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Presentation of our Department

Luc Vrielinck Afdeling Mond-,Kaak- en Aangezichtsheelkunde Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, Genk

Staff dr. C. Politis

dr. L. Vrielinck

dr. S. Schepers

Dr. J. Orye


Oral and maxillofacial surgery St Jans Clinic Genk (7 units)  St Barbara Clinic Lanaken  Ziekenhuis Maas-Kempen Bree  Ziekenhuis Maas Kempen Maaseik 

Private practice Hospitaalstraat (2 units)  Face2Face 11 units (April 2011) 

Other Activities

Prof. Dr. C. Politis is appointed at the University of Hasselt (medicine, and biomedical engineers) Prof. Dr. S. Schepers is appointed at the University of Gent Dr. Luc Vrielinck was:  Consultant for NobelBiocare (NobelGuide™ and zygoma implants)  Consultant for Materialise (SurgiGuide™, Safe System™)

Dr. Luc Vrielinck is Coordinator of plan2smile

 

Disclosure: APORIS 

Applied Oral Radiology & Innovative Systems   

Spin-off University of Hasselt Research activities in 3D and cone-beam scan Fabrication of Medical devices 

Orthognatic wafers AporisGuide (implant guides) 

Standard Zygomatic implants

Tooth transplantation guide

Orthognatic wafers    

Cone beam scan data patient Optical scan plaster casts (currently) Simulation of osteotomy in 3D Individualised wafer printing

Aporis Guide ď Ž

Bone supported drill guide

Transplantation guide

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