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SEPTEMBER 2008 • Issue 3

a useful guide to children’s growth

Dear Parents... We welcome you to our third newsletter, the autumn issue. Now that the kids will be going back to school you can have some more ‘ME’ time, so you can enjoy our newsletter better. We would like to thank you for the positive response towards our newsletter. It is very satisfactory to receive letters from you showing us that you have enjoyed our newsletter. In our third issue, we are going to highlight further important subjects which you will find interesting. In our celebrity corner, we have a very interesting article from Diane Micallef (Singer from Corkskrew) talking about her lovely little boy, Nico. The Chicco pages will feature topics about your baby’s delicate skin, how to bath your child as well as the hot topic of lice, since now brothers and sisters will be going back to school. The Plasmon pages will be tackling sleep as well as bringing you a tasty recipe for your baby. During the next three issues the Plasmon pages will also be highlighting the developmental milestones that your baby should go through. The SMA area will be tackling special milk problems and interesting tips on how to change your baby’s diaper. We hope that you like it and do feel free to send us any suggestions about topics which you would like us to tackle in our next issues by sending us an email on

happy reading! Vivian Corporation Sanitas Buildings Tower Street, Msida MSD 1824 Tel: 2134 4610 / 2134 4616 Email:


the Maltese Rock Band Corkskrew m o r f e Dian

Anyone who knew me prior to motherhood would have vouched I would not have lasted more than two days at home with a baby. I have decidedly proved everyone wrong!

Nothing nicer could have crowned my love for my birthday month other than the birth of my son, Nico, bang on Christmas Day! I have gradually evolved from a crazy singer/ teacher, working round-the clock persona, to a calm, stayhome, full-time, besotted mum. Unfortunately, with so much pressure to be ‘super mum’ these days, I find that some people assume an almost snobbish aversion towards women who, like me, have put their careers on hold to take care of their little ones. It’s not as if I’m sitting around watching daytime TV! I truly believe I’m taking care of the most important, and difficult, client of all. I’m not saying that the change in ‘status’ is always smooth. I spent the entire run of my pregnancy reading about baby bathing, feeding, and sleep routines, but like all mums before me can attest to, nothing quite prepares you to life with a baby. Baby care can be gruelling, relentless and after the 6th nappy change, downright boring; especially in the early days! Luckily there’s plenty to help pave the way to easier parenting nowadays, and Vivian Corporation do a great job in importing reliable products that insecure first-time mums, like me, feel they can trust. Although, I breastfed my baby exclusively for the first 6 months, I was panic-stricken when my 8-week old baby refused to drink from a baby’s bottle anymore. I was determined he should learn in case of emergency. Mums in my position need not despair! Luckily, Chicco produce

the Well-Being feeding bottle which fussy breastfed babies, like mine, seem to take to. Come the hot summer months, I was extremely glad when my husband found that Chicco produce a full range of SunCare products that can be used from birth. I was happier still to discover the Zanza No range of mosquito repellants which, in my opinion, are the best way to go, if you are not too keen on slapping nasty chemical xenobiotics onto your little ones. We’re at the first stages of weaning now, and with such a wide range of Plasmon baby foods, and plates and cups

and spoons available, I’m sure that Nico and I are going to have plenty of fun and many messy gummy grins! With my little man having hit the 7 month mark, I can already look at the first months with the rosy tint of hindsight. My Christmas cherub is no longer a helpless biological curiosity, but a naughty, bouncy boy who is growing up too fast. This is no time to pine nostalgically over my former Corkskrew singing days. It’s a brief period in my life to enjoy, and my Nico, papa Gordon and I are doing just that!


mums-to-be held very soon e b ll i w

No More Lice

We Recommend Prevention

It is soon time to get ready to go back to school, one of the things that parents want to ensure is that their child will not be infested with lice. Infestations of lice are becoming widespread throughout the world, including Malta. Lice cannot fly, jump or swim, they only spread by passing from head to head. Anyone with hair can become infested, but the presence of lice is particularly common among schoolage children, between the 4 and 13 years of age. This is when their heads often come into contact, both at school and at play. Some tips for: Diagnosis, Inspection of the Head, Prevention and Treatment Diagnosis and Inspection • Carefully inspect the head under adequate light and using a fine toothed comb,

paying particular attention to the areas near the nape of the neck and the ears; • Adult lice move quickly and often camouflage themselves by assuming a color similar to the child’s hair colour. They are difficult to see while the nits (eggs) are easier to identify; • The presence of nits is, therefore, the most immediate sign for correct diagnosis. They stand out from the dandruff because of their pearl gray color, oval shape and above all because they are solidly anchored to the base of the hair.

Head Lice Life Cycle The Life Cycle of head louse consists of three stages: Nits: The eggs (nits) are translucent, whitish and approximately one millimeter in size. The female lays the nits individually on hairs (very close to the scalp) with her saliva that contains a keratin compound, approximately after 8 days the nits hatch, giving life to the nymphs. Nymphs: The nymphs break free off the egg (leaving the white shell secured to the hair) and begin frequent feed on blood. They take from a week to a fortnight to mature into adult insects. Adult: The adult head louse looks like a miniature ant and appears flattened when viewed from the side. The body is composed of the head, thorax and abdomen; of the six legs, the two front legs have highly developed pinchers which enable to remain solidly attached to the hair stem. Head lice are semi transparent, the color varying from brown to whitish grey. Each adult female lays eighty to a hundred nits in its lifetime.

Prevention • Carefully check the hairs, one or two at a time, particularly at the nape of the neck and behind the ears; • If you discover nits or adult insects on a member of your family, carefully check the heads of the entire family and treat each and every one of them; • Avoid sharing personal objects such as combs, hair brushes, hats, etc; • Pay particular attention to hygiene. Treatment • Use natural products based on lavender, tea tree or mint to create an environment which is not conducive to the development of lice; • Use natural substances to kill adult lice and nits, avoiding the use of chemicals which can lead to the development of resistant insects;

How to prevent the problem


The Parents’ role Family and school provide the most effective form of lice prevention. Parents must take on the essential role, to carefully monitor the child, periodically checking her hair, particularly behind the ears and at the nape of the neck. This is the only way to find eggs or adult lice quickly.


Chicco’s shoes: When do I start? Chicco’s Physiological Shoes: Gattona. They are more comfortable, more flexible and lighter. They walk with your child step by step. Flexibility: the sole, flexible in the right places, helps the correct development of the leg muscles. It follows the foot’s natural movement, so it doesn’t hinder its natural elasticity while the baby crawls. Freedom: the more rounded shape leaves enough room for the toes to move thus ensuring them freedom of movement.

Winter Collection arriving soon!

Stimulation: the exclusive Chicco’s insole continuously stimulates the foot’s sole. Lightness: the materials of Chicco’s Physiological Shoes have been chosen for their lightness, so that the shoes do not hinder baby’s freedom of movement. The Chicco Observatory follows the development of the child during its first years of life with the collaboration of mothers, expert pediatricians, doctors, associations and day-care centers, to propose new products all specially designed for each phase of the child’s growth.

Chicco Shoes are exclusively available from Gallarija Darmanin, Iklin

The Pid Out range consists of two products: Lotion based on an oil solution containing Tea Tree Oil, which reduces the ability of the lice to move, and reduce their ability to breathe as the oil itself gets into their respiratory tracts. Prevention Spray, based on a mixture of plant extracts including Lavender essential Oil, which is the most active oil that prevents blood sucking by numerous insects. Essential oils are irritants for the lice, inducing them to leave the head. Chicco Pid Out is made of Natural Ingredients only, and can be used frequently without causing any damage to the hair and scalp. Chicco Pid Out Available at pharmacies, baby shops and supermarkets. • To permanently remove lice or nits, it is essential to remove them manually (with a comb); • It is important to remove all nits from the head, otherwise, new lice will hatch shortly; • Always follow the instructions indicated on the product used; • It is recommended that complete treatment (lotion + comb) be started on the very day diagnosis is made; • Repeat the full treatment after 6-8 days; • To monitor the presence of eggs, nymphs or adults, carefully inspect the head every 2-3 days during the first 2 weeks of infestation and 3-4 more times during the course of a month; • After the first treatment, it is advisable to wash clothing, bed and bath linens at 60oC; hairbrushes, combs and shower caps can be soaked in hot water (60oC) for approximately 10 minutes; clothing, pillows, and toys that cannot be washed must not be used for 3 days (after which the lice will no longer be viable). Chicco recommends Pid Out, for treatment or prevention of Head Lice. Pid Out is a new line of products for curing and preventing Head Lice. It is also free from any harmful substances and delicate on infants’ hair. Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us on 21344616/610


Caring for your Baby’s skin The baby’s skin is thin, fragile and less oily than that of an adult. Baby’s skin also produces less melanin, the substance that helps protect sunburn. It is less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment, especially if it is irritated. Babies also sweat less efficiently than adults, so it is harder for them to maintain their inner body temperature. Due to their sensitive and delicate skin, babies are less likely to react to allergens. In the first few weeks after birth, your baby will retain some of your hormones, and may result to some minor skin conditions. These will usually disappear within a short period of time. There are other skin conditions that are common during childhood, which are normal and most often easily managed. • Heat Rash: Small pink pimples, often across the body. This condition happens to high heat and humidity and undeveloped sweat glands. It is important that you do not overdress

your baby, or overheat the room. Keep clothing loose, clean and dry the skin thoroughly. Infant Acne: Pink spots on the face, due to retained mother’s hormones. These will disappear after the first few weeks. Cradle Cap: Crusty patches on the scalp. Overactive glands in the baby’s scalp can cause cradle cap. It is important to wipe gently with baby oil, leave on for a few minutes, shampoo with baby shampoo, then use baby brush and comb. Chafing: This happens when there is friction between baby’s clothing and skin, or where areas of skin rub together. Remove anything that is tight or rubs against the skin, like rubber pants or straps. Cleanse, rinse and dry the skin well, then apply powder, lotion or cream to the irritated area. Eczema: Red, irritating, scaly skin. Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a common skin condition. Clean and dry skin well.

Bathing your Baby • • • • • • • •

Tips for bath time

Warm the room to at least 20oC. Do not keep baby undressed for a long time as he might get cold. Make sure that the bath is high enough for your height. Make sure that you have everything you need for washing, drying and dressing your baby. Always test the water before immersing the baby. Do not open the hot water whilst the baby is in the bath. Even a small drop of hot water can scald the baby’s skin. Baby Bath Liquid soap is better to use rather than a soap bar. Chicco Bath Shampoo is highly recommended. Speak and play with your baby during bath time. Babies will soon enjoy splashing around in the bath.

A baby’s skin is very fragile and it is important to use bath products that are especially designed for babies



Erli Legno Children’s Wooden Furniture


Erli Legno offers a range of wooden furniture including Beds, Nappy Changers and Highchairs

Chicco Dermo Solution for my Baby Skin New Chicco Dermo Solution. A dermocosmetic line of products specifically designed for the daily care and hygiene of the skin of newborn babies. An important achievement of the Chicco Observatory,


Beds are 120 x 60 cm with bottom drawer with steel slides, for easy sliding, and with stopper, one adjustable dropside and four wheels (2 with brake). Body is solid pine wood, and has 3 heights. An antiallergic mattress is included with purchase. Changing Bath Table with 4 drawers with steel drawer slides for an easy sliding and with stopper completed with changing mattress, bath, soap tray, water hose, 4 wheels (2 with brakes) and 8 wooden knobs.

Highchairs in solid pine wood available in 2 models: Poppy Plus, includes large tray, convertible to table and chair with padded back and seat. Pony highchair is foldable and is height adjustable with padded cushion. Shades available are Walnut and Cherry.

Available at all leading Baby Shops. If you require further information or wish to view the collection, please call Vivian Corporation on Tel: 2134 4610

Chicco Corner

at the Pedigree Toyshop Plaza, Sliema

One could find a complete selection of Chicco Toys together with a range of Nursery and Toiletry products, Highchairs, Light Weight Strollers and much more.

This is a paid advert

where, in collaboration with mothers, doctors, expert paediatricians, associates and day-care centres, the best products for baby’s wellbeing in every stage of its development are created. Thus, also the special features of the Chicco Dermo Solution line were achieved: • Pure, simple, safe formulations, designed to respect the natural physiological balance of the skin of newborn babies; • Ideal products for baby’s daily care and hygiene,because they are sensitive-skin tested, and because thay are pigment and SLS-free and gentle to the eyes; The whole line of products has been tested and approved by the European Dermatological Institute.

? ta’ rqad


M’ghandiex guh, Mhix bil-ghatx, m’ghandha mkien jugahha, izda xorta wahda qed tibqa tqum matul il-lejl: Din hi problema enormi ghalgenituri ta trabi zghar. Izda tajjeb li tkun taf li t-tarbija titghallem torqod bil-mod il-mod. Int bhala genitur tista tghina billi toqghod attenta ghal dawn l’affarijiet li ser innizlu hawn taht… 1. Kun certa li l’atmosfera ta fejn it-tarbija tkun ser torqod tkun rilassanti u komda. Per ezempju ara li jkun hemm il-kwiet u li it-temperatua tal-kamra tkun ta bejn l’20 u l’21 grad Celsius. 2. Ddallamx il-kamra matul ilguranta u matul il-lejl hallu dawl baxx jaghti, per ezempju tista tuza ‘night lamp’. 3. Raqqad lit-tarbija fuq daharha u evita li thalliha b’wicca l’isfel. 4. Poggi it-tarbija fil-kott waqt li tkun daqxejn mheddla u mhux tkun rieqda kompletament. Taghmel hekk halli it-tarbija tidra li hi qed torqod fil-kott u mhux f’idejn l’omm, biex bil-mod il-mod tibda tidra ilkuncett ta l’irqad. 5. Ohloq ritwal ta qabel l’irqad li jrid jigi rreppetut kulljum qabel l’irqad. Ipprova dejjem zomm hin fiss x’hin it-tarbija tidhol torqod, tista ukoll tkanta xi ‘nursery rhyme’ li tkun tista tibda tigi assocjata ma hin l’irqad. 6. Aghti banju lit-tarbija tieghek kemm jista ikun filghaxijiet halli it-tarbija tkun tista tirrilassa

aktar u ssiba aktar facli biex torqod. 7. Evita loghob li jista jecita hafna lit-tarbija tieghek qabel l’irqad ghax jista ikun li ifixkel lit-tarbija milli tirrilassa u torqod. 8. Ipprova aghti ikliet hfief u qosra qabel l’irqad. 9. Jekk it-tarbija tqum tibki matul il-lejl, tqumx malewwel biex tara x’ghanda, ghax jaf ikun il-kaz li wahedha terga torqod. Kull darba li tistenbah pprova dejjem dum daqxejn iktar ma tqum u tara xi trid it-tarbija (l’ewwel darba halli minuta, mbad 2 u mbad ibqa zid), biex b’hekk bil-mod il-mod tispicca tqum u terga torqod waheda minghajr il-bzonn li int tqum u tara x’ghanda bzonn. 10. Meta it-tarbija tkun qed torqod waheda u tqum tibki: idhol fil-kamra kellimha u uriha li int hemm ghalija, biss taghtihix x’tixrob u terfahhiex, l’importanti hu li int igieghla thossa protetta.

, PLASMON Jista JGHINEK Plasmon joffrilek range speçifikament g˙al ˙in ta’ filg˙axijiet. Din ir-range hi il-Plasmon Nanna, li toffri g˙aΩla ta’ prodotti li jg˙inu lit-tarbija biex ikollha lejl ta mistrie˙, b’mod naturali u bla ebda uΩu ta’ kimika. Il-prodotti f’din ir-range huma dawn: Iç-Çereali bil-˙axix ‘Nanna’ Çereali ferm tajjeb u nutrittiv li jag˙mel ikla ferm bnina g˙al qabel ir-raqda, g˙ax la hu tqil ˙afna g˙al matul il-lejl u anqas hu ˙afif wisq li ma jimliex lit-tarbija. Gallettini ‘Lunotte Nanna’ Gallettini li jistg˙u jintefaw fil-bottle ta qabel ir-raqda. Gamumilla bil-Melissa ‘Nanna’ Gamumilla rilassanti ˙afna g˙al matul il-lejl u b’tog˙ma bnina g˙at-tarbija tieg˙ek.

Weaning your baby Plasmon has been organizing Introductory Weaning Talks for the new mothers who joined the “Mothers & Plasmon…Together” Club, and who have babies under the age of twelve months. Small groups of mothers were coming over to the Plasmon premises to learn more about the techniques and tricks of weaning their baby. The meetings were conducted by an experienced professional in Baby Food. During these talks, the mothers had the opportunity to meet other mothers with babies of the same age, and to discuss similar difficulties and experiences faced by mothers. The mothers attending got an introductory weaning pack, tailor made for the baby’s age and were also given the opportunity to bring their baby with them. These weaning talks will resume again in October 2008. For more information about these weaning talks kindly contact us on our Freephone: 800 73102

Learning more

. Prodott Gdid

Brodo di Verdure Patate, Carote, Zucchine e Spinaci (Brodu tal-patata, zunnarija, qarabali u spinaçi) Il-brodu tal-Plasmon huwa brodu likwidu, li jiprovdi in-nutrijenti (Vitamini u minerali) kollha li wie˙ed jista’ jsib fil-˙axix. IlBrodu tal-Plasmon hu preparat bil-karotti, qarabali, patata u spinaçi li huma mkabbra ©ewwa l’Italja fl’g˙elieqi tal-Plasmon. Dan il-brodu hu di©a’ lest u msajjar g˙al konvenjenza tieg˙ek. Kull ma ikollok bΩonn tag˙mel hu sa˙˙an g˙al-ftit ˙in f’borma Ωig˙ra u jekk trid tista’ ΩΩid daqxejn ilma, skond il-gosti tat-tarbija tieg˙ek. Biex iΩΩid il-valur nutrizjonali ta dan il-brodu, wie˙ed jista’ iroxx xi ftit çereali tal-Plasmon fuqu jew nkella iΩid xi ftit g˙a©in tal-Plasmon g˙al ikla aktar kompluta. Importanti ˙afna li jekk ma jintuΩax kollu il-flixkun tal-brodu,

jitpo©©a fil-fridge u ji©i uΩat fi Ωmien 24 sieg˙a. Dan il-prodott jinstab g˙albejh fil-˙wienet ewlenin madwar Malta u G˙awdex. Çemplilna g˙al-aktar informazzjoni dwar dan il-brodu.

The Plasm Recipe Bo on ok is out

The Plasmo n recipe boo k is full of us weaning and eful informa also informa tion about tion about n for your bab u tr it io n a l requiremen y. We’re con ts vinced that you will lov e it. This Plasmo n recipe boo k can be yo by coming to urs for FRE E our offices a nd presentin g 50 wrappe of any Plasm rs on product. Plasmon Clu b members can get this recipe book for only 25 Wrappers! Hurry up as stocks are limited.

. Ricetta Soppa tal-Haxix ghat-Trabi

Your baby’s Development Milestones When your baby is born he becomes immersed in a complex world of sights and sounds, none of which makes any sense to him. The process of identifying and memorizing the things around him begins immediately. As a parent, you can help him to make sense of his surroundings. The starting point in your baby’s social development is your physical presence. As soon as your baby is born he will become familiar with your smell and voice, and what you look like, and he will come to associate you with comfort and love. You can encourage his instinctive desire to communicate with talking, touching, eye contact and play. During the first year of life your baby’s brain doubles in weight, not because he acquires any more brain cells, but because more and more connections are being made between existing brain cells. It is very important to state that the milestones given below are just an indication and are not a rule for all the children. Each and every child is different and develops at his own pace; therefore you should not worry if your child does not fit in these guidelines, but should you be in doubt kindly consult with your paediatrician for advice.

G˙andek bΩonn: 1. 1 Plasmon Brodo di Verdure 2. Zunnarija Ωg˙ira 3. Patata Ωg˙ira 4. Plasmon Sabbiolina 5. Ìobon minn tal-Plasmon jew Ûejt taΩ-Ωebbu©a tal-Plasmon (jekk trid)

Din ir-riçetta ©iet miktuba minn Marica Newbould u ©iet addattata b’tali mog˙od li tkunu tistaw tuΩaw il-prodotti Plasmon

Metodu: 1. Qatta iz-zunnarija u il-patata u g˙allijom f’daqxejn ilma 2. Fl’istess ˙in u separatament, g˙alli imarfa Plasmon Sabbiolina fi ftit ilma 3. Meta tara li l-˙axix sar, Ωid vaΩett Plasmon Brodo di Verdure biex jis˙on daqxejn. 4. Meta il-brodu jil˙aq it-temperatura li tixtieq, Ωid is-Sabbiolina malbrodu u servi s˙un. 5. Tista’ ukoll iΩΩid kuççarina ©obon minn tal-Plasmon jew inkella daqxejn Ωejt taΩ-Ωebbu©a Plasmon g˙at-tog˙ma.

Physical Development The first few months of your baby’s physical development is a very exciting time for you as a parent, as you watch him first see the world, then moving to become involved in it. The following are the developments that you should expect from your baby during the first 6 months: 1. Raise head slightly when lying on stomach. 2. Hold head up for a few seconds, when supported 3. Hold hand in a fist 4. Lift head and chest, while lying on stomach 5. Use sucking, grasping and rooting (holding tongue to the roof of the mouth reflexes) 6. Touch, pull, and tug own hands with fascination 7. Repeat body movements and enjoy doing so 8. Roll Over 9. Push body forward and pull body up by gripping the edge of a crib

10. Reach for and touch objects 11. Reach, grasp and put objects in mouth Communication Skills From the very start infants pay close attention to language. In the first year they can distinguish all of the speech sounds that occur in natural language; then they begin to specialize in the sounds of their home language. Most infants will: 1. Respond to speech by looking at the speaker. 2. Respond differently to the voice of a parent than to other voices. 3. React to changes in a speaker’s tone, pitch, volume and intonation. 4. Respond differently to their home language and another language. 5. Communicate with bodily movements, by crying, babbling and laughing. 6. Attempt to imitate sounds. 7. Exchange sounds, facial expressions, or gestures with a parent or caregiver. 8. Listen to conversations. 9. Repeat some vowel and constant sounds.

10. Differentiate between different people based on the way they look, sound, or feel 11. React to and imitate the facial expressions of others 12. Respond to familiar sounds Social & Emotional Development From the start, babies eagerly explore their world and that includes them selves and other people. Babies spend a lot of their time getting to know their own bodies. The baby will start to: 1. Suck his own finger 2. Observe his own hands 3. Look at the place on the body that is being touched 4. Begin to realize that he is a separate person from others. 5. Resist toys being taken away 6. Enjoy and respond to play 7. Turn head towards people.

ry e v e d n a h c Ea is different childd develops an own pace at his

Thinking Skills Newborns begin right away to use and integrate their senses to explore their world. By the 6th month most infants can: 1. See clearly within 13 inches 2. Focus on and follow moving objects, including human faces 3. See all colours and distinguish hue and brightness. 4. Distinguish the pitch and volume of sound 5. Discriminate sweet, sour, bitter and salty tastes 6. Respond with facial expressions to strong stimuli (like odors) 7. Prefer high contrast items and geometric shapes. 8. Begin to anticipate events (for example, sucking at the sight of a nipple) 9. Recognize faces

Nutritional Requirements Solid foods are usually introduced after the 4th month of the baby. Although human milk may be nutritionally adequate until 6 months of age, many babies will exhibit behavioral changes from 3 to 4 months, such as increased crying or poor sleeping, which may represent hunger and a need for solid food. By the 6th month the baby should have tasted the following ingredients: • Cereals (Preferably gluten free) • Vegetables (Potatoes, Carrots, Marrows, Fennel, Celery & Beans) • Vegetable Broth (with the above mentioned vegetables) • Water • Olive Oil • Lean Meats (Rabbit, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey) • Plain Cheese • Fruit (Pear, Apple & Banana)


Kids Corner

Vivian Baby would like to congratulate the following winners of Issue 2

SMA: G. Ransley – Sliema (Recipe Corner) • E. Vella – Mellieha (SMA Tins) Chicco: M. Magri – B’Kara (Word Search) Plasmon: Maia & Zanni Fenech (Kids Competition) • A. Brincat – M’Scala (True or False) Vivian Baby: D Bondin - Xemxija by Orchard Tous

Vivian Ba by




3 4

The winner of this competition will win a hamper worth €30






Down 1. A tool for drawing corks from wine bottles. 2. Nappy in North America? 3. The four ingredients in the Plasmon broth are marrows, carrots, spinach and … 4. Another word for broth. 6. What is the name of the Plasmon range, which has a teddy bear on the packaging?

Across 5. By the 6th month, the baby should have tasted the following lean meats: rabbit, lamb, turkey and … 7. What is the name of the new Chicco Product Range that treats and protects from Lice? 8. What is the main ingredient of Chicco Pid Out Spray? 9. What is the main ingredient of Chicco Pid Out Lotion?

Send a photocopy of this competition with your correct answers on Vivian Baby’s Competition, Vivian Baby September 2008, Vivian Corporation Sanitas Building, Tower Street Msida, MSD 1824 by not later than 17 October, 2008


Competition Colour in a photocopy of this part of the newsletter (only one entry per member is allowed) and send to Plasmon Kids Corner, Vivian Baby, September 2008 Vivian Corporation, Sanitas Building, Tower Street Msida MSD 1824 by not later than 17 October, 2008 and WIN an educational Picture Pairs Game by Orchard Toys




Mark true or false next to each statement below (Hint, all the anwsers are in the Plasmon Section)

The vegetables used in the Plasmon Brodo are cultivated in Spain. Once the Plasmon Brodo jar is opened you have to put it in the fridge. The members of the Plasmon club can get the recipe book for 25 Plasmon wrappers.



L o o h c s r n i i o r r c v l e t o n g e l i l r e d p i d o u t d a n a o n l c r l t a s e e l h v i r e p o v e i d h e c l g a i c c c e a o c l p c l e c s h a m p o o d e


Send a photocopy with your correct answer to: Chicco Mummy’s Competition Vivian Baby, September 2008 Vivian Corporation Sanitas Building, Tower Street Msida, MSD 1824 The first correct answer will win by not later than 17 October 2008 this fantastic Chicco Toiletry Pack


You should not give the Plasmon Nanna Vegetable Cereal before the baby goes to sleep. The temperature of the room where the baby is going to sleep needs to be between 20 to 21 degrees Celsius One can add rice cereal or any Plasmon pastina together with the Plasmon Brodo. The Plasmon Brodo needs to be cooked.

Send a photocopy of this section with your correct answers on Plasmon Mummy’s Competition Vivian Baby September 2008, Vivian Corporation Sanitas Building, Tower Street Msida, MSD 1824 by not later than 17 October, 2008 Only one entry per member is allowed. Two winners will be given this prestigious Mavala Nail Treatment Kit. Competitions are open ONLY to Plasmon & Chicco Club members. If you are not a member yet, kindly contact us via email on or via-telephone on Freephone: 80073102 and ask for registration

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