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JULY 2008 • Issue 2

a useful guide to children’s growth

Welcome... Dear Parents, Welcome to our second issue of the Vivian Baby newsletter. We would like to thank you for the huge positive response that you gave us about Issue 1 of our newsletter. We are very pleased that you liked it. The winners of the competitions are listed on the back page of this Issue. In our second issue, you can find information about the advantages of using the soother and safety and protection under the sun. We have also reproduced the food pyramid as a nutritional guide. You can also find information about vaccinations and useful tips when travelling with your baby. We hope that you like these subjects and that you find them useful for your parenthood. Should you require any further information or have any suggestions about how we can improve our newsletter just give us a call on Freephone 80073102 or send us an email on, we’re always open for suggestions.

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A Great Dad in a Big Household I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first issue of the Vivian Baby newsletter and was really pleased when I was invited to write a few words for this second issue. One might say “what is Frank, a father of four doing, still reading parenting newsletters?” but the truth is one never knows enough. Vivian Corporation imports a lot of products that have played an important part in our family life and our children’s growth. Chicco still produce quality toys that excel in safety and durability and I can certainly attest to just how durable they are. We have Chicco toys that not only have survived from our eldest (Ella 12 yrs) to our youngest (Tara 2 yrs) but still work perfectly! Its amazing to see how the Plasmon range of products has evolved too, now offering more products for the toddler years, and new products like their delicious olive oil that is suitable for all the family. And there is a new look for Tara’s growing up milk - SMA progress kids 1-4 which is vanilla flavoured and which she loves! I recently heard a radio advert that ended with the words “…Do not hesitate, vaccinate!” and how truly important this is. How lucky we are that nowadays Wyeth offers us safe vaccinations for our children, giving us peace of mind and protecting against serious infection. As they say prevention is better than cure! Now, a few words about being dad in my big household. Being a musician and TV presenter means working evenings and on holidays, sometimes missing important

milestones like first steps or new words. It is hard to be away from my family at these times but I am a firm believer in quality time versus quantity. I try to find some time to spend with each of my children on their own, everyday even if it is just a few minutes each. Sacha & Tara I go to the local grocer across the road with our little one Tara first thing in the morning to shop for fresh bread and milk, while my wife Chiara gets the others ready for school. Tara loves this moment, it makes her feel important as I let her ask for the things we need and all the old ladies coo over her. Piano practice is also another moment when I share my love for music with Ella and Sacha our 8 year only boy. It is a joy to hear them practice. There is a strong link between music education and the development of skills that children need to become successful in life. Skills such as patience, self-discipline, coordination, and the ability to memorise and concentrate that are all improved through

the study of music. My aim is to give all our four children the opportunity to develop their musical ability. Whether they end up making a career out of it is to be seen, but I know that music will enrich their lives in many ways. Another important time in my family is meal times. Phoebe (5 yrs) helps out to lay the table carrying things to and fro to our large oak table. I believe in giving children household responsibilities such as this. It is a good idea for them to learn from an early age that all family members must work together to make the household run and that everyone must do his share. Meal time is very animated! We chat, share stories, experiences and a few jokes. I am certainly not the only dad with a hectic work schedule and a lot on my plate. Juggling work and family life is not easy for men or women, but one of the most significant things I have learnt over the years is that when you work you think of work and when you are with your kids or wife you think only of them and what you are doing and savour every moment. There is a lot you can teach your children and a lot they can teach you if only you can look closely enough and immerse yourself in your family life as you do in your work.

Frank and his wife Chiara together with Tara

Ella & Phoebe

Summer Fun S A F E T Y & P R OT E C T I O N HEY, A MOSQUITO BIT ME! The mosquito season is in and we have to find the best way to avoid mosquito bites. JUST USE ZANZA NO! The best way to avoid mosquito bites is to wear a mosquito repellent, or if you have already been bitten, use an after bite. Chicco has the answer to all the family. Zanza No is a range of mosquito repellents and after bite pen. All products can be used on newborn babies as well as on adults. The products are made of natural ingredients, therefore they are unlikely to cause any skin allergies. Main active ingredients are Geranium, Lemongrass and Lavender.

A vast range of products is available, including Spray, Gel, Roll-on and a selection of electronic devices. An After Bite Pen is also available which can also be used after a jelly fish sting. What is a Mosquito? A mosquito is an insect that is very common in Malta. There seem to be no more seasons for them, because we have them all year round. It is the female mosquito that needs the blood to be able to lay eggs and produce more mosquitoes. She has a special part of her mouth that she uses to suck blood, and her saliva (spit) thins the blood so she can drink it. In fact, it is the mosquito’s saliva that makes the bites itch!

Other things to remember: • Young children should always be kept in the shade. • Good protection is provided by light clothes, a hat and a sunglasses • Apply sun protection cream SPF50 on children • If the weather is cloudy, you still need to apply sun protection cream, as 30 to 50 per cent of the UV rays can still reach you and you child.

SUN PROTECTION Here are some tips on how you should protect your child and yourself in the sun: • Excessive exposure to the sun represents a serious health risk. • Infants must be kept out of the sun completely, especially between 10:00am and 2:00pm. This is when the sun’s rays are at their strongest. Children’s skin is sensitive and burns easily. • Apply sunblock before going into the sun; it is recommended to apply the product for the first time about 20 minutes before going in the sun. • Apply sunblock to the child’s entire body. • Use Waterproof sun protection. • If you are spending the day at the beach, apply sunscreen several times. • Do not leave your suncare products in the sun; exposure to high temperatures may impair their filtering capacity. • Drink frequently.

Chicco Suncare Products are available in Suncream Factor 50, Sun Spray Factor 30, Facial Stick Factor 50 and an Aftersun. All products are totally fragrance free, to minimize the risk of skin allergies. Pure, simple and safe formulations, designed to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation during and after exposure to the sun. All products are sensitive skin tested and the whole line has been approved by the European Dermatological Institute.

: Sugg estion you are st block whil re Apply sun utes befo in m 0 2 t u abo at home, e beach going to th

Chicco has the answer to all the family. Zanza No is a range of mosquito repellents and after bite pen. All products can be used on a newborn baby and adults.

Chicco products are available from pharmacies, baby shops and supermarkets

Free Gift Choose one of these fantastic gifts when purchasing any 3 from the above items

Sucking is a Natural Instinct The Italian Society of Orthodontics (SIDO) together with Chicco have set up a scientific committee and carried out research on the importance of sucking. The research carried out confirmed that: • It is a Physiological action that apart from expressing the baby’s natural instinct of survival, it ensures its

Sucking also satisfies the psychological need of the newborn baby to be reassured and gratified: sucking calms and reassures the baby and consequently creates a more peaceful family environment. Sucking in fact regulates the production of serotonin (a hormone produced by the brain), which helps to create the sensation of peace and well-being. In particular, sucking the nipple not only satisfies the indispensable nutritional function, but it also represents an important moment of contact and interaction between mother and child. The instinctive sucking need, however, makes the baby seek and use instruments different from the breast to satisfy its need to be reassured, such as a blanket, thumb or toy.

A survey has been carried out with 500 mothers of babies from birth up to 15 days regarding the use of the soother and its features: • 82% of mothers have said that they buy the soother. • Most mothers give their baby the soother to calm the baby down when it cries or to soothe it to sleep. • Mothers were asked which features they considered to be most important for selecting a soother. • Their answers showed that particular importance was given to the type of material used, which must be soft, natural and of high quality. • Great care is also taken over the shape and size of the teat, which must suit the child’s palate and age.

well-being and peace of mind, as it regulates the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that produces a sensation of calm and well-being. • It is also one of the first, important moments of neuromascular development, which starts when the baby is still in the maternal womb.


The use of the soother when sleeping reduces considerably the risk of Cot Death. REASONS FOR USING A SOOTHER 1. The use of the soother satisfies the instinctive sucking need of the baby. 2. The use of a soother for 24 months is not harmful. On the contrary, it may prevent some malocclusions (dental alveolar open bite). The sucking of the thumb, on the other hand, can be harmful for the baby because: • The thumb exercises more pressure on the teeth and palate; • The thumb is bigger and more consistent; • The thumb is sucked for longer periods than is needed physiologically and it is difficult to stop this habit. • According to a recent study published in Pediatrics, the official body of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the use of the soother when sleeping reduces considerably the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or “cot death”). This study shows that if babies use the soother during sleep, the risk of

It has been demonstrated that the baby already sucks its thumb when it is in the maternal womb.



• The Chicco Orthodontic Teat® soft,flat and anatomically shaped, fits perfectly into the mouth and facilitates healthy development. 1 • 100% rubber shield gently supports the lips and encourages a natural sucking action. 2 • Soft, elastic, natural rubber encourages the natural instinct to suck. 3 • Approved by the Italian Society of Orthodontics

SIDS is reduced by 61%, with respect to non-users. The study indicates the following rationales for explaining the protective effects of soothers against the risk of SIDS: • Lower waking threshold in babies who use a soother; • Easier oral breathing in the case of a blocked nose; • Reduced risk of oropharyngea obstruction due to the forward positioning of the tongue; • Incentive to assume a prone position during sleep.

Chicco’s shoes: When do I start?


Chicco’s Physiological Shoes: Gattona. They are more comfortable, more flexible and lighter. They walk with your child step by step. Flexibility: the sole, flexible in the right places, helps the correct development of the leg muscles. It follows the foot’s natural movement, so it doesn’t hinder its natural elasticity while the baby crawls. Freedom: the more rounded shape leaves enough room for the toes to move thus ensuring them freedom of movement. Stimulation: the exclusive Chicco’s insole continuously stimulates the foot’s sole. Lightness: the materials of Chicco’s Physiological Shoes have been chosen for their lightness, so that the shoes do not hinder baby’s freedom of movement. The Chicco Observatory follows the development of the child during its first years of life with the collaboration of mothers, expert pediatricians, doctors, associations and day-care centers, to propose new products all specially designed for each phase of the child’s growth.

Chicco Shoes are exclusively available from Gallarija Darmanin, Iklin 

. Prodott Gdid Zach Fenech

Crema di Riso con Zucchine e Carote Nanna


a l l i n a V e t a l o c Cho als 6 Cere r...


emubre littsle m e R n yo njoy eve one veariety a

(Krema taç-Çerejali bil-Qarabali u Zunnarija Nanna) Il-Krema taç-cerejali bilqarabali u zunnarija Nanna talPlasmon huwa Çerejali nutrijenti u b’tog˙ma delikata, li tag˙ti lit-tarbija tieg˙ek l’ammont ta’ çerejali u ˙axix li g˙andha bΩonn g˙al-filg˙axija. Tista sserra˙ rasek li qed tag˙ti ikla lit-tarbija tieg˙ek qabel ma torqod, li la hi tqila wisq g˙al-matul il-lejl u anqas hija ˙afifa wisq li ma tissodisfax lit-tarbija tieg˙ek, biex b’hekk tassiguralek lejl trankwill. Dan iç-çerejali huwa ‘Gluten Free’ u fi˙ ukoll in-nutrijenti kollha li t-tarbija tieg˙ek g˙andha bΩonn biex tikber f’sa˙˙itha. Dan iç-çerejali jista ji©i ppreparat billi iΩΩid 180/200ml mis˙un ma 3/4 kuççarini taççerejali Plasmon. Servi s˙un. Biex tag˙ti ikla aktar bnina lit-tarbija tieg˙ek, flok mis˙un, Ωid ilma tal-brodu tat-ti©ie©a biex fl’istess ˙in tkun qed tag˙tiha in-nutrijenti tat-ti©ie©a ukoll.





When it comes to Plasmon Biscuits, mothers are spoilt for choice. Apart from the original taste of the Plasmon biscuit, our Biscuits also come in another three different variations – Vanilla, Chocolate and 6 Cereals. The 6 Cereals Biscuits can be given to the children from 4 months whilst the other 2 variations Vanilla & Chocolate should be given to children over 12 months. Why should a mother choose Plasmon Biscuits over any other biscuit available on the market? 1. Our biscuits respect the traditional Plasmon biscuit preparation, a unique method of preparation that guarantees that inimitable Plasmon biscuit taste.

ews Great N recipe book

The Plasmon will soon be out! Get in touch with us via email on ivia @v on sm pla or call on 21344610 to book your copy

Staqsi g˙alih fis-supermarket tieg˙ek… ppruvah u g˙idilna kif mort billi tibag˙atilna email fuq Jelena Pevac

Plasmon Jar s cooking or ex do not need ce heating, they ssive can be served at room tem perature

2. The Oasi Plasmon ensures that only the best ingredients are used for the preparation of these unique Biscuits. 3. Plasmon Guarantees that all its products are of the best quality and safe for the little one 4. Plasmon Biscuit contains the following nutrients a. Prebiotic Fibers to regulate bowel activity b. Extra Calcium c. 9 Vitamins and Minerals such as Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and PP, essential for your child’s growth d. Less then 9% of fat when compared to other biscuits.

New face for the Plasmon Club Membership form Last month Ms Bove, the Infant feeding Category Export Manager Plasmon in Italy; chose the new face for the Plasmon Club Membership form. The winner was Wayne Cohen aged 1 yr 8 months from Zabbar. This was a very difficult decision to take since we had over 300 lovely pictures to choose from!

Krema tar-Ross bit-tuffieh G˙andek BΩonn: • 200ml mis˙un • 3-4 mg˙aref Plasmon Crema di Riso • VaΩett frott Plasmon Mela Kif tipprepara: 1. Roxx il-Crema di Riso fl-ilma s˙un ftit ftit u ˙abbat sew b’furketta sakemm ji©i g˙al konsistenza ta’ crema. Importanti li l-ilma ikun s˙un sew sabiex ma jifformax ballal. 2. Ûid minn 4 sa 6 kuççarini Plasmon Mela u ˙awwad sew mat-ta˙lita taç-çerejali. 3. Servi mal-ewwel hekk kif it-ta˙lita tkun g˙adha s˙una. G˙andek tkun taf… • Il-Crema di Riso huwa ingredjent idejali g˙al dawk it-trabi li g˙adhom 

jibdew jieklu ikel semi solidu g˙ax ma jikka©unax aller©iji. • It-tuffie˙ huwa il-frott l-iktar indikat g˙al-bidu meta t-tarbija tieg˙ek tkun g˙adha qed tiskopri id-dinja tal-ikel. Dan g˙aliex mhux biss hija frott b’tog˙ma tajba imma ukoll sustanzjuza.

Well done Wayne!

A Summer of Fun at San Anton Summer Club Ensure your kids do not miss out this Summer, by enrolling them in our newly revamped San Anton Summer Club. Whilst offering Stagecoach sessions for all, our younger members will also benefit from Mini Tennis weekly sessions, Storytelling by Agenda Kids Club, together with a fun-packed, creative programme of indoor activities and outdoor excursions. 1-3 years olds will be enjoying Plasmon when attending the Starfish Day Care Club. For our seven to ten year olds, it is all about outdoor action, from fishing and swimming to horse-riding. These activity based clubs are ideal for those kids looking for an “out of school” experience. Our location within San Anton School, in the tranquil valley of Imselliet, Mgarr, offers a, countryside environment, which is however easily accessed by an excellent road network from all parts of the Island. This rural ambience provides an ideal setting for a “Summer Camp” experience for your child. Enroll your kids (ages 1 – 10 years) for a summer of fun from 14th July till 29th August 2008

For more information contact San Anton School on 21581907 or e-mail:


April WINNER V Cauchi

Kids Corner


Vivian Baby would like to congratulate the following winners of Issue 1

Kids Corner:V Gauchi, B’Kara - 2 years Plasmon Mummy’s Competition: M Vella, Mosta • K Camilleri, Nadur Gozo • E Arpa, Fgura • F Mallia, Ibrag • C Farrugia • C Barbara Word Search: J Sciberras, Tarxien Chicco Competition: M Spiteri, Zebbug SMA Nutrition – Iron Competition: E Gates, Rabat • P Zammit, Mqabba • R Sciberras, Naxxar • R Grech, Kercem Gozo • P Balzan, Safi • F Mallia, Ibrag SMA Nutrition – Recipe Competition: C Borg Buontempo, St Venera • D Borg, San Gwann • R Grioli, Gharghur

Vivian Ba by Competition

How many Plasmon, Chicco, and SMA Nutrition logos are showing in all the pages of this issue? Chicco Plasmon SMA Nutrition


The Winner will be drawn on the 31st July

The winn of this com er pe will win a h tition ampe worth €30 r

Send a photocopy of this competition with your correct answers on Plasmon Mummy’s Competition, Vivian Baby July 2008, Vivian Corporation Sanitas Building, Tower Street Msida, MSD 1824, by not later than 31 July, 2008



Colour in a photocopy of this part of the newsletter (only one entry per member is allowed) and send to Plasmon Kids Corner, Vivian Baby, July 2008 Vivian Corporation, Sanitas Building, Tower Street Msida MSD 1824 by not later than 31 July, 2008 and WIN a Nutricious Plasmon Hamper tailor made for your child

Cross word


s l a d n a s t s e p f d o y b s d s n t a o t u k s s a e t n s c s s a s r a t o k s u l t s l l c e s n g t u b u n t u z n o n a z n a z s u u s g k n a b s s p a d e s b d u


Send a photocopy with your correct answer to: Chicco Mummy’s Competition Vivian Baby, July 2008 Vivian Corporation Sanitas Building, Tower Street Msida, MSD 1824 The first correct answer will win by not later than 31 July 2008 this fantastic Chicco Tambourine



Mark true or false next to each statement below (Hint, all the anwsers are in the Plamson Section)



Plasmon 6 Cereals can be given to children under 1 year. Plasmon Jars can be served at room temperature. Plasmon Crema Di riso con Zucchine e Carote Nanna is Gluten Free. Babies do not need fats & Sugars. Plasmon Biscuits contain less then 5% of fat when compared with other biscuits. Lean meat is a good source of iron. Group 1 of the food pyramid provides your child with calcium. Send a photocopy of this cross word with your correct answers on Plasmon Mummy’s Competition Vivian Baby July 2008, Vivian Corporation Sanitas Building, Tower Street Msida, MSD 1824 by not later than 31 July, 2008 Only one entry per member is allowed. The winner will be given a Chicco bottle warmer (which can also be used to warm Plasmon jars)

Aquabloc Plasters Invisible Protection, Waterproof, and Bacteria-Resistant Plaster

Delicate Kids Plasters The Funny Delicate Strip Plaster

Competitions are open ONLY to Plasmon & Chicco Club members. If you are not a member yet, kindly contact us via email on or via-telephone on Freephone: 80073102 and ask for registration

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