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My baby has a blocked nose Post Pregnancy exercise

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Eczema FAQ’s

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My baby has a blocked nose! The natural instinct of babies is to breathe through their nose – even when their nose is blocked. It is therefore important to keep your baby’s nose clear as a blocked nose make baby cranky and may also effect his sleeping and feeding moments. How can a cold and nasal congestion affect my newborn baby? Colds are uncomfortable both for us as adults, more and more for babies, although it is not a serious health risk. Babies need to be treated properly for the following reasons: • A cold can lead to more serious bacterial infections like flu, ear infections or even pneumonia in newborns or babies. • A baby will insist on breathing through the nose, even when it is blocked. A clear nose is essential for feeding as the baby will not be able to breathe to be able to drink from

his feeding bottle. A blocked nose can therefore make feeding time difficult, as the baby may become irritable and the mother frustrated and concerned, which in turn may affect the flow of breast milk if you are still breastfeeding. How can I treat my baby’s colds and nasal congestion? There is no cure for the common blocked nose or cold. It is important that you let your baby’s immune system take its course. However, you can help by making your baby feel more comfortable and by preventing

the infection from getting worse. It is important that your baby drinks plenty of liquids. Stuffy noses may also linger for a few weeks even when the cold is over. In order to breathe, babies must get rid of the mucus clogging their nasal passages. But babies do not know how to blow their nose! In this case they can only rely on you to provide the appropriate help. The use of saline nose drops can help to clear stuffy noses, helping your baby breathe easier and naturally.

Chicco nasal hygiene product range Nasonet helps to maintain the natural protective functions of the mucus of the nose and helps to eliminate the excess mucus Vaporised jet spray for children Nasal aspirator ideally to free nose from excess mucus

The product line of Nasonet by Chicco provides a complete line of nasal hygiene. The Nasonet physiological solution is a great aid for the daily nasal care and hygiene. Its cleansing action helps to clear excess mucus. It also has a moisturising action that helps to maintain the natural protective functions of the nasal mucus. It is easy to use and is the ideal solution to help you mothers keep your child’s nose unblocked. It can be used several times a day whenever baby’s nostrils are blocked. It is recommended to use the nasal aspirator immediately after using the Nasonet physiological solution, as the combination of the aspiration and moisturising actions make it much easier to remove the excess mucus.

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My Baby is now 6 months old! My baby is now 6 months old and it is time to try some new flavours, by slowly introducing food which has a different taste from milk. Weaning is an important phase for all babies, where the baby’s individual tastes and preference to food start to develop. Do not worry if the first episodes are not successful. Babies do not usually like changes, so you have to arm yourselves with patience and creativity in order to convince even the most obstinate baby to try his first meals using a spoon. But, before you know it babies will get used to the new food and will even want to hold the spoon themselves. Food is like a game for babies, so touching it,

smearing it over their faces, on their clothes and the floor is all part of the fun. So, get your camera out to catch these messy moments! When preparing baby food it is always recommended to use fresh and natural ingredients, changing the menu to allow your baby get accustomed to different flavours. A healthy and nutritional diet will help babies eat healthy right through to adulthood. The first meals should be pretty liquidy becoming more dense so that they can be eaten with a spoon like a grown up. In particular steam cooking does not alter the nourishing properties of the ingredients and guarantees the correct nutritional values which babies need.

Chicco Baby Spoons for different ages New Freezer bowls for storing baby food

Prepare & Store with Chicco Pure Steam Cooker PureSteam cooker is a food processor specifically designed to quickly and easily prepare healthy and natural food for babies. Steam cooking preserves the nutrients and natural flavours of food. The PureSteam cooker defrosts, warms up, cooks on “intense steam� cycles and even blends the contents. It also has a practical timer to regulate cooking times. A recipe book, spatula and two jars for preserving food in the fridge or freezer are also included in the pack.

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Protecting your child is one of the many ways to say

“I love you”

SafeTy RuleS S & RegulaTion Using a child car seat is a simple and everyday loving gesture that must become as automatic as fastening his shoe laces. Just a few simple precautions and a few rules when choosing and installing the child car seat correctly. Turn short and long trips in the car into dreamlike excursions!

In all European countries, it is generally required by law that all passengers must use appropriate restraint systems when travelling by car: safety belts for adults and safety car seats for children. The law in almost all European countries states that babies, from birth up until they are 1.50m in height, must always be strapped in using a restraint system which is appropriate for their height and weight.

Using a Car Seat may be a Lifesaver The number of children – under 15 years of age – who became victims of road accidents in European countries has dropped from 2,155 in 1999 to 980 in 2008, a net decrease of 55% (These figures were published by the European Road Safety Observatory).

A most important figure, but by no means an optimal result if one considers that one often sees children travelling in cars without car seats or in seats installed incorrectly, putting them at risk of incurring serious injuries in the event of an accident or sudden braking.

If children travel without a safety car seat, they could be catapulted from the vehicle seat and crash violently against the dashboard, the windshield or front seats. In this case, the risk of fatal or very serious injuries is seven times greater than when a child is retained correctly.

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The weight of the child is a fundamental criteria The choice of the child car seat must always be evaluated according to the child’s weight. The European regulation divides children’s weights into “Mass Groups”. Every car seat is designed and approved according to these parameters.



0+/1 0-18kg




Synthesis A Comfy and safe nest in and out of the car


The car seat that follows the baby during the growth trip

Xpace An elegant and spacious car seat for very comfortable trips

Neptune For a truly galactic adventure


2/3 15-36kg

Quasar A booster for travelling in total safety 5

Lately Plasmon has invested heavily in research and new technology in order to be the first baby food company in Europe to produce baby food aseptically in plastic tubs.

new Technology... Improved quality

What does ‘aseptic’ mean? This means that during the manufacture of the Plasmon products, 5 times less heat is used thus resulting in more authentic colour, better taste and a very fragrant product. The new packaging is also innovative where we have a new tub which is re-sealable, light and transparent and ergonomically designed for your comfort. The tubs are produced in line with the product thus resulting in a more hygienic and cost-effective packaging process. The advantages of the Plasmon aseptic process are several. Firstly we must mention the fact that since the product is exposed to 5 times less heat stress then the quality, both in appearance and in flavour, is immensely improved. Secondly the benefits for the environment are also huge, since CO2 emissions are 50% less than for glass production. In conclusion we have a brand new look with an attractive and convenient packaging. Not just that, but we are also taking care of our kids’ environment for a better tomorrow.

authentic tastes, flavours & aromas InnovatI pack agInve g E rgonomica lly for your co designed mfort

For more information about this range send us an email on or call us on 2132 0338 6

Plasmon (Malta)



CArrotS With CheeSe

Ingredients • 200ml boiled water • 4-6 spoons Plasmon 4 Cereals • One 80g jar Plasmon Cheese, Potato and Carrot • Fresh carrot Method • Boil a small peeled carrot until it softens. • Drain the carrot, mash or chop into small pieces according to your baby’s age. • Prepare the Plasmon Crema ai 4 Cereali by pouring the cereal mix gradually into warm water and mixing constantly with a fork untill the mixture reaches a creamy consistency. • Together with this mixture add one jar of Plasmon Formaggio Patate e Carote and the fresh carrots. • Mix all the ingredients and serve preferably warm.

W re m e morth be ri n Che


ese is of calc a good sour ium fo ce rc It is re comme hildren. nd both b one an ed for d teet develo pment h


Does talking to your baby help in speech development? Talking frequently to your child is certainly very helpful for your child, even when s/he is still very young Reacting to their sounds, responding to their baby talk, talking to them whilst you’re doing your daily chores, explaining what you’re doing; will not only make your baby happy and improve your relationship with him/her; you will also be enriching your baby’s vocabulary. There is no need to make a lot of effort, just keep the language as simple as possible and be spontaneous. Nursery rhymes are also very helpful and babies enjoy them a lot. You can also use songs from their favourite cartoons or TV programme to engage their attention.

Another successful campaign by Plasmon Between the months of March and June, Plasmon in collaboration with Greenpak held a promotion, whereby it collected Plasmon packaging to be recycled. Mothers were given great toys as gifts in return. This scheme managed to collect the following amount of material:

Glass: 900Kg • Carton: 450Kg • Plastic: 20Kg


We would like to thank all the parents who participated, for making this promotion one of Keep yo the most successful eyes op ur e for ot n promotions her great which we have offers! ever had!

Baby Cereals Following milk, the next food ingredient which needs to be introduced are baby Cereals. These cereals give the baby the opportunity to experience semi solid foods and eating from the spoon. Not all babies will be ready for this step at the same time therefore you need to always consult your paediatrician to see when it’s best to start weaning. Cereals should be an integral part of your baby’s diet as they are a good source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are an essential source of energy, of which the baby requires high levels since she would be growing at a very fast pace. Carbohydrates also keep the baby feeling full for longer after eating. How to prepare the cereal • Prepare around 200ml warm water / milk / broth. • Sprinkle two tablespoons of cereal into the liquid and beat with a fork at the same time. • Keep on beating the cereal until you get a creamy texture.

Plasmon offers you seven healthy varieties of cereals enriched with Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamins to ensure a healthy growth for your baby. They also have a great creamy texture to make it easier for your baby to taste and accept. Plasmon Cereals do not contain any preservatives and are served best warm.

Plasmon Crema di Riso The Crema di Riso (Rice Cereal) is the first cereal which should be introduced to your baby. This is a plain, single grain, Gluten Free cereal, therefore safe for your baby to avoid any allergies. Plasmon Crema di Mais e Tapioca The Crema di Mais e Tapioca is another plain, Gluten Free cereal as the Plasmon Rice cereal, but has an added characteristic. The Tapioca included in this cereal is a tuber which is a natural laxative. Therefore this cereal helps constipated babies. Plasmon Semolina The Semolina, is another single grain cereal, but is not a Gluten Free Cereal. Therefore it should be introduced to the baby once you are sure that she is not allergic to Gluten. One can add either Milk, broth or water depending on how one would like to serve it. Plasmon 4 Cereals The Plasmon 4 Cereals is a cereal made up from four different cereals and contains Gluten. This cereal is another versatile cereal where you can use it for any meal which you prefer, depending on the ingredients which you add to it. Plasmon Pappa Lattea Biscotti The Plasmon cereal with milk and Plasmon biscuits is a complete cereal which offers your baby a cereal with a great taste. This cereal makes a great breakfast or a great snack. You just need to add water since it already has milk and fruit added to it. Plasmon Pappa Lattea Mixed Fruit The Plasmon cereal with Milk and mixed fruit is a complete cereal which offers your baby a cereal with a great taste. Similar to the above, this cereal can either be given at breakfast or as a snack during the day, one just needs to add water. This cereal is also Gluten Free. Plasmon Crema di Riso with Vegetables and Plasmon Semolina with Vegetables The Plasmon Cereals with vegetables are cereals complete with vegetables so you only need to add either water or broth. The Plasmon Crema Di Riso with vegetables is also Gluten Free. 9



ou made it through labour and delivery and you are at home with your adorable baby. Being a mum means that you’re busy from morning till night, as your time is filled with feeding your baby, diaper changing and cuddling your new born. Taking care of your body might be the last thing on your mind, but perhaps now more than ever, you need to take care of yourself and exercise is the secret ingredient.

Besides getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape, exercise can boost your energy to cope with the demands of your new motherhood


Regular post – pregnancy exercise offers a number of benefits. Besides getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape, exercise can boost your energy to cope with the demands of your new motherhood, it also helps you sleep better and relieves stress. How soon after giving birth, is it safe to start exercising? It is safe to start some lowimpact exercise once you’ve had your postnatal check-up at six to eight weeks. If you’ve had a caesarean it’s best to wait about 10 weeks before exercising. It is important to avoid highimpact exercises or sports that require rapid direction changes until around six weeks as your ligaments and joints will be loose for at least three months following the birth of your child.

Let’s get moving! Here are a few basic types of exercises to get you started; Walk it off! Go out for a walk with your baby. Begin by walking for at least 10-15 minutes daily. When you feel ready, progress to 20-45 minute walk. Yoga You may also practice gentle yoga together with your baby. Apart from being an adorable good time as the two of you bond, you’re also toning your entire body. Challenge your core, thighs, arms and shoulders during the yoga practice. Low-impact aerobic workouts Getting your shape back is a step by step process. Start some low-impact aerobic exercises like knee and toe touches and squats. Once your technique is perfect…speed it up. Swimming Swimming is a fun alternative workout. Apart from this, it is a great cardiovascular activity. Take out your swimsuit and set off for a swim. However, be careful especially after a caesarean section as to avoid any infections.

SafeTy TipS

You have just had a baby so it is important that you get back into your exercise routine slowly. Before performing any exercise, it’s best if you get your doctor’s approval. If it’s a go ahead, watch your back whenever you exercise and always bend at the knees rather than the hips. It is best to avoid sit ups until your abdominal muscles have come back together. Be careful not to over do it. Stop exercising if you feel exhausted, dizzy or if you feel any pain.

Taking care of yourself is a gift to your children from the time they are within you. They benefit from your health, your energy and you as a role model!

Yes, it’s important to find time to exercise but you might find it hard to tear yourself from the cutest new being in your life. So have your baby join you... become exercise buddies! 11

Nutritionally balaNced

for active toddlers

Nutritionally superior to cows’ milk 12

Why is SMA Progress Kids Superior to Cow’s Milk? • SMA Progress Kids is fortified with Iron & Zinc, which are required for healthy blood cells and proper mental development. Studies have shown that iron deficiency maybe a risk factor for learning, mental and motor development • SMA Progress Kids contains 22 essential Vitamins and minerals whereas Cow’s milk is low in Vitamin A, C & D. • SMA Progress Kids is low in Saturated Fats, whilst Cow’s Milk is high in Saturated Fats. • SMA Progress Kids has a delicate Vanilla taste which toddlers love!

For the necessary nutritional safety net, for your growing toddler, you can give between 2 to 3 175ml servings of SMa progress Kids per day. 13


FAQ’s on Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

What are the trigger factors for atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis? The triggers include contact irritants, for example soaps, solvents, wool clothing, mechanical irritants, detergents, preservatives and perfumes; aeroallergens like house dust mites, moulds, pollen, animal dander, and food allergies. The most common food allergies are eggs, soy, milk, wheat, fish, shellfish, and peanut, which together account for 90 per cent of food-induced cases of atopic dermatitis. What are the signs and symptoms? In mild cases, eczema is nothing more than a slightly irritating patch of sore skin, but in severe cases extensive areas of skin may become inflamed and unbearably itchy. Up to half of all babies with widespread atopic eczema will later develop asthma and rhinitis as the eczema improves. The common symptoms are redness and swelling, usually with illdefined margins; papules, vesicles, and large blisters; cracking and scaling of the skin; and itching in and around the lesion.

Minimise skin contact with chemicals and dirt as they aggravate eczema

What can be done to control the condition? Doing a special skin-prick test for environmental and food allergens is helpful because once an allergen has been identified, practical steps can be taken to avoid it. Try the following: • Minimise skin contact with chemicals and dirt as they aggravate eczema • Vacuum carpets and wash your baby’s bedding at least once a week • Wash fluffy toys regularly to minimize the accumulation of dust mites. A reduction in house dust mites reduces the severity of eczema • Avoid using soap to wash your baby as it’s harsh and can irritate the skin, instead use aqueous cream • Moisturise your baby’s skin after a bath to retain water in the skin


Temperature Rising Body temperature is subject to various fluctuations depending on physical activity and other factors. In the case of infants, since there is a smaller surface area to volume ratio the body will be more subject to such fluctuations. Usually fever is defined as a core temperature of thirty eight degrees centigrade or higher Measurement of body temperature Temperature in children can be measured at different anatomical sites using a range of thermometers namely; • Mercury in glass • Electronic • Forehead • Chemical and infrared. Mercury in glass thermometers were the traditional types used but nowadays their use have been super ceded by the electronic thermometers due to safety issues with breakage and worse spillages. Adirective of the


European Parliament and commission forbids the trade of mercury containing devices in the EU. Electronic thermometers have the advantages of being accurate and that of providing a fast reading. Chemical phase-change thermometers measure body temperature by using a combination of chemicals that change colour in response to variations in temperature. These can either be chemical dot thermometers where the chemicals are contained in cells on a plastic stick, or chemical forehead thermometers which consist of a patch of chemicals in a plastic pouch that is placed on the forehead. Infrared thermometers detect infrared radiation from blood vessels and this is then used to estimate central body temperature. Most thermometers of this type measure temperature at the eardrum (infrared tympanic thermometers) but temporal artery thermometers are now available where temperature is measured on the scalp. Infrared thermometers are quick, noninvasive and simple to use. The rectum is often considered the most accurate site of measurement of body temperature; the rectal

route is therefore a reliable way of detecting fever in babies and young children. However their might be a justified concern for injuries including perforation of the bowel which actually were reported with the use of mercury in glass thermometers and which might also occur with electronic ones. In newborn babies taking the temperature in the axilla (armpit) is almost as accurate as using the rectal route (back passage). Pathophysiology Fever is a natural defensive response to an invasion in the body. The body relases substances known as cytokines which send a message to the brain to readjust and elevate temperature. Fever plays an integral role in fighting infection and, although it is uncomfortable, does not necessitate treatment in an otherwise healthy child. However, fever increases the metabolic rate and the demands on the cardiopulmonary system. Therefore, fever can be detrimental to children with pulmonary or cardiac compromise or neurologic impairment. It can also trigger febrile seizures, a typically benign childhood condition.

Fever can be either acute or chronic, depending on the duration whether it is last for fewer or longer than seven days. In infants and children the most common causes of acute fever are; • Viral respiratory or GI infections (most common causes overall) • Certain bacterial infections (otitis media, pneumonia, UTIs) There may be various causes namely because neonates and young infants have decreased immunologic function and are therefore at greater risk of infection and also because the organism is being challenged with new microbes for the first time.

Treatment Treatment should be aimed at the cause of fever e.g. infection; however certain medicines known as antipyretics can provide comfort. They do not change the course of an infection. Nevertheless they are useful to alleviate discomfort and to reduce physiologic stresses in children who have cardiopulmonary disorders, neurologic disorders, or a history of febrile seizures. Paracetamol is very effective in this regard. The drug has a long established safety record. The dosage of paracetamol is 10-15mg/kg p.o or rectally every four to six hours.

Non pharmacological treatment Tepid baths and the application of cold compresses as well as dressing the child lightly are non drug strategies against fever which produce a temporary and a soothing relief. The use of cold baths is not recommended since it may induce shivering and paradoxically elevate body temperature.

References: • The Merck Manual for Healthcar e Professionals; Eve R. Colson, MD; Rachel L. Chapman, MD; Melissa R. Held, MD (February 2010) • Feverish Illness in Children: Clinical Guideline; National Institute for Clinical Excellence (May 2007)

Ishmael Dalli B.Pharm (Hons)

Specialists in self care.

Infrared Temperature Measurement Infrared technology is the most innovative, reliable way to measure body temperature. So not only is it the fastest, most comfortable way to measure fever, but it also guarantees the most accurate measurements • • • • • •

Measurement time: 5 seconds Last 25 measurements memorised Automatic power off With watch function With stand and practical bag Clinically validated

Precautions • Do not measure temperature immediately after eating, playing sport or taking a shower. • Remain in the same room as the thermometer for at least five minutes before taking a measurement. • After taking a measurement, wait at least five minutes before taking a new one. Place the thermometer in its stand between one measurement and the next. • Do not hold the thermometer for too long: the sensor will heat up and the measurement will be incorrect.

PiC Solution, the leader in temperature measurement, offers infrared forehead thermometers using the most advanced technologies subject to strict quality controls, whose innovative measurement method is undoubtedly the easiest, safest way used today in this sector. ThermoDelicate is a simple and reliable infrared forehead thermometer. All you have to do is position the sensor on the forehead, press a button and it measures body temperature easily and quickly in just a few seconds. Its innovative technology is simple and intuitive, meaning anyone can use it. The PiC ThermoDelicate has a watch function and a practical stand so you can have it handy whenever you need it. You can also view previous measurements. It has been clinically certified for hospital use – a sign of its high accuracy. • Easy to use • Measurement type: infrared measurement in contact with the forehead

Health is a precious asset, but taking care of it on your own is not always plain sailing. Pic Solution, the leading brand of its kind in Italy, has been developing effective, innovative and user-friendly solutions for the past 50 years, making state-of-the-art technology accessible to everyone. 17







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