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Leading the way in Open Championships

We kick together - We stick together Why did you join?

If you have not already seen the report or the video from the recent competition on, please take a look. We can confirm our tournaments are regaining the strength of years gone by after removing the undesirables. We are making more friends in the art with people who think the same way as us. The South East Opens 2012 was the best in about six years and many coaches congratulated us on the delivery of it. We thank all coaches and especially competitors for making it a day to be proud of. We look forward to seeing you again in September at the Invitationals.

When you joined up,

what exactly did you want to achieve from the art? Possibly a Black Belt, fitness, confidence - the list is endless, right? Well, all the above is achievable, but comes at a price. The price is that, when you join, you MUST start living by rules which, for many, is the hardest thing to understand. Rules must be in place to help us all live a peaceful life - think about it, you are being taught a lethal Martial Art. Tae Kwon Do is a traditional Martial Art that offers many advantages - when you join Tae Kwon Do, you also agree to abide by the rules set by the club and by the group (in our case, the L.T.S.I.). Our Black Belts MUST attend various courses and competitions as officials before grading up - this is called giving back to the art, as others have before them. We also insist that coaches follow our constitution, as this helps us all live by the groups’ rules. Admittedly, some have left as they felt they could not do this, but we have always remained steadfast to our aims. Another rule we have is ALL sparring equipment must be purchased from the Instructors - this is for three reasons 1) we give a discount of £40 pounds and 2) the equipment we provide is the ‘Pro Range’ sparring gear, which is good quality stuff that we trust. The third and most important reason is our gear is recognised by our insurers. If you grow out of yours, sell it on and get some of your money back to go towards a new set. Rules are there for all of us. Imagine if all Black Belts ignored rules - the world would be a dangerous place. Traditionalists live by the code of peace and will do their utmost to build a more peaceful world. So, don’t complain that we have rules because some groups have many more than us. We deliver freedom, so just try and understand what we do is for us all.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 On the 30th March and 1st April, myself (Mr. Snow), Lauren Snow, 2nd Degree, Andrew Smith, 2nd Degree, Derek Britten, 1st Degree, and Adam Bassidi, 1st Degree, travelled to Swindon to take part in the second World Championships. This event, which is held biennially by the Professional Unified Martial Arts (PUMA) group did not disappoint. It was a smaller event compared to some I.T.F. Worlds but, with 440 competitors, it was a good one - considering the fact this is newly formed, it is doing well so far. The troop really had to give their all but, sadly, I had no time to watch, as I was too busy refereeing and umpiring on the day.

We have recently launched a Tae Kwon Do forum on Why not sign up and join in the fun! On another note, you will also find a new guest book on the site, which we hope you will use to tell us what you thought of our events. © Copyright L.T.S.I. 2012

L.T.S.I. N.G.B. Status

Training Day 2012 In days gone by, you had to travel hundreds of miles to go to a great seminar - that was before the L.T.S.I. was created! We turned the boundaries on their head and started hosted open training days. On 10th June, we hosted our annual training day and change the name to ‘Meeting Of The Minds’ to represent our openness in Tae Kwon Do. We had Master O’Neill and Master Holmes, both 8th Degrees, come and conduct two amazing seminars that many are saying were simply epic. You can see a video and read a great report on our web site.

New Tae Kwon Do Forum Launched

Derek, being the youngest, went on first and won a silver in an electrifying three bouts. Adam was next on but lost control in the bout, resulting in a win for his opponent. Lauren gave it her all but her competitor was a counter attacker, which was frustrating - two rounds later and she secured a bronze medal in sparring. Andrew won an impressive silver medal in adult patterns. On the Sunday, Stuart Smith and Andrew attended and Andrew fought his way to secure a bronze in sparring. The PUMA group put on a fantastic competition, so we intend to work more closely with them at events they run in the future. The group is run by Master Gayle, 8th Degree, Master Black, 8th Degree, and Master Ogbourne, 7th Degree, who is three times undisputed heavyweight World Champion.

The L.T.S.I. holds affiliation with the I.T.F. under Mr. Chang Ung. We are NOT a National Governing Body, but we are 100% independent. We do hold membership with the I.T.F. England group as a registered National group. We are proud to be part of this group and we do function as a pure I.T.F. group, yet we feel that in order to remain as good Tae Kwon Do’ists, we MUST continue working with non I.T.F. practitioners of the art (especially as we have many independent friends). We are all Tae Kwon Do’ists at the end of the day, regardless of affiliation.

● 8th July - London Opens 2012


● 23rd October - Colour Belt Exam (area

● 10th July - Colour Belt Exam (area one)



● 11th September - Colour Belt Exam


● 17th November - L.T.S.I. Members Awards

● 16th September - Mock Black Belt Exam ● 23rd September - L.T.S.I. Invites ● 14th October - Black Belt Exam


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June 2012 LTSI News Letter  

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