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elbaniatsuS i n t e r ior since2009 #oohhcollection #vancekitiraeurope Green Ch o eci L übechLivinggniviLhcebüL Christmas Collection 2023

Mindful christmas décor

Presenting the OOhh Christmas collection! Featuring beautiful designs in eco-friendly materials like Pulp paper, Zero Waste paper, EcoFelt, wood, hessian, and Zero Waste Wool.

Experience the holiday spirit with updated traditional shapes and symbols that blend seamlessly with any home décor. Discover the beauty of subtle colors and charming OOhh details.

The OOhh products are handmade and therefore all unique. As a result, colors and sizes may vary slightly from the text and photos.

Made from excess paper in our own production Zero Waste Pulp Paper Zero Waste Christmas H8 cm H13 / H17 / H21 cm W10 x H15 cm W10 x H15 cm H20 / H24 / H30 cm BLK BLK BLK BOV BOV BOV NAT NAT WH WH Colors Colors Colors XPB8BLK Box with 6 pcs XPB8NAT Box with 6 pcs XPB8WH Box with 6 pcs XPB8BOV Box with 6 pcs Thank you Congratulations * Also available in refills With love * Tree * Heart * XP3S Set of 3 GCARD Display box with 60 greeting cards / 12 cards pr. design (4 of each color) Refills 12 pcs / 4 of each color
XP3L Set of 3 Set of 12 / 4 of each design 3 by Lübech Living Produced of old newspapers GRT by Lübech Living
The 5 designs
Zero Waste Christmas Decor 4
Waste Wool Excess wool from glerups’ production
H9 cm H9 cm H9 cm WXT12 WS WXT18 WH H12 cm H18 cm WT Colors Colors BLU GRN GY CHAR
use leftover wool and leather from the glerups’ shoe production to create this warm Nordic inspired Christmas collection. & Made from excess paper in our own production Zero Waste Paper XZT Set of 2 D8 x H9 / D7,5 x H12 cm XZC3 Set of 3 XZ12 Set of 12 / 4 of each design Ornaments: H9 cm, Box: D: 11,5 x 5,5 cm D4 x H8 cm / D5 x H11 / D5 x H16 cm BLK BLK BLK RD RD RD NAT NAT NAT WH WH WH Colors Colors Colors by Lübech Living eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL Handmade Handmade eciohcneerG iLhcebüLiv n g 5 by Lübech Living
Repurposing excess materials for new creations



Triangle Trees

ECO-felt (100% recycled plastic) FTT15 FTT25 FTT20 H15 cm H20 cm H25cm GY WH Colors
ECO-felt (100% recycled plastic) XFSS Stars L: 150 cm L: 150 cm XFST Trees BLK GY WH Colors H9 cm XFO3 Set of 3
ECO-felt (100% recycled plastic) L11,5 x W11,5 cm (Figurines: 8 cm) FX8 Set of 8 / 2 of each design BLK BLK GY WH WH Colors Colors BLK GY WH Colors Reduced price Recycled Plastic 100% 6

Foldable Trees & Stars

FXT and XFS series are shipped flat packed.


Hessian Trees, Stars & Ornaments

(100% recycled plastic) FXT15 FXT25 FXT20 H15cm H20 cm H25 cm BLK GY WH Colors XFS1 Set of 3 H8 / H10,5 / H13,5 cm H13,5 / H17 cm XFS2 Set of 2 BLK BLK BLK GY GY GY WH WH WH Colors Colors Colors H9,5 / H12,5 / H15,5 cm H9,5 / H12,5 / H15,5 cm
ECO-felt (100% recycled plastic) w/wooden base FR Set of 3 FT Set of 3 Reduced price
Hessian material H10 / H15 / H20 cm XHT3 Set of 3 BLK WN Colors Colors Colors XHS1 Set of 3 H8 / H11 / H14 cm BLK NAT WN H8 cm XH8 Set of 8 / 2 of each design BLK NAT WN
7 by Lübech Living

Windy trees

Wooden Trees

Advent Numbers

XPB9 XPC9 H9 cm H9 cm WN BLK NAT WH Colors BLK NAT WH Colors 100% recycled paper | Metal wire with 100% recycled paper stars
Colors D18 / D23 / D28 cm BLK NAT WH Colors WH BLK GRN
Ball, Cone,
H17 / H21 / H26 cm XWT Set of 3 Handmade Ceramics with matte finish / sand finish produced using solar energy WN4 Set of 4 numbers BLK NAT WH Colors Wood with elastic band
H4,5 cm
Mahogany wood WOT Set of 3 H7 / H10 / H16 cm BDX BLK Colors 8

Christmas time is candle time

Discover the joy of Christmas with our remarkable collection of clean, pure candles. Just like our loyal retailers, you can curate a delightful assortment that enhances your customers’ indoor environment during the holiday season.

Immerse yourself in the cozy glow and gentle flicker of our carefully crafted candles, bringing a touch of festive cheer to your cherished celebrations. Join our esteemed retailers on a journey to evoke nostalgic emotions and craft exceptional moments that will leave lasting memories.

Choose to embrace the enchantment of the holiday season with our clean, pure candles, and embark on a wondrous adventure filled with delightful candlelight.

“Celebrate Life, Light a Candle” - Vance Kitira

Handmade candles

Our retailers say:

“My customers really like the story but especially the colors, long burn hours and the fact that they are allergy friendly are of great importance to them.”

- Blomstertanken, Gilleleje

“Customers who start using Vance Kitira candles always come back for more. I have my regular customers who buy the candles because of asthma in the family.”

- Balsalen, Århus

9 Europe

“As a brand we have seen our image stronger under Lübech Living marketing and distribution.”

Certified clean candles

Hand poured certified candles with no emission of harmful or cancer causing particles.

Vance Kitira was established in 1993 by Thai forester Vance Kitira. The success behind the brand is derived by Vance’s own love for nature and his unique ability to translate it into fashionable products, while protecting nature and its inhabitants in return - and the belief that ecofriendly is far from equal to high prices.

iDue to the very pure paraffin the candles are made of, their burn hours are much longer than you will experience with regular candles.


Calender Candles

Candles made from foodgrade paraffin - w/ embossed numbers

Candle Holder

Powder coated candle holder - For CL30, CT2004, CT2006 and CT2008

Calender Candles

Candles made from foodgrade paraffin

Advent Numbers

Candles made from foodgrade paraffin

Candle Holder Church Candles

Powder coated candle holder - For CC30 and CLC

D8,5 x H3
x H4
WH BOV D5 x H30 cm CL30
WN4 Set of 4 numbers
D4xH30 cm Holder: D8,5 x H3 cm
Calender Candle
holder CWR9 Calender Candle w/ holder D4 x H30 cm CC30 GY SAG D4 x H30 cm CLC WH GY WH GY WN WN PG PG WH WH BOV
D4xH30 cm Holder: D8,5 x H3 cm BLK
Candle w/ holder NAT WH Colors WH Wood with elastic band GY
Candle: D5 x H30 cm
D9,5 x H4 cm Candle:
CCWR30 Church
SAG H4,5 cm Colors Colors 11 Europe

Timber Candles - 12 sizes and 42 colors

Important facts

Asthma and allergy friendly

Certified clean candles - tested at SGS labortory

Average sooting procent: 0,01%

Very long burn hours

Odor free and smokeless

Premium food grade paraffin - REACH certified

Hand poured

Through colored

Fine dyes from Germany

100% cotton wicks from the US


Wine WN Red Sorbet RS Cranberry CRB Raspberry RAS Rose Taupe RT Candles handmade from premium food grade paraffin Snow White SW Melon White MW Wheat WT Pine Green PG Burnt Olive BOV Cane Sugar CS Moonlight MOON Sage SAG Aloe Vera ALOE Moss Green MOSS Champagne CHAM Straw STR Soft Pink SP Cherry Blossom CHBL Ocean Mist OM Hunting Green HG
CleanCerti edCandles gniviLhcebüL eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL LongBurn Hours LongBurn Hours eciohcneerG iLhcebüLiv n g
Coral COR
Citrus CIT
RB Elderberry ELD
CT444* CT245 CT2004 CT2006 CT2008* CT246 CT247 CT248* CT315* CT318* D11 x 10 cm 85-130 bh D5 x 10 cm 35-50 bh D5 x 15 cm 40-60 bh D5 x 20 cm 48-70 bh D8 x 7,5 cm 52-75 bh D8 x 15 cm 100-150 bh D8 x 23 cm 180-270 bh D8 x 30 cm 245-365 bh D9,5 x 38 cm 350-400 bh D11 x 45 cm 450-675 bh D7,5 x 10 cm 40-60 bh CT400* D2,25 x H31 cm 15-18 bh CT120 Pair of 2 L58 x H58 x W11 cm C1500 Candle stand/48 hooks Diameter 5 cm Diameter 8,25 cm Taper Candles Special Sizes Limited color range. Find color/size information online shop.lubechliving.com * Grey GY Ocra OC Petroleum PET Taupe TP Smoky Grey SMKG Misty Blue MB Blue Ocean BLO Insignia Blue IB Toffee Brown TB Brick BRI Brown Granite BG Charcoal CHAR New 13 Europe
Mango Sorbet MS
Pink Sand
Rustic Brown
Mauve Taupe MT







VK4, VK8, VK9, VK18, VK23, VK11

See page 33

See page 31 CL8, CL12, WCL


See page 31

iTo avoid smoke when putting out the candles, it’s important to use the Candle Extinguisher or Candle Snuffer (for taper candles).

D7 x H15cm
RT306 Candle w/ hand painted metallic gold finish Hand Painted
CV1212 Set of 12 H4 cm 10 bh SW MW MW MOON SMKG Colors Colors WN MOON BOV HG
Set of 20 H4 cm Burn hrs. 10
Candles made from foodgrade paraffin CV2020
Candle Extinguisher L10
Extinguisher/Snuffer Powder Coated VKXBLK
Candle Snuffer L16,5xH4

Color inspiration

Enjoy our easy-to-match candles. The textured surface of the candles makes the colors effortless to mix and match. Be creative, use your imagination, or get inspired by our examples underneath, on social media, or on our webshop.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need guidance to create a beautiful color story that is just right for your audience.

Northern Beach: Colors from top to bottom: BLO, TB, CHAM, MW

Vintage Meadows: Colors from top to bottom: SP, SAG, MOSS, TB, SW

Seasonal colors

Shadowed Essence: Colors from top to bottom: SMKG, GY, CHAR, TB, BOV

Harvest Nostalgia: Colors from top to bottom: MW, CHAM, TB, CS

Mix and match with our new color

Toffee Brown

Choose between 42 Timber colorsthe combination of colors and number of colors is infinite

Cheerful Traditions: Colors from top to bottom: SAG, HG, WN, SW, TB

Share you favorite combination with us


15 Europe

Make a green choice online at

Shop by following the symbols

On our webshop, the symbols make it fast and easy to see the green values behind every single product. Therefore it is easy for you to choose based on your sustainable values.

Our transparency makes it easy for you to make green choices.



Asthma and Allergy Friendly Dishwasher Safe Clean Certified Candles Food Safe Oven Safe Waterproof
symbols Long Burn Hours Recycled Materials Sustainable Production Zero Waste Biodegradable Handmade eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL Biodegradable iLhcebüLiv n g eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL Handmade Handmade eciohcneerG iLhcebüLiv n g eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL SocialResponsibility eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL Solar Energy iLhcebüLiv n g Eco-nested eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL iLhcebüLiv n g eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL Zero Waste iLhcebüLiv n g Oven Safe gniviLhcebüL Waterproof gniviLhcebüL Sustainable Production eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL Sustainable Production eciohcneerG CleanCerti edCandles gniviLhcebüL Food Safe gniviLhcebüL eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL Recycled Materials gniviLhcebüL Asthmaand AllergyFriendl y DishwasherSafe gniviLhcebüL eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL LongBurn Hours LongBurn Hours eciohcneerG iLhcebüLiv n g Social Responsibility Solar Energy Eco-Nested 16

Welcome to our sustainable universe, where a team of exceptional individuals awaits you. With their expertise, passion, and dedication, they are committed to delivering unforgettable and inspiring experiences. Get ready to embark on a journey like no other.

We measure the quality of our service by looking at the smiles on your faces. If the smile is big, our quality is right where we want it to be.

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