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Editorial The year 2012 is packed with exciting new developments for Lavazza and our customers. As always, we’ll start with the Calendar, this year released in a special edition to celebrate its 20th anniversary: 12 months in which each artist gives a personal interpretation of his or her relationship with coffee. There are more exciting new developments, with the launch of the new programme that has revolutionised Lavazza’s café menus: EspresSOunique, a collection of sophisticated recipes that open the doors to a new taste dimension. Four categories of products, an even more extensive range of mixes, and a brand-new visual concept with high-end point-of-sale furnishings and accessories. There are also lots of new developments in the world of machines, with the Canto series for large areas, and the two new LB 2500 and EP 2500 models for offices and small businesses. Finally, there’s an overview of the new visual identity for the retail range, and two new, high-tech food service machines — extra assets available to you to make the Lavazza quality known and appreciated around the world! Happy reading.

communications&promotions 4 • 20 Years of the Lavazza


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Calendar: a Journey Worth Celebrating



The World of Food service: Ever More Exciting, Ever More Innovative

20 • LB 2500 Plus and EP 2500 Plus: Mini Bars for Offices 22 • Big Spaces, Big Opportunities 26 • A Strong Identity for a Growing Brand

8 • Extraordinary Coffee Moments




Four Specialities Categories: a Whole Host of Unforgettable Taste Experiences


Tempting New Syrups and Toppings to Make a Coffee Break Even More Unique


Preview of the Lavazza Multi-Purpose Mixer. A Magic Utensil in Your Hands


16 • Styling Accessories to Make Your Venue Unique © Lavazza 2012

c o m m u n i c a t i o n s & p r o m o t i o n s

20 Years of the Lavazza Calendar: a Journey Worth Celebrating.


or 20 years Lavazza has been making unique calendars together with the masters of international photography. The 2012 edition, with the cover by Ellen von Unwerth and 12 shots by international photographers including Le Gouès, Aldridge,

Leibovitz and Watson, is a celebration of 20 years of success, and lines up alongside the previous editions on this journey into art and taste. Since 1993, the calendar pictures have interpreted the passion and quality of Lavazza. They have become collectors’ items and have appeared on billboards in some of the world’s most famous cities, transforming city centres into open-air museums.















The campaign “Lavazza con te partirò”, launched to celebrate the calendar’s 20th anniversary, has led to an exhibition held at the Milan Triennale in autumn 2011, a photographic monograph and a digital project. The common themes were travel and seduction, with the feminine form the driving force behind a voyage towards a parallel universe. Francesca Lavazza describes the project: “To mark this 20th anniversary, we called on Fabio Novembre whose dreamlike “pop” style created a journey into seduction, taste, pleasure and beauty accompanied by Vincenzo Cerami’s words and Milo Manara’s drawings. All this can only encourage us to keep going for the next 20 years.”

c o m m u n i c a t i o n s & p r o m o t i o n s

THE EXHIBITION The exhibition at the Milan Triennale accompanied visitors on an exploration of the Calendar’s 20-year history. It featured some of the most striking pictures, arranged in a creative new layout. Twenty years not conceived as an anniversary, but as the twentieth birthday of a girl born in 1992, inspired from Valerie, the young protagonist of Ellen von Unwerth’s most recent shots for Lavazza.

THE DIGITAL PROJECT The digital project combined graphic research with state-of-the-art digital technologies. On the website users have been able to take part in the photo scouting launched by Lavazza to mark the twentieth anniversary: an initiative that has met with great success. Among the more than 6000 images sent, a jury composed of Steve McCurry, Fabio Novembre and Francesca Lavazza selected three images to accompany those from the 20 Lavazza Calendars in the dedicated exhibition.



THE MONOGRAPH The photographic monograph is a volume suspended between art and publishing, which tells the story of these twenty years of Calendars, the 2012 edition and those yet to come. Valerie is the protagonist of our story, a dreamlike journey that occurs between the walls of her room the day before our protagonist turns twenty years old, ultimately to return in flesh and blood, the absolute master of her destiny. With the original drawings created by Milo Manara and the compelling narration of Vincenzo Cerami.

n e w s & p r o d u c t s

Extraordinary Coffee Moments.


avazza research brings you EspresSOunique, a range of sophisticated coffee

specialities that open the door to a new dimension of taste.

Lavazza’s characteristic focus on research and innovation is now expressed in this new range of coffee-based specialities which has completely revised the existing “I piaceri del caffè” menu. The EspresSOunique range is designed to meet various strategic requirements, such as creating new forms of consumption, underlining Lavazza’s capacity for innovation, creating clearly identifiable product groups, segmenting the offer and promoting the sale of complementary products.



EspresSOunique comprises four exclusive categories of coffee recipes: Perfect, Pleasure, Refreshing and Balance. Each group incorporates several themed drinks, designed to respond to various physical, emotional and psychological needs: pure gratification, the desire to experiment with unusual pairings, a desire to keep cool, or a yearning for something light and well balanced. There is a wide choice, and each drink embodies all the experience and research carried out by the Lavazza Training Center, where products are created especially for consumers. Apart from the drinks themselves, the EspresSOunique range also includes product mixes, an amazing utensil to help you prepare the drinks, and a series of high-impact styling accessories for your venue. The new range will add a distinctive touch to your venue, help to diversify your offer and amaze customers with a stream of brand-new, high-quality products. To make your business unique!

n e w s & p r o d u c t s

Four Specialities Categories: a Whole Host of Unforgettable Taste Experiences.

EspresSOunique comprises four product groups, each one easily identified by the icons which immediately suggest the mood created by the drinks. With these four categories, the world of EspresSOunique offers a range of occasions and opportunities to enjoy coffee, while satisfying even the most demanding customer and creating new trends which are sure to make their mark.



PERFECT The perfection of espresso Perfection and excellence, reinterpreted in the best tradition of Lavazza espresso. Espresso, cappuccino and all the other great Lavazza specialities that are essential for your bar. ESPRESSO CAPPUCCINO SOFT CAPPUCCINO AROMA LATTE MACCHIATO

PLEASURE Pleasure in its purest form Rich, creamy and delicious for a coffee break you will love. Sophisticated, delicious creations to give your customers unforgettable moments of pleasure. LATTE GOLOSO ESPRESSO CHOCOLATTE

REFRESHING The cool side of espresso An invigorating and refreshing range of iced drinks. These chilled coffee specialities complete your offer, with something to satisfy your customers all year round. ESPRESSO SHAKERATO ICED LATTE

BALANCE The pleasure of equilibrium The perfect balance between authenticity and taste. Flavourpacked new recipes for customers who want natural, well-balanced enjoyment even from coffee. DELIGHT LATTE DEK CAPPUCCINO SOYA DEK

n e w s & p r o d u c t s

Preview of the Lavazza Multi-Purpose Mixer. A Magic Utensil, in Your Hands!

To prepare the exclusive recipes in the EspresSOunique range, Lavazza has created the new, high performing Multi-Purpose Mixer. The mixer makes preparation much faster and easier, and guarantees an excellent result every time. All this as well as being easy-to-understand, functional and user-friendly. There are two functions for cold drinks (cold milk froth and shaked coffee), and two for hot drinks (hot chocolate and hot milk froth). You can prepare up to 4 servings at the same time, avoiding waste and guaranteeing in-cup quality every time, regardless of the user’s skill. The mixer has a patented hot milk froth



steam system to guarantee perfect cappuccinos. Every time. With its elegant design and great attention to detail, the size and look of the Multi-Purpose Mixer is perfect for any venue.


Hot milk froth

Hot chocolate

Cold milk froth

Shaked coffee

Weight: 4.5 kg Shape and size: h 47 cm, w 18 cm, d 30.5 cm Back-lit keypad: 4 product selection buttons and 4 dosage selection keys. Button icons, so you can instantly understand each function. Water tank fitted with visible level sensor: capacity 1.8 l. Accessories: 3 arms, 2 for hot and 1 for cold recipes. 2 pouring vessels (1 for hot products and 1 for cold products) with graduated ruler, handle and lip. 1 anti-splash cover Drip collector drawer with presence sensor and “tray full� alert. Certifications: 2006/42 EC 2004/108 EC 2006/95 EC

n e w s & p r o d u c t s

Styling Accessories to Make Your Venue Unique

EspresSOunique is more than just a range of excellent new specialities. It is also a striking, highly effective visual concept that will give your venue a unique look. The first distinguishing sign is the presence of the 4-colour product group icons, so you can instantly see which category each drink belongs to. Each specialty is presented in an eye-catching way, with cups and glasses “floating in space� as if they really were entering a new taste dimension. The point-of-sale materials also help to complete the sophisticated, high-visibility effect, enticing customers to try the new EspresSOunique taste experience.



c l o s e

u p

The World of Food service:


his year, lots of new things are happening in the food service sector: there are two

new professional machines, with a brand-new design and new performance. Now you can offer your customers even more!

LB 4700 WEGA Perfect espresso with Lavazza BLUE capsules, for small and large businesses who want to serve excellent, high quality coffee every time. Capsules are inserted manually. The machine has a 10.5 l water tank, with adjustable dosage settings for coffee, macchiato, cappuccino and warm milk. Now with an extraordinary new design!

18 19

Ever More Exciting, Ever More Innovative. LB 4801 CONCEPT A new professional machine with 2 units and technology that guarantees high performance together with never-seen-before energy efficiency. Thanks to the special technologies, the LB 4801 CONCEPT lets you save up to 47.6% when on standby, and up to 30% when operational. A machine that not only produces great capsule espresso but is also efficient and eco-friendly.

Technology with a green heart SLS The Self Learning Software records the machine’s activity level and activates the operational and standby functions automatically.

MBT Reorders of the Wega green machines: Product No. 10080138 - Lavazza BLUE Wega Green Minimum order quantities (MOQ):

10 pcs

Lead time:

8 week lead time quoted

Job order:

provide the forecast in the required advance (considering lead time). For a correct order process we need to know in advance the required quantities and timing.

The Multi Boiler Technology controls each tank individually, guaranteeing perfect espresso.


Low Energy Consumption, with night-time standby function, offers an energy saving of 47.6% when the machine is on stand-by.


The High Safety Boiler guarantees total safety.

c l o s e

u p

LB 2500 Plus and EP 2500 Plus: Mini Bars for Offices.


ith these compact, easy-to-handle and user-friendly machines, everyone can

enjoy delicious coffee made at their very own mini bar.

The LB 2500 Plus, dedicated to the Lavazza BLUE capsule system, and the EP 2500 Plus, which uses Espresso Point capsules, serve up not only the distinctive Lavazza capsule espresso but also a great variety of creamy, velvety drinks including cappuccino, latte, hot chocolates and infusions. Designed for small and medium-sized environments, these machines offer more choice for your customers, and more business opportunities for you. For a truly exceptional coffee break.



One-touch controls Digital-display keypad, for a rapid selection.

Double cup-support rack You can always use the right cup, thanks to the handy double rack.

Easy to maintain Wide access door to facilitate machine maintenance.

Built-in chip card

LB 2500 PLUS

For rapid recipe setting. You can also use the card as a counting tool.

The best Lavazza blends, so you can make delicious cappuccinos, lattes, teas, infusions and hot chocolates... a great variety of products from one compact, elegant machine. The ideal machines for small and medium-sized premises. More choice for the customer and more sales volumes, to boost your business.

EP 2500 PLUS

c l o s e

u p

Big Spaces, Big Opportunities.


t Lavazza, we’ve always been attentive to consumer trends and new market

demands. For large public and private areas, we bring you Canto: a range of technologically-advanced, generously-sized, secure vending machines that

guarantee the excellent quality of Lavazza BLUE capsule blends.

22 23



The range has gradually evolved and now comprises four models: Canto, Canto Duo, Canto Duo Double Cup and Canto Blindata, each with its own specifications and advantages. Now you can enjoy a gratifying coffee break even in transit areas.

CANTO A machine intended for large companies and organisations. It has a capacity of 700/800 cups, 450 capsules and 22 espresso-based beverages selections, giving customers the satisfaction of an excellent choice.

CANTO BLINDATA The high-security Canto machine intended for hightraffic public areas.

c l o s e

24 25

u p


CANTO DUO A machine that doubles up the possibilities: it not only has the standard selection of drinks made with the classic whole bean blend, but for espresso and cappuccino you can also choose the capsule version, with the excellent quality of Lavazza BLUE. A way of diversifying the offer and serving premium quality espresso to customers who want a special coffee break at any time of day.

CANTO DUO DOUBLE CUP A particularly efficient Canto model that dispenses espresso-based drinks made from Lavazza BLUE capsules into small-size cups, and all the other drinks into large-size cups. More functionality for high-footfall environments — not forgetting the excellent quality of Lavazza BLUE capsule drinks.

c l o s e

u p

A Strong Identity for a Growing Brand.


ven at international level, Lavazza offers a visual identity for the new line in the retail channel. The objectives are simple: to create a strong, unique, instantly-recognisable image anywhere and build brand awareness.





The format, created by a team of visual communications experts, is based on the instantly identifiable red background and the signature The real italian espresso experience: a clear promise that positions the brand as the guardian and promoter of the Italian coffee tradition. The colour red is perfectly suited to the range of Lavazza products, and provides a striking frame for the artistic Calendar pictures. The signature “The real Italian espresso experience� is partly scripted to express authenticity and continuity, while the espresso cup next to the claim adds an attractive visual display of the product.



Colourful background, signature and cup: a harmonious combination of elements that work together to create a strong impact with great memorability. They can easily be reproduced on various point-of-sale items such as posters, totems, tabletop menus and promotional materials. A very broad range of possibilities, all with the same expressive power.