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Recruitment Promotion Tips for you to recruit volunteers and build an AWESOME team to deliver the Challenge for Communities!!!!!

Here you’ll find: - Tips for your promotion - National Initiatives - How to get more support


Have a clear goal! The recruitment goal has to be in everybody’s mind! So, how many people do you need to deliver your actions? How many people do you need to make the impact that you city is able to do? Done? Do you have it? So make sure that everybody knows and will fight to get it! It will guarantee the focus and will give motivation for your team!

Know your target audience! Now that you have the number of people that you want to engage, try to know more about them answering these simple questions: -

Who are they? Where are they? What they like to do and what are their interests?



Build the right message

You already know who your audience is, right? So, align it to the CFC brand and build a message that can attract this people and make sure that you are using it in all channels and medias! If your campaign is consistent your audience will recognize you easily and will give you more trust!!! The identity of your campaign can be a logo, a slogan, a visual pattern…or all these things together, it’s up to you!

Choose the right channels You also know where your audience is and what their interests are! GREAT! You have all that you need to choose the right channels to reach them! Example: Your target is IT students from Sidney University. They, for sure, like technology, new medias and maybe they aren’t a very sociable and extrovert group. So, you will have focus on: promote on email lists, technology websites, web 2.0 channels, etc… You will not have focus on: printed materials, parties and events, meetings and lectures, etc…


Eyes on the timeline! Our timeline is very short, so a good tracking of actions and time will help you to measure your success and don’t lose time!


You can create a schedule with days/weeks and actions so you have like a mini campaign plan that you can use for track the activities. More important than create it is use it always linking to the goal. You’ll have more control and effectiveness.


Don’t be afraid to change

With a good timeline and goals achievement tracking you’ll know if your promotion has been effective or not. If the answer is YES is just keep the plan and celebrate the results but if you answer is NOT… time to change! Evaluate what is wrong… message, channels, can be also the target audience. You have to be prepared to change and do this at the right time. If you notice that something is wrong with your campaign put your team together and change it!


National Initiatives Your team is free to build your own campaign and promotion actions! But for help you a little the national team built a package with useful materials that maybe you need! In the package: -

Posters for print or post on your facebook page E-mail marketing CFC Brand Experience CFC Visual Guideline + fonts

National campaign slogan: Better futures handmade – be a volunteer and help us to keep changing realities in Cambodia. Goal: 50 new volunteers Channels: facebook, youtube, mail lists, Australian Press and universities in Siem Reap (Cambodia) Timeline: 07/02 – 27/02 = Recruitment promotion 07/02 – 11/02 = Approach of universities/ Email lists 09/02 – 27/02 = Social media 14/02 – 18/02 = Lectures and events See? Simple! You can have your plan in a few lines!

Campaign Poster

Support If you need any kind of support that is not contemplated yet, please, contact us and we’ll make everything we can to help and improve our processes! For feedbacks, doubts and support:

Luana Noroes External Relations Manager Skype: luananoroes

Recruitment Promotion - Carpets for Communities  

Tips for you to recruit volunteers and build an AWESOME team to deliver the Challenge for Communities!!!!!