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Why keep a sleeper or other truck in idle for long periods of time to just enjoy the comfort of heat? With Espar Airtronic models, getting out of idle is easy, efficient and helps prevent the wear and tear running a truck constantly can present. What is an Espar Airtronic? Espar is one of the leading manufacturers of auxiliary truck heaters. While trucks come with their own onboard heating systems, running them when a vehicle isn’t in motion can be a tricky proposition. For those with sleeper cabins or those who find themselves in need of heat for off road use, this can be a problem. When an Espar Airtronic is put into action, this auxiliary heater does the work without putting wear on the engine or battery. Drawing only a modest 12 volts of power and using just .07 gph of diesel fuel, the Espar ensures passengers and the driver are comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside.

The Espar Airtronic is a freestanding add-on that works with most truck types. Selfcontained with its own installation kit and Espar parts, the Espar is fairly easy to install and delivers all the power truckers need to stay warm when it’s anything but outside. 

Who Can Benefit from an Espar Airtronic?

Espar Airtronic models are typically used by those with truck sleepers or anyone that just wants access to auxiliary heat. This model is a great addition for such situations as:

Overnight stays in rest stops when on the road.

Overnight camping trips and other occasions where the need for heat will be constant for a several-hour period without the vehicle actually being in motion.

Morning warm up to make a truck cabin more comfortable for the ride ahead.

In addition to saving on wear and tear, the Espar is more energy efficient and can help truckers improve their bottom line by conserving the fuel needed to keep an on-board heater running for extended periods of time. There’s just no reason to face the cold with a costly, on-board heater along when the Espar Airtroniccan make all the difference.

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