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September 13, 2010 Mark L. Olson, chairperson, Community Living Subcommittee Sources for data on Nevada adult population with ASD

SUMMARY The Community Living Subcommittee mission is to assess and advise the Nevada Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) on a modern approach to a variety of residential living situations for the ASD population in the State of Nevada. A first step is to identify and understand the population of current Nevada residents with ASD who are: 1) adults 21+ years; and, 2) children 0-20 years and when they will reach adult age. With these sources identified and qualified, the Subcommittee can consider a census of the population to assess how many people may desire services, what kinds of services may be desired, funding needs, and existing resources. FULL TEXT The following is a preliminary list of possible sources of names and contact information for adults and children with ASD in the State of Nevada. This list only cites potential sources as a starting point in developing a census of the persons who may be served by our mission. It does not address the issues of data collection and management, privacy, eligibility, or suitability of services.        

Nevada Autism Task Force Regional Centers (Desert, Rural, Sierra) Advocacy and Service Organizations (e.g. Autism Coalition of Nevada, FEAT, TACA, NNAN, Autism Speaks, People’s Autism Foundation, Journeys Community Services) Group Home Providers (e.g. Chrysalis, New Vista Community) Independent Parent-based Groups Doctors, Hospitals, Social Workers Social Security, Nevada Medicaid Parents, siblings and caregivers of children and adults with ASD

CONTACT The Community Living Subcommittee is interested in hearing from any and all individuals, organizations and agencies that may have information valuable to our mission and this list. Please contact us via:  

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