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Location Recce Name:  Luc  Wybourn-­‐Whyte Date:  24/02/11

Production Title:  Guinness  Advert

In the  pub

At the  table

In the  pub,  I  chose  a  table  opposite  the  bar.  This  is  because  I  am  able  to  capture  the  bar  on  the  background  with  the  stools  and  have   a  pub  table  as  my  advert  is  set  in  a  pub.  The  reason  I  placed  the  scene  im  this  particular  area  of  the  pub  is  so  that  I  can  not  only  get   the  bar  in  but  also  all  of  the  advertising  at  the  bar.  This  area  of  the  pub  was  also  easier  to  Jilm  at  as  there  were  less  stalls  that  could   possibley  trip  people  up  or  tangle  wires  up.  I  also  felt  that  the  lighting  was  very  good  here  as  there  is  a  window  behind  the  table,   making  the  area  high  key  which  is  what  I  wanted.

At the  bar

I chose  this  shot  as  it  does  not  expose  too  many  posters,  only  one  on  the  bar  which  I  can  replace  in Post-­‐Production.  I  needed  the  bad  guy  to  be  at  the  bar,  but  I  didnt  want  to  be  in  the  main  section  of  the   pub.  This  is  because  of  risks  of  blocking  paths  for  people  in  the  pub. Outside  the  pub

In my  script,  Joe  runs  after  Tom  and  outside  the  pub.  So  I  oviously  chose  the  outside  ofthe  pub   to  Jilm  this  scene.  Although  Jinding  the  right  place  for  the  camera  to  be  was  hard  as  out  side   the  pub  was  a  road.  So,  because  of  saftey  reasons,  I  couldnt  Jilm  in  the  middle  of  the  road,  so  I   decided  to  Jilm  on  the  other  side  of  the  road  on  the  pavement.  I  chose  to  keep  the  camera  static   due  to  cars  parked  on  the  road  would  get  in  the  way  of  the  action.

Around the  corner

In order  to  Jind  somewhere  for  Tom  to  lay  down  without  getting  hurt  wasn't  difJicult  as   it  was  either  the  pavement,  the  road,  or  a  railway  crossing.  So  I  chose  the  pavement  for   Tom’s  safety.

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