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Internship Preparaon Checklist Check when completed

Step 1

Make an appointment with your Career Consultant at the CTC Call 409.880.8878 to schedule a consulng appointment with your College’s Career Consultant

Step 2

Self-Assessment (to complete prior to your appointment) Prior to searching for your perfect Internship you need to know your skill set, personality and goals (long and short term). Then you can match those up to the perfect job for you! Many employers will ask these kinds of quesons, this is a good thing to keep in mind as your think about where you would like to work.

Consider: - The type of job in which you are interested - Skills you would like to develop - If during the academic year, what kind of internship would be best - What types of jobs fit into your major and learning goals - Type of company and industry - Size of company ( how large or small is it?) - Locaon * Review pages 4-5 in the Job and Internship Guide for complete informaon

Step 3

Internship Search Resources: - Use online search tools such as Cardinal Connect or *See page 9 in the Job and Internship Guide for other useful tools - Ulize your professors, advisors and professional networks - Visit company web sites to search their posions *See page 10 in the Job and Internship Guide for addional strategies

Step 4

Create/Revise resume and cover leer -

Step 5

Review the Resume and Cover Leer Reference Guide Ulize Opmal Resume Set up and appointment with a Career Consultant to have your resume and cover leer reviewed - (T-Th: 9 a.m.-11 a.m. & 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.)

Set up a Mock Interview Interviewing Tips - Review the Interviewing Guide - Know your skills, interest and career goals so you can convey to the employer why you are a good match for the posion - Research the company/organizaon prior to the interview

Step 6

You are offered an internship -

Let your Career Consultant at the CTC know! Internships also qualify for the Passport through Lamar program!

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