that, as in previous years, the NAFA team will work diligently to support customers with their visa applications. By closely monitoring updates and workloads, they provide a more efficient means to meet the new requirements. 从2011年1月15日开始,加拿大大使馆更新了其签证申请表格。新表格对申请人的个人信息要求更加具体,同 时对于表格的准备要求也更加严格。这些新变化都使NAFA小组需要更多的时间来准备客户的签证申请材料。 NAFA中国事务总监姚路敏女士介绍说: “在整个申请过程中,新表格结合了更多的科技因素。比如说,申请 主表现在结合了条形码, 这要求我们在填写表格的时候,必须要把申请人的所有信息全部准确无误地填写 完毕,然后才能打印出条形码一页,客户才可以签字。家庭表现在也要求必须电脑打印,不再接受手写的表格。 但是,对广大客户来说,一个非常好的消息就是,加拿大政府已经认识到我们客户行程经常非常繁忙,因此 他们对那些曾经去过加拿大的客户或者是准备材料非常充分的第一次申请人开始签发有效期更长的签证。 “ 姚路敏强调,NAFA工作小组将一如既往地努力为客户的签证申请提供帮助。通过不断地关注使馆的最新进 展,采用更加有效的方式,在满足使馆最新要求的基础上继续为客户提供更好的服务。



2012 Auction

total mink OfferING 3.3 Million mink Plus The World’s Finest & Largest Wild Fur Collection Selling From February 16 to February 19, 2012:

Sapphire 115,000 Blue Iris 125,000 Violet 25,000 Silverblue 80,000 Pearl 120,000 White 100,000 Pastel 120,000 Unique Mutations 35,000 Black Mink 1,120,000 Mahogany 590,000 Demi/Wild 870,000 Silver & Mutation Fox 13,500 Canadian Sable 65,000

Selling From February 20 to February 22, 2012: 16


Musquash 360,000 Otter 8,000 Wild Mink 48,000 Raccoon 425,000 Beaver 90,000 Fisher 12,000 Lynx Cat 6,500 Lynx 3,500 Coyote 68,000 Wild Red Fox 24,000 Wild Grey Fox 11,500 Misc. Wild Fox 1,300 Squirrel 15,000 Ermine 20,000 Badger 2,000 Opossum 40,000 Skunk & Ringtail 9,000 Wolverine 125 Timber Wolf 575 Bears 200



3百30万水貂 以及世界上最优质,数量最大的野生毛皮系列

2012年2月16日- 19日将拍卖:

蓝宝石貂 铁灰貂 紫罗兰貂 银蓝貂 珍珠貂 白貂 浅咖啡貂 特殊彩貂 本黑水貂 深咖啡貂 中咖啡貂 银狐/变种狐 加拿大紫貂

115,000 125,000 25,000 80,000 120,000 100,000 120,000 35,000 1,120,000 590,000 870,000 13,500 65,000

2012年2月20日- 2月22日

麝鼠 水獭 野生水貂 浣熊 海狸 渔貂 猞猁猫 猞猁 郊狼 野生红狐 野生灰狐 各种野生狐狸 松鼠 白鼬 獾 负鼠 臭鼬和环尾锚 狼獾 木狼 熊

360,000 8,000 48,000 425,000 90,000 12,000 6,500 3,500 68,000 24,000 11,500 1,300 15,000 20,000 2,000 40,000 9,000 125 575 200 JUSTNAFA



Just NAFA 2012, 01 Chinese edition