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N3CSDPA Conference – November 7, 2011

Session Goals  Explore CFNC “behind the scenes” – how it impacts the

services available to prospective and current community college students.

 Understand the importance of creating a “MY CFNC Portfolio.”  Explore the tools in the “Plan for a Career” tab.  Explore basic tools for paying and saving for college.  Preview the Transfer Navigator tool.  Preview the benefits of using the Professional Center tool.  Share CFNC “best practices.”

CFNC: Who We Are Providing college and career planning resources since 2000. 3,983,109 accounts created 2,477,908 applications submitted 589,997 high school transcripts submitted 10,056 average site visits per day

CFNC “Behind the Scenes”

CFNC “Behind the Scenes” College Matching Assistant

CFNC “Behind the Scenes”  From the search

tool, a prospective student can view a campus profile.

 Each campus is

responsible for reviewing and updating data every year.

 A “free” marketing

and recruitment tool!

CFNC “Behind the Scenes�  Control Center

functions allow for campus profile updates.


recommend collaboration among departments for updating information!

CFNC “Behind the Scenes” 2011 College Application Week: Nov. 14-18!!!  Nearly 44,000

applications submitted in 2010

 Anticipate increase

in traffic this week!

 Remember: OPEN

the fall 2012 term on your CFNC application! Photo: College Application Week 2009

My CFNC Portfolio  Tools and

resources for your “stage”  Save your

information  Create a

portfolio for future career transitions  Guided


My CFNC Portfolio  Personal information

for future applications (will auto-populate)

 “Journaling� place for

future college/career planning

 Saving career and

academic program information

 Access to financial


“Plan for a Career� Tools  Self-assessments

(skills, interests, options)  Current career

information for North Carolina  Career

preparation tools

Plan for a Career Tools  “Learn about Yourself�

Assessments  Can be completed at

your leisure  Duration ranges from

10 minutes to an hour  Automatic results that

are saved to your profile!

Interest Profiler

Interest Profiler

Transferable Skills Checklist

Transferable Skills Checklist

Linking Careers to Academic Programs

Selecting a Career… Getting the Facts…

Linking Careers to Academic Programs

Researching Academic Programs…

Find a School Offering This Program… Apply, too!

Career/Academic Planning Data Stored in Your “My CFNC Profile”

Paying and Saving for College  Scholarship and

grant information  Loan information  Saving and paying

for college  Calculators and

planning tools  Financial Literacy


Paying and Saving for College

Paying and Saving for College

Financial Literacy Tools for Community College Students

Endorsed by NCCCS. Some campus Financial Aid Offices are using as a step in award process.

Assisting Transfer Students

Start Here‌

Assisting Transfer Students  CAA

information  Transfer FAQs  Options for

transfer (degree/44-core)  Transfer

Navigator tool

Transfer Navigator Tool  Student-

driven tool!  Community

college course history  Preview of

course transfer  Plan for future

courses  Tutorials

Transfer Navigator Tool Step 1: Creating a Course History  Search by:  Course prefix  Course name  Word  Select

institution where course was taken

Transfer Navigator Tool Step 2: Creating a Course History • Student can review course history and make any corrections needed before viewing equivalences

Transfer Navigator Tool Step 3: Looking at Transfer Equivalences  Student can

view course equivalence by selecting institution from “drop down� menu

Transfer Navigator Tool  Specific course

information is provided for each institution  Can go to

online application directly from this page!

Transfer Navigator Tool Step 4: Looking at “Degree Audit� Reports

 View how completed courses meet community

college degree requirements  Can search via name or degree code

Transfer Navigator Tool

 The “Student Report� icon produces a detailed

audit of course completion (degree audit).

Trasnfer Navigator Tool  Student can also PLAN for future courses to meet

degree requirements!

Transfer Navigator: “Behind the Scenes�

Tracking Student Progress: The Professional Center Tool

The Professional Center  Track Groups  Advising Cohorts  ACA classes  TRIO  Produce Reports  Printable  E-mail  PDF  Communicate  Messages/Events

The Professional Center

Professional Center: Tracking Student Progress

Professional Center: Reporting Capabilities

Reporting Capabilities  Great reports for

transferring students!

 Can show progress of


 Top colleges applied

to for noted time period.

 Excellent tool for


Communication with Students Create the event‌

Students see it.

Professional Center Administrator Privileges  Manage

accounts  Create

“milestones� for tracking  At least one

person needs this access!

Want to Learn More?  Wednesday Webinar Series  Regional Workshops  Customized Training  Quick Site Visits-Checkups  Publications

Contact Information Leigh T. Olsen Assistant Director of Professional Development CFNC Pathways Partnership PO Box 26170 Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 (336) 256-0493; Fax (336) 256-0494

CFNC Tools for Student Success - Community Colleges  

Presentation slides from the November 7, 2011 N3CSDPA Conference - Raleigh, NC