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Wedding Garter

Elegant In Heart The Tradition of Wedding Garter A wedding garter has been one of the wedding accessories for several centuries. Although in modern time, the wedding garter is not an essential element in a wedding, some brides will still choose it. It becomes a part of the wedding reception to have the groom remove the garter from the bride’s leg for good luck. In some cases, the bride will throw the wedding garter towards the crowd of bachelors or sometimes the groom will perform this.

If a

bridesmaid gets it, she can appoint a groomsman to wear it to her leg. If the groomsman gest it, he can wear it to the girl’s leg who get the bouquet. It’s really an interesting wedding tradition. Then, if you want to have such a wedding thing, what should you need to know?

Tips to choosing and wearing a garter 

Measure your thigh and order a garter which is customized to fit you. Measure the size in the middle place of the thigh. If it’s too tight, you will

Elegant In Heart feel uncomfortable. If it’s big, it will slip and fall off. 

For ultimate comfortable requirement, choose a garter whose elastic is covered by soft material or ribbon. Or the elastic will rub your skin.

Since you will show the garter in the photo, so choose one you love and wear it on your best leg.

Don’t wear the wedding garter too high. It may rub your inner thigh. Also, don’t wear it too low so that it will slip off. The right place is to wear it just above your knee.

Find the specific place where you feel most

comfortable. 

If you want to make everything worn on your body in a harmony, you can add can touches to match your dress detailed decorations or dress color. It’s all up to you.

Ways of tossing a garter Tossing a wedding garter is an interesting activity in wedding. If you have this idea, how will you do? Here are some creative ideas which may give some inspirations. 

Split a ball into two halves and put the garter into the ball. Throw the balls and tell them to open each ball. Then everyone will find who has got the garter. Another way of tossing the garter is also used with a ball. You can wear the garter on the ball and throw it.

You can hide the wedding garter in the bouquet and toss the bouquet to

Elegant In Heart the bridesmaids. ď Ź

Instead of only having one wedding garter, you can have more. But make sure the number of the bouquet and garter should be the same.

The Tradition of Wedding Garter  

The article tells a traditon of wedding garter that rides and grooms should know.

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