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Tae Kwon Do and

the internal politics

We kick together - We stick together

Tae Kwon Do is not like any other business where each one communicates to better one other instead, each coach and organisation nowadays seems to be negative. Tae Kwon Do is to build bridges - this is why L.T.S.I. invites independents (and has since our inception) into our competitions. We do not care if a group is with another group, only that they are open minded and prepared to treat all affiliations as equal. There is nothing so pleasing than seeing all affiliations working together as one, hence why we have many independent friends.

Supporting your own is the only way forward! You must understand that we ask you not to attend other events outside of the L.T.S.I. if you are not supporting us first. It seems that some think this is an acceptable practice, which it is not! Think of it this way - your club and your group gives you everything, where as those outside of the L.T.S.I. family give you nothing but promises. I often say to my members “Would you suddenly start doing more with your neighbours than your family?” - the answer is often NO, as family comes first. Well, the point is we are all family, so nothing is more important than L.T.S.I. functions. I have been a member of the I.T.F. since 1999 and, in this time, we have been burnt more times than you can imagine. Seniors promising everything, but delivering nothing. There have been one or two that were great, but most just want to line their pockets and get you in their group. Our affiliation is to the I.T.F. and our insurance is with the Association For Tae Kwon Do now, which gives us freedom and many other benefits, but our commitment is for the L.T.S.I. only now (which we hope is the same opinion you have too). We ask that you all respect the fact that we are here for you and that you support us before supporting others events. —-------------------------------------------------------------

South East Opens is being hosted by St. Albans Tae Kwon Do on 11th March. We hope that all members do their best to support this, as it is our best event hosted by us and a great event to test your skills.

SPORTSMAN SHIP. When coaches put their members into tournaments, they place a lot of faith in the members and supporters that they will behave according to fair play and good sportsmanship as, in not doing so, they drag the club and the art through the mud. At the last L.T.S.I. Opens, a situation unfolded where a parent was abusive to the Instructor because their child was put in a division where the other competitor was taller. It has to be mentioned that both competitors were, in fact, the same weight, but one was a bit taller than the other. Due to low numbers in the category, the two divisions had to be merged into one. Parents and supporters of our events should try to

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Mr. Smith is the mat supervisor, so any issues should be dealt with by the tournament host and the mat supervisor - their say is final.

New clubs opening in L.T.S.I.

In the last 12 months, we have heard that many clubs have closed down - admittedly, we are glad some have gone as they were local clubs that were competition to us. In this time, we have managed to keep our clubs working fine and even seen an increase in membership (small, but it has been an increase). The only reason we have survived is that we do not work for money, but the love of the art that we teach. L.T.S.I. offers the best syllabus without doubt! Looking at the L.T.S.I., it has been a rocky path - some have gone and some have returned but, all in all, we have held our own. We thank you as, without you, it would not have been possible. 2012 looks promising as we unveil a number of new clubs - watch this space.

Mr. Snow lost his mum in December and it was this situation that made him realise his clubs are more important to him than all the petty arguments he has had to deal with over the last five years. We can confirm he is opening NEW clubs in St. Albans and it is also rumoured other locations are due to be launched in 2012. Good luck to him.

6th March - Colour Belt Exam (area one)


● 10th July - Colour Belt Exam (area one)

11th March - IX South East T.K.D. Opens


31st March and 1st April - T.K.D. Worlds


● 16th September - Mock Black Belt Exam

8th May - Colour Belt Exam (area one)

● 10th June - L.T.S.I. Training Day ● 24th June - L.T.S.I. Interclub


Supporters should understand there are four judges on each ring to give their opinion accordingly and also a ring supervisor. All judges offer their time free to assist us on the day, so supporters should use decorum when supporting and try to stay calm, even if you think something is not right.

We held our own in 2011!

Joining Forces We can confirm that St. Albans, London Colney & Hemel Hempstead Tae Kwon Do have joined forces to ensure that all our members work as one big family in future. You can visit our sites on the following webs.

understand that, sometimes, divisions WILL be merged. These championships are the members days to test their skills and are not about making money, but giving you the chance to trial your skills in a safe tournament where fair play is demonstrated.


11th September - Colour Belt Exam

23rd September - L.T.S.I. Invites

● 14th October - Black Belt Exam ● 23rd October - Colour Belt Exam

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