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Meet Guardian速, the direct replacement for your conventional oils and greases for food applications. Use Guardian Food Machinery Hydraulic, Gear Oils, and Greases to ensure solid protection and performance reliability for longer life of your equipment.

NSF H-1 registered.

It is critical to the success of your food processing plant to make food safety the #1 priority without sacrificing improved efficiency and increased productivity. With Guardian Food Machinery Hydraulic, Gear Oils, and Greases you can have the best of all worlds. No need to de-rate hydraulic system pressures or slow down your equipment. Guardian FM Hydraulic Oil

Guardian FM Gear Oil

Guardian FM Greases

Guardian Food Machinery Hydraulic Oil offers performance equal to conventional premium industrial AW hydraulic oil and is used in a variety of applications where hydraulic fluid is required. The robustness built into this oil means that it can be applied virtually anywhere you would use conventional hydraulic oil. No misapplication. In almost all applications, Guardian FM Hydraulic Oil allows you to operate your hydraulic systems at OEM-recommended operating conditions just like you would with a premium industrial AW hydraulic oil.

Guardian Food Machinery Gear Oil is fortified with food grade antiwear agents and a tackiness agent to provide maximum antiwear and clinging characteristics so it can withstand rust and oxidation and stays thick at high temperature.

Guardian FM Grease is an Aluminum-Complex thickened grease, formulated with food grade base oils. It has a higher dropping point and excellent rust protection as compared to conventional aluminum-complex greases and meets the NSF H1 requirement.

Guardian FM Gear Oil offers better or equal performance to industrial gear oils in a number of areas, including oxidation stability and scuffing protection. Guardian prolongs gear life and provides outstanding scuffing protection as demonstrated by its performance in the FZG Scuffing test. It can be used in applications both above and below the food line and does not thin out or thicken from oxidation at high temperatures.

Guardian Crystal FM Grease is a unique synthetic grease formulated from synthetic base oils and a proprietary “in-organic” silica thickener system. It has a high amount of EP and Adhesive additives that give it a High Load capability, no dropping point and is a no-melt type of grease. It has a unique transparent color.

Guardian offers premium anti-wear protection against higher pressure and operating temperatures for improved pump durability, foam control, rust protection and sludge control. Guardian FM Hydraulic Oil offers performance equal to a conventional premium Industrial AW Hydraulic Oil

Guardian FM Gear Oil offers performance equal to a conventional premium Industrial Gear Oil

Performance Standard

Guardian FM Grease

Guardian Crystal FM Grease

Performance Standard

Premium Industrial AW Hydraulic Oil

Guardian FM Hydraulic Oil

Performance Standard

Premium Industrial Gear Oil

Guardian FM Gear Oil




DIN 51524:2 EATON I-286-S ParkerDenison HF-1 ParkerDenison HF-2 FZG, 12 Load Stage Pass ASTM D943 TOST Life, Hours 4 Ball wear, mg (ISO 32) Seal Compatibility Ashless NSF H-1, Kosher, Halal

Yes Yes Yes Yes Some 4,000 0.49 Yes No No

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 10,000 0.45 Yes Yes Yes


Aluminum Complex


DIN 51517:3





Clear , Transparent

AIST 224






AGMA 9005-E02


Yes, up to ISO 100

Worked Penetration@ 77 o F





AGMA Viscosity Grades FZG , 12 Stage Load Pass

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Seal Compatibility



NSF H-1, Kosher, Halal



Guardian FM Hydraulic and Gear Oils offer very good seal compatibility. Controlling lubricant leakage is critical in Food and Beverage Processing. Using lubricants that are not compatible with seals can lead to lubricant leakage which can contaminate food, creating a messy workplace, and increasing the need to add makeup oil. Shortened seal life increases the risk of external contaminants entering the hydraulic system and gear box. Abrasive particles from deteriorated seals can also accelerate wear.


Dropping Point, F o

Base Oil : cSt @ 40 C



Oil separation, wt %



Timken OK load



4 Ball wear test, mm



Our Guardian Crystal FM Grease family also includes: • Guardian Crystal Blue FM Grease 2: Blue in color and has Timken OK Load capability (EP) of 40 lbs minimum • Guardian Crystal Extreme FM Grease 2: Red in color and has Timken OK Load capability (EP) of 70 lbs minimum




Guardian helps eliminate pump cavitation by reducing the air in the oil for better equipment efficiency.

Scuffing Wear Test

Foam control for extended pump life and improved housekeeping.

Provides an extra layer of protection to reduce wear on critical parts.

Oil with poor foam control


Guardian oil with low foam


Guardian helps reduce sludge to extend pump and filter life, reduce downtime and provide faster hydraulic system response time. Guardian FM Hydraulic Oil reduces tendency to filter plugging through the life of your hydraulic equipment. Superior sludge / deposit control results from our ability to stabilize the thermal and oxidative qualities of the oil. 80

Guardian helps control wear to increase your pump and gear box durability. Guardian provides outstanding protection against scuffing in hydraulic pumps and gear boxes as demonstrated by its performance in the FZG Scuffing test: 12 load Stage Pass.


A key indicator of fluids’ ability to control wear is its performance in controlled pump testing. Guardian FM Hydraulic Oil maintains strong wear protection comparable to premium industrial AW Hydraulic Oil, giving you the confidence for extended pump durability.

Pump Wear, mg - Denison T6H20C 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

Guardian FM Hydraulic Oil

Premium Industrial AW Hydraulic Oil

Sludge, mg - ASTM D 2070

60 40


performance limit: 25mg

20 0

Dirty Filter Pad

Clean Filter Pad

Guardian FM Hydraulic Oil

Premium Industrial AW Hydraulic Oil

Commercial Food Grade Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic and Gear oils that control oxidation and associated viscosity increase help reduce system deposits, maintain lower operating temperatures and extend fluid life.


Rust protection even in constantly wet environments.

Oxidation Life, hours - ASTM D 943

Proprietary corrosion test

Viscosity Increase, % - ASTM 2893 performance limit: 6%


Even in more severe environments such as salt water, Guardian reduces the detrimental effects of corrosion on your equipment.

Guardian provides longer fluid life resulting from its long oxidation life and control of viscosity increase.

Commercial Food Grade Hydraulic Oil Failing

Guardian FM Hydraulic Oil Passing

Premium Industrial AW Hydraulic Oil Passing

10,000 hours

Guardian FM Hydraulic Oil


% 4,000 hours


Premium Industrial AW Hydraulic Oil

Guardian FM Gear Oil

Industrial Gear Oil

Guardian Food Machinery Hydraulic and Gear Oils • • • • • • • •

Provide superior wear and corrosion protection without sacrificing performance and efficiency Increase equipment reliability Improve productivity Reduce contamination risks Excellent oxidation and thermal stability ( >10,000 hrs. D943 life) Proven hydraulic pump protection at 4000 psi Guardian’s Hydraulic Oil protects vane and piston pumps Guardian’s Hydraulic Oil technology is OEM approved by – Eaton I-286-S, Denison HF-1, HF-2 -- and meets the requirements of DIN 51524-2 • Guardian’s Gear Oil meets the requirements of DIN 51517-3

THE CONFIDENCE TO STAY SAFE Regulatory Profile: • Registered H-1 by NSF International for incidental food contact • Guardian is certified against various religious dietary standards for preparing Kosher and Halal food • All components comply with FDA 21 DFR 178.3570

Where can Guardian Hydraulic and Gear Oils be used? GEAR HYDRAULIC • Worm gears on industrial equipment requiring food grade gear oils • Industrial bronze gears • Spiral bevel and double reduction gears • Moderately loaded industrial spur, herringbone, helical and bevel gear sets • Flexible couplings • Can be used in applications both above and below the food line • For use in mist applications not requiring mist control • For use in rotary steamers and valves up to 300°F • Complies with 172.878 of title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. (FDA)

• Recommended for vane, gear, and piston type hydraulic pumps operating over 1000 psi • Also recommended for hydraulic pumps operating at lower than 1000 psi • Widely used in bakery, beverage, canning and meat packing operations as well as plastic injection molding machines, circulating systems, and hydraulic control systems for food grade applications • Used in lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings, airline lubricators, reciprocating air compressors, and moderately loaded gear sets • Meets all major hydraulic pump manufacturers

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