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Alos was running, not for any particular reason besides that he was being chased. Alos was a 12 year old boy with caramel colored hair and sea green eyes. He was a Necromancer apprentice who wears a black cloak with a hood and black clothing. His staff was made of sturdy hickory and oak and had a skull imbued on top of it. He was being chased because necromancers are evil and they have an order which was trying to destroy all that is good. If he was captured the order would be weakened. He was being chased by Haukess and Percival at the chain of Storia which holds the world together. Percival and Haukess were both 14 year old boys and both had black hair and grey eyes. Percival was a soulstealer and Haukess was a pyromancer. Then Alos wasn’t looking at where he was going and tripped on himself.



Both Haukess and Percival then managed to catch up to him. “ You will never catch me Haukess!” Shouted Alos whilst launching a Bonegrab spell. “ Curse you you Necrobrat!” exclaimed Percival trying to get out of the heap of bones. Haukess sent a Blastburn which missed Alos by 3 inches. “ HaHa! ” chuckled Alos, “ You can’t even hit me with a puny Blastburn - WOAH!” a Soulstalker almost hit Alos but he dodged it. “ Darn it! ” cursed Percival, “ Why can’t we ever hit him? ” “ I’ve got an idea.” whispered Haukess, “ I’ll distract him and you can hit him in the head.” Then Haukess started launching Sunbursts, a stronger form of Blastburns, whilst Percival sneaked behind Alos with a frying pan made of Soulstealing magic. “ Hey where’s your friend Haukess?” questioned Alos. “ Behind you of course! ” answered Percival whilst hitting Alos in the head with a magical frying pan.


The chain of storia

Alos woke up in a jail cell. He didn’t know where he was, how he got there, or why his head head hurt so much. All he knew was that his master would be upset at him if he didn’t arrive in time for training. At first he tried to take the keys from the guard. “ What do you think you are doing! ” the guard shouted. That didn’t work but then he tried hypnotizing the guard which didn’t work because the guard was wearing hypnosis-proof hair gel. Alos gave up, he had to try the direct approach, Blasting the door. He gathered up energy to use a Vastblast spell which,with a stroke of luck blasted the door and crushed the guard.

The Guard As he was walking through the jail Alos noticed fellow apprentices trapped aswell, as he was the most senior apprentice he used an Eraselock spell which opened the other apprentices’ cells causing turmoil and chaos to break out. Alos was happy, not just because he freed the apprentices but because he would arrive in time for training and also keep his master calm.

The Necromancer  

A story about wizards

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