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Volume 2, Issue 4 January 2010

Second Annual Student Employee of the Year Nominations due: Tuesday, February 2, 2010 Award Ceremony: February 24, 2010 @ 1:00 pm All undergraduate and graduate students employed on campus are eligible. Students must have been employed for a minimum of 3 months Students will be evaluated on the following, equally-weighted qualities:      



“(She) is indispensable! She’s up to any task, reliable, and responsible. The office depends on her so much, I don’t know what we’d do without her.� -Elizabeth Haynes Jeanes Business and Marketing Coordinator Department of Recreational Sports

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Dr. Simmons is scheduled to attend award ceremony for BDLOPXMFEHFNFOUBOEHJWJOHPGDFSUJĂśDBUFT For more information contact Julie Candy-Johnson at 880-7651





Meet Sophie Wilmore Sophie Wilmore has been a Marketing Assistant for Recreational Sports since August 2008. Her duties include designing flyers and print advertisements, help look for inventory items to sale in the pro shop and run the Special Events Team. Sophie is a marketing major and feels that her daily responsibilities help her to learn more about the field she has chosen for her career. She states that “my position basically serves as an internship for me. I design advertisements and complete tasks that should help me in future business/ marketing jobs.”

Ms. Wilmore handles work and academics with ease. “My on-campus job helps tremendously with my academics. My supervisor (Elizabeth Jeanes) is really flexible with me. If I need to study or work on homework for a few minutes, it’s no problem.” She adds that working off campus was not as flexible and really “appreciates working on campus.” Sophie’s experience working on campus has allowed her to “maximize my GPA and do as well as possible in school while gaining relevant experience for my career and my future.”

Do your employees need job training? "O0SJFOUBUJPODBOCFPòFSFEGPSOFXMZ hired and current employees!! Do’s and Don’ts for any situation on any job $POUBDU+VMJF$BOEZ+PIOTPO 409-880-7156

Helpful Hints Finding the time to train a new employee is sometimes next to impossible. However, the training provided to a new employee is crucial to his or her success. Here are some dos and don’ts to follow:

To Create a New Job

Don’t overload them with information. For starters provide only the information that affects their current job. Do find out what they know. Do not waste time on training them to something they BMSFBEZLOPX Do leave one person in charge of each new employee.)BWFTPNFPOFXPSLXJUIUIFOFXFNQMPZFFBTNVDIPGUIFÜSTUXFFLBTQPTTJCMF Don’t forget to recognize their accomplishments. Knowing if the employee is doing something correctly is very important to them. Instruct them on what to do and why they OFFEUPEPJU3FWJFXUIFDPNQMFUJPOPGUIFJSBTTJHONFOUBOEDPNNFOEUIFNJGJUJTEPOF properly



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On-Campus Jobs University Department Job Fair

Date: January 19

Location: Setzer Center Ballroom Time: 11am-1pm Bring B g resume esu e and a d appropriate app op ate dress d ess iss required equ ed

Lamar University Career and Testing Center Galloway Business Building, Suite 102 * 409-880-8878

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 John Gray Library, 8th Floor Time: 3-5pm

Thursday, February 18, 2010 Mary and John Gray Library Time: 3-5pm

Extreme Makeover: Resume Edition January 20, 2010 Galloway Bldg. Landes Auditorium 10:00pm-2:00pm & 5:30pm-6:30pm

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Get ready for Student Appreciation week Orientation for student employees

Lamar University Career and Testing Center

Galloway Business Building, Suite102 * 409-880-8878

Janurary 2010 Newsletter  
Janurary 2010 Newsletter  

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